The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Love Sefer Ahava ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות written by author of &

with thanks to Gittel Gorowitz לעילוי נשמת גיטל גורוויץ


The Book of Love ספר האהבה

"Everyone is Born to Love"

Audio file is - [a] "Introduction to Book of Love"


יפה שעה אחת של אהבה יותר מאלף שנים של שנאה

"One moment of love gives more life and is worth more than a 1000 years of hate"


The idea to write this "Book of Love" came from 3 different sources [1] The New Testament - ברית חדשה - the Gospels according to the teachings of Jesus Christ [2] חובת הלבבות Chovos Halevovos "Kitab al-Hidaya ila Fara'id al-Qulub", Book of Direction to the Duties of the Heart , a book written in Arabic by Jewish Philosopher in 1040 in Spain & [3] 2nd book of Mishne Torah - The Book of Love of the Rambam - Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon - which explains invisible bonds love to GOD are created through actions of loyalty through "worship".


This online "The Book of Love ספר האהבה" is a collective knowledge and intuited spiritual writings - which I hope will explain the karmic reality of living in the real world in this karmic internet generation, based on the current astrological aspects defined by Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2022 and Moon Astrology - which are present in the aura of the World to ensure everyone solves the karmic mystery of life through enlightenment and the power of "love".


"The Book of Love ספר האהבה" will explain that the inexplicable invisible energies of love - that need fixing in your mind, thoughts and aura - are things you know are missing in your life - once fixed will have the power to make your life so much more wholesome.


In this karmic internet generation with so much happening - the ONE major facet people are missing is - "Feeling the energy of True Love" - which needs you to understand all the invisible bonds of LOVE in your aura - both one-way relationships and two-way relationships - and every energy created by all your relationships past, present & future - which - leads to the most important relationship - your relationship with the Invisible Eternal Divine Creator of the infinite Universe.


The invisible energy of Love אהבה is the only truthful energy of all life on Earth. Love is the only energy that can create anything GOOD in the world. Whatever you do and whatever connection you have everything and everyone in your lives - is defined by and created by an energy of "love".

If you didn't have any energy of love then you'd be "dead" and wouldn't want to live - so even if you don't always feel loved - your existence is because of "love" - all you need to do is find it. This website will make you aware of - "The Gateway" - and thereafter - once you've used the key of love - you'll have a whole new life - a Life of Love.



[1] The New Testament - ברית חדשה - the Gospels according to the teachings of Holy Spiritual Soul of Jesus Christ

& [2] חובת הלבבות Chovos Halevovos "Kitab al-Hidaya ila Fara'id al-Qulub", Book of Direction to the Duties of the Heart


Love defines the Size of Your Spiritual Soul

Growing-up - both physically and spiritually - means loving all facets of life - loving everything and loving everyone. Loving more people, loving more things and creating more loving energy in the world will expand your soul, your aura, your mind and your persona. The more you love life - the more people you love and the more things you love - the bigger your spiritual soul grows. ספר חובת הלבבות.


The Power of Love is the Ability of Everyone

to Create Something from Nothing

I've said it many times at - that each and everyone of you - you all have the potential to do something BIG with your life - each and everyday - as astrological energies are transcending their new energies every moment of everyday - so no day should be "boring" and no two days of your life should be the same - in fact no two hours of your life should be the same.


Therefore, if your life is stagnant and you're complaining that NOTHING is HAPPENING - then - it means that your positive emotions of love are switched-off and blocked - something in your aura is preventing you from living life to the fullest. That "something" is your own emotions - REFUSING to think wisely - REFUSING to LOVE the GIFT of your unique LIFE - hence it is YOU - your own mind that's blocking your own ability to have a good life.


The moment you begin to LOVE LIFE - is the moment - Life begins to happen for you. "The Tree of Life" from ספר האהבה will explain how you can switch-yourself-on, identify and unblock the blockages that are preventing you from receiving all the astrological energies that are constantly transcending and hence get-your-life moving-forward with hope, optimism and genuine love of life.


Tree of Life עץ החיים

Each Chapter has been uploaded and is now online at

Began at the annual Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries on 6th April 2015 and completed on 20th August 2015

In 2020 - I will be making corrections and will be creating an "revised" version of this website







The invisible energy of Love אהבה is the energy of life. If you want to start living - then begin to love life.

"Love Your Life - Love Everything in Your Life - The Life you're currently Living - The Life you've been Given"


"Slow-down & Enjoy Life"

The 1st Step "Pluto in Capricorn" is enforcing is a need to slow-down - and even though there's lots of things happening in your life

Pluto defines quality is more important than quantity - but to appreciate what you have - you need to wake-up and see it.

The foundation of the Tree of Life is to ground yourself - thinking clearly of where you are and what you're doing in real life.

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