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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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With thanks to Gittel Gorowitz לעילוי נשמת גיטל גורוויץ

The Tree of Life עץ החיים

Audio file is - "The Tree of Life"

The Collective Love for Everything and Everyone is Your Tree of Life







The invisible energy of Love אהבה is the energy of life. If you want to start living - then begin to love life.

"Love Your Life - Love Everything in Your Life - The Life you're currently Living - The Life you've been Given"

The reason why you're alive is thanks to your ancestors - and thanks to all the people in your life



The Foundation of all Life of Earth is

Understanding The Tree of Life עץ החיים


At "The Gateway" you realized that all your collective positive earthly physical experiences of "love" - all the events in your life have brought your mind to sit at "The Gateway" - it is often a point in many people's lives - when you've enjoyed, succeeded or failed in facets of your life - but come to an honest realization that there's something significant still missing in your life. Whilst "The Gateway" feels like a "dead-end" because you can't see what "it" is - you sense with STRONG INVISIBLE FEELINGS of both something you're still searching for and something you need in your life - because you instinctively know - you're missing something BIG.


That "knowledge" of knowing you're missing something - means that you're ready to comprehend the "Tree of Life". People who believe that "know-it-all" are never going to be OPEN to want to learn - and never willing to LISTEN to anything that life wants to teach them. Hence - the definition of ignorance is to ignore the truth - karmic destiny of the internet - is now giving everyone the opportunity to be enlightened - it is your freewill choice to ACCEPT the truth or IGNORE the truth.


"They" honestly believed the Earth was Flat !

In their generation - it wasn't their fault they were ignorant - but it is your fault if you choose to remain ignorant

If you keep on repeating the nonsense of prior generations then you'll miss the age of spiritual enlightenment

It is thanks to the wisdom of previous generations that we had somewhere to start from in this generation



This Book of Raziel - [18th/19th century] - written and attributed to Avrohom Koznitz


Whilst they believed the Earth was flat - with planets moving above the Earth - we now know - they were wrong. And whilst this book considered "holy" by some people - you can see clearly - it contains BIG mistakes. The evolved and enlightened truthful understanding we now know - should teach us ONE lesson - that constantly - there is MORE WISDOM for each of us to understand - no-one "knows-it-all". The "fatal" mistake they made in previous generations was believing they knew-it-all. The 1st step to acquiring wisdom is to know that you know nothing.


They only knew of the planets of Moon, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - and assumed because the Moon went around the Earth - all the planets went around the Earth. They had no idea of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or the Kuiper Belt and the Galactic Center also unknown to "them". Now - we know - the TRUTH - and in the future - even more TRUTH will be revealed to all of us. It is therefore WRONG for anyone to define what you believe in today - by what you believed in yesterday - but it's also wrong to discard anything - as every piece is part of the journey to enlightenment. All wisdom from prior generations was necessary to bring us to where we are today.


To explain the karmic truth in this age of enlightenment - that you are living in the most unique time in the history of the world - is to know you're wiser and more enlightened than many people of prior generations - I've inserted the above image of a book - not to disrespect prior generations - merely to define a TRUTH - "they" were truly ignorant - even the wisest of them. However, and this is my point - your individual quest for "knowledge" and understanding - is a process of evolution from all the prior generations.


Your wisdom and your acceptance for the truth that you're learning - is at the end of a line of all your ancestors - who lived, suffered and survived in order for you to be born and live in this generation. "Their" evolved existence and continuity of one generation after another has brought you to live the life you're living today. "They" are the reason you're alive. And what you decide to do with your life in this lifetime will redefine all your ancestors.


You're not an individual - there's more to "you"

You're a leaf on Your Family Tree of Life עץ החיים


The main reason you've been made to feel your missing something in your life is make you search for something "BIGGER" than yourself. As you read this paragraph - I expect you to become AWAKENED and ENLIGHTENED - because as you realize this truth and feel it from within you - your mind will be OPENED - then all the energies from all your ancestors will connect with "you".


Realizing that "you" are not just "you" - but "you" are a resultant product of all your ancestors - will be the moment - when you STOP thinking you're all alone - you'll realize a karmic TRUTH - that you're no longer an individual - but your part of BIG family tree of life.


The best way to explain it - is You are a leaf on the Tree of Your Life עץ החיים - Your life is like a leaf on the tree - it is used to interact with the world - absorbing energies and light - you're connected to all the other leaves via branches - constantly connected to the tree trunk and the roots.


Whilst your individuality in this lifetime is defined by "your life" - you've realized that just "being you" and thinking of "you" - has meant you've been feeling all alone, detached, depressed and sad - whereas when you think of the TRUTH - that "your life" is an end result of all the generations and ancestors in the direct line of your life - you become FULL OF LIFE.


Just the THOUGHT of this TRUTH - means knowing that you're never alone - you're actually CONNECTED to your ancestral Tree of Your Life עץ החיים - this knowledge should make you become ALIVE and AWAKENED . Indeed, the reason many people feel "so alone" and feel life is a total DEAD-END - is because your mind told you - you were missing something BIG - that you're a leaf connected to a huge tree.


The moment you stop thinking of yourself as a lonely individual and start becoming part of your large family tree of life - is when you stop worrying or thinking about your own lonely individuality - and start realizing the truth that you're never "alone" - it is the moment you start OPENING up your mind and soul - to a whole new life-force. Your tree of life - is a source of life-energy - that's unique to you.





Walnut trees - live for 250 years - each year the tree produces new leaves and new walnuts

Whether or not you believe in "God" - nature talks to everyone - you are direct result of all your ancestors


Your success is your connection to your roots

Find the source of your life-energy עץ החיים - you're alive today because of all your ancestors

From both your father and mother's family - your grandparents - and from everyone who has given you "life"

Denying anyone in your life - denying your roots and denying any of your ancestors - breaks your life-energy


"Your own mind will set-you-free!" - when you think the right thoughts - you can set yourself free and you will set yourself free - the more you think - the more free'er you'll become. Whenever you read information that resonates with you - when you find something that you've been looking for - inexplicably you become alive - that's because something "the connection" does something for you.


When you receive an email or phonecall from someone - or when you meet someone - "whoever" it is that has the power to enliven and awaken your aura - your day becomes a much happier day because of someone who connects to you. Likewise - do you realize what you do for others - do you realize when you make contact - how it excites them? do you realize that when you THINK of someone - what your THOUGHTS do? This does NOT apply for everyone you meet and know - it's only "some" people that do it for you - whilst others do nothing for you - as you do nothing for them.


In understanding and in the quest to find the source of your life-energy עץ החיים - it is simple to do - all you need to do is THINK - begin by thinking of your parents and grandparents - and where they've come from - even if you don't know much about them - attempt to find out where they came from - and what life-experiences they went through. Because their existence and their lives - ensured you exist today. The love they had for each other have ensured you are alive here today - because of everyone of your ancestors are part of you - as you are part of them.


In fact, each and everyone who has given you "life" - are vitally important to you - even if they're not alive anymore or not in your life - they're all part of the "Tree of your life-energy עץ החיים" - if you hate or deny anyone of them - you're disconnecting yourself from your own life-source. Denying anyone who has been a part of your life - denying your roots and denying any of your ancestors - breaks your own life-energy.


To prove this fact - take some time - to - THINK of all your ancestors - your grandparents - your great-grandparents - and each generation of your ancestors - and how each of them suffered to exist and survive - so that you are alive today.


I've specifically eliminated "YOUR PARENTS" in this equation - because energies of PARENTS are complicated - this is due to the challenge "parents" create for "children" - as every child disobeys their parents - children find fault with their parents - like parents always criticize their children - and this always leads children to rebel against the way their parents want - as PARENTS represent restrictions.


Hence YOUR PARENTS rebelled against THEIR PARENTS as you rebel against YOUR PARENTS - therefore - in truth - you have a lot in common with YOUR GRANDPARENTS - and is the reason for the invisible bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Therefore, in pursuing the pathway to your roots to the source of your tree of life - it's easier to begin with YOUR GRANDPARENTS - the continuity of generations is defined by your connection with YOUR GRANDPARENTS and with your loving thoughts of them - you should feel their LOVE and positive energy for you.


Humility - your responsibility to all your ancestors

People who "think" of themselves forget the truthful facts - that you exist today because of everyone prior to you


It's deeper than you initially perceive - THINK about it - especially if you've not been brought up "Jewish" - and that's because in the Jewish culture - learning about fore-fathers of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, learning about Moses, Aaron, King David and King Solomon - learning about all the Jewish history - is an integral part of Judaism - as it shows the direct descendants of where everyone has come from.


It takes the individual out of a selfish sense of individuality - and makes everyone realize - with humility - that everyone is just a "part" of a bigger picture of life. The responsibility is not just to get-it-right for yourself - but it's a duty to your ancestors. The sense of duty, loyalty and wanting to do what's right - is - out of respect and from a deep love for one's ancestors.


When people DISCARD their roots and forget about their ancestors, people who deny the existence of anyone except themselves - "they" are disconnecting themselves from the "source" of their life-energy. Because everyone is a part of something bigger than oneself. Finding yourself - is the truthful realization that "you" are alive today - because of your ancestors - and because of everyone who has given you "life" in this lifetime too. Your Tree of Life is that something which is bigger than you.


With a sense of humility and recognize what others have done for you - you will automatically feel their presence. With this influence you have the potential to become a truly better person, but only if you truly realize that you're a result of your ancestors and a part of the collective continuity of your Tree of Life.


You're enlivened because you're "thinking"

עץ החיים - you're alive today because you're loved even if you don't know who loves you

Thinking and finding yourself - means being connected to your tree of life - it will give you "life"

Your thoughts are what energizes "you" - Your thoughts create your vitality - Your thoughts set you free


The continuity of life means even though you're not thinking of your ancestors and don't even believe that your ancestors are watching-over-you or that you're even connected to their energies - doesn't change the fact - that it's TRUE - their energies are constantly in your life.


When you forget about your childhood - it doesn't mean you were never a child - it means you're not thinking - the "past" still existed - and you lived through it all. Likewise both in this lifetime and in the lifetimes of your ancestors - you are where you are today - because of "them" all. The BIGGER the change "they" made with their lives - means "you" are where "you" are today.


In the case of all readers in USA - if it wasn't for your ancestors - you'd still be here in Europe or somewhere else - "they" made the "right" move - to give you the life you have today in USA - isn't that worth loving them for and being grateful to your great-grandparents / grandparents?


When I say - it is your mind that sets you free - just by - THINKING of your ancestors and what they've done for you - you're opening your mind to their energies. That's when you'll begin to feel "it" all - an expansion of your own mind - as you connect to a SOURCE which is full of energy. It's not an illusion - because when you do it - you'll see it's very real and very energizing.


Being IGNORANT means being CLOSED to wisdom and enlightenment - which in turn - keeps a person "dead" as being closed disconnects you from "life". Whereas thinking of all your ancestors - being OPEN to their energies in your life - and most of all appreciating and loving them for their decisions - connects you to your source of life-energy. You're now on the road to "finding" yourself - being positively energized and enlivened by Your own family Tree of Life עץ החיים.


It's just the beginning - as full connection to your "Tree of Life" means that out profound love and respect for your ancestors - you will ensure you stop messing around , stop wasting the gift of life - and begin - to do something of meaning with your life - as you assume the responsibility for "who" you are.


The life-energy you receive and will continue to always receive - from "Your ancestral Tree of Life" is unique to you - it's not something anyone can steal or take from you - it's not anything anyone can block - because it's an invisible energy that ensures you get the vitality - you get the energy directly to YOU - because YOU are the direct descendant of your ancestors.


Your physical chromosomes , your DNA, in every cell of your physical body - resonates to your ancestors - it's passed-down from generation to generation - their physical presence is in your physical body - likewise "their" invisible energies resonate strongest in your aura. "You" even think like your ancestors - and this is why "Spiritual Astrology" defines the REAL "You" - not just based on your birthchart - but based on your ancestors. Both their fears and phobias - together - with their positive facets - will manifest in "you".


For many of you - realizing this - will immediately create a sense of CLARITY, loyalty and being part of a "team" - as you become connected to your ancestral "team" - you will have a new vitality that will give you CONFIDENCE to be "you". Because in the same way your ancestors survived and in the same way they were given a strength and CONFIDENCE to live their life so that you can continue their existence - you too have a responsibility to justify their existence by doing what "life" wants you to do in this age of enlightenment and that's to CONNECT yourself with them by THINKING of them - which will create a sense of wholesomeness within you for all your ancestors.


People who just exist for themselves are just "EXISTING" - but everyone who THINKS of their ancestors - who THINKS of the bigger entity that everyone is part of - are living - because you've found the "Tree of Life". In the "olden" days - it was easier for them to think of their ancestors as they all belonged to families and communities - but in our modern world - there's little sense of family and community - hence - the Tree of Life - defines you have to use your mind, go-back in time and connect with your own family tree. Their energies are always present - it is up to you to FEEL their presence - which you will. When you've connected - you will FEEL it strongly - and that's when you'll begin to live.


Love all your ancestors - Love them all !

Everyone on Your Tree of Life עץ החיים are part of "you" - as "you" are part of them

Your life is an important piece in the bigger picture of all your ancestors lives

Do you love your ancestors? Do you feel connected? Do you even know where you've come from?

Do you love your Grandparents? Do you love your Great-Grandparents? Do you think of them?


Due to world history in the past 150 years - everyone alive today - in this generation have ancestors who've made BIG decisions - they did what they did to survive in order to ensure you have a life today - isn't that worth more than a few moments of THANKS and LOVE for them?


When you realize this factual truth - it will connect both your physical reality to a bigger spiritual reality - by THINKING of and by LOVING all your ancestors with a genuine love and gratitude - you'll see it will do something BIG for you - that's what The Tree of life עץ החיים is defining for each and everyone.


The Tree of life עץ החיים means you're never alone. Whilst "Belief" is karmic - you either have it or not - "The Tree of Life" is not a "Belief" - it's real and exists. THINKING of your ancestors on your tree of life - you'll find your source of "life" energy. The proof is in the past because you've forgotten your tree of life that's why you've felt lost and alone. The feeling of vitality is LOVE - because "they" love you - even though you don't even know who they all are - just be thinking of the ones you do know - will ensure "they" get the message back to previous generations and the whole connectivity to your source of life will be made.


For "some" of you - the STRONG energies - you will feel - will make you want to go and visit - where you've come from - to feel the energies of your grandparents and great-grandparents - and maybe some of you have already instinctively done this - which is a "sign" that you're already awakened and been searching for answers.


As you get the STRONG energies - you might then realize that facets of your life are simply WRONG. Because connecting to your STRONG source of life energy - you will see the contrast of everything that's WRONG and "dead" in your life - you'll realize what's been draining you - and this will send you on an enlightened journey to "fixing" your life. Once you've tasted LIFE - you can't deny it's power - and this will then ensure you get "it" all right from now onwards.


Astrologically since Neptune entered Pisces in February 2012 - everyone everywhere in the world has begun a journey to enlightenment - thanks to the karmic gift of the internet - "life" is ensuring all the pieces are now "coming-together", ensuring you're given the wisdom and knowledge to know the answers - and then work it all out using your own mind - from within you - and hence form the full karmic picture of your Tree of Life.


The Power of Your Thoughts at Cemeteries

Dedicated Places to "think" of your ancestors

The truth is it's all - in your mind - because whenever you "think" of them - "they" are with you wherever you are in the world

However, cemeteries are places dedicated to the recognition of , respect for and love of your ancestors


..... ....

Mozart's Family tomb at St Sebastian's Cemetery Salzburg, Austria


... ...

WWI cemetery Metz France .......Chassam Sofer Tomb in Bratislava ..........Noam Elimelech in Lezajsk


Do you feel the energy in the connections to your ancestors? Do you feel "anything" to the above photos ?

Be honest with yourself - THINK of your ancestors - THINK if they do anything for you or not.

All you need to do is THINK of them !


If they're part of your Tree of Life - when you "think" of "them" - wherever you are - you will sense their energies and become energized by your connection with them in your thoughts. If they're not part of your Tree of Life - then even visiting their graves - you will feel nothing. Cemeteries are perfect places to "think" of your ancestors - as cemeteries are quiet and peaceful places - dedicated to "thoughts" with deep meditative energies. But you don't have to go to a cemetery to "think" of your ancestors.


However, you won't feel the same in every cemetery - as some cemeteries - you will feel NOTHING - because your soul on your Tree of Life has no connection to anyone in that place. Whilst - you don't have to go to a cemetery to FEEL the strength of your ancestors - because the truth is - it's all in your mind - whenever you "think" of them - "they" are with you - wherever you are in the world.


In Chapter 21 Love the Invisible Divine & Spiritual - I will fully explain the energies of thoughts at "Spiritual" places - but in this chapter - whether or not you believe in the Divine or the Spiritual is irrelevant - because in this chapter - to define Your Tree of Life - is a factual logical acceptance that in the same way your physical body, the color of your eyes and all other physical parts of you - are made with similar features and appearance to your ancestors - your THOUGHT energies always and constantly resonant to your roots and with your ancestors on your tree of life.


Even if you SWITCH off - their energies are still present - because it's in every cell of your body. But when you become enlightened to realize that the POWER and SOURCE of your vitality comes from your Tree of Life - then you will LOVE your ancestors - more and more - as you feel the bond coming stronger.


The transformation you'll experience is personal to you - and will be a sharp contrast to life without thoughts of your ancestors - because - until now you believed you were an individual all alone in the world - realizing this truth - that you are the result of a story of survival and of continuity of all your ancestors - and most importantly - you realize the TRUTH that you have "their" collective power within you - for always. The Tree of Life is a truthful knowledge that is your inheritance - your unique gift from all your ancestors - something NO-ONE can take from you or destroy - because it all lives within you.


Love everyone who has given you "life"

Everyone on the Tree of Your Life עץ החיים are connected to you

Everyone who has given you "life" is part of your aura - love them all


You exist today - because of your ancestors - but you also exist - because of everything that's been given to you in this lifetime - everyone who has ever given you anything - they've given you energy to keep you alive - whilst some have taken - others have given - Love them all.


You mind contains thoughts defined by what you "think" of everyone you've known in your life. It doesn't matter what transpired in your relationship with them or how it ended - what is most significant is you "think" of them - and when you do "think" of them - it creates an ENERGY within your aura. That "energy" is your source of your life-energy.


Whoever they are and whatever they've done for you - love them all - for the continuity of life defines your vitality of "life-energy" comes from your relationship energies of everyone who's been in your life and who will be in your life. If you cut yourself off from "other" people - if you forget about your ancestors - and if you live alone and for yourself - you're disconnecting yourself from your own life-force.


Your Spiritual "adopted" Family Tree עץ החיים

There's a tree of life you belong to - which transcends the physical - it's your spiritual family tree

It explains the reason why you feel close to some people and places - because you've been made to feel "it"


In the same way in real-life - people are adopted - likewise spiritually. There will be people - without any logical rhyme nor reason - you will feel a part of "you" - because "they" give you so much energy - your vitality comes from your spiritual family tree. It could be a "teacher" - someone you've read their books and been inspired by - whoever it is that energizes you - is doing so - because of their love for you - to ensure you have the life-energy to keep you alive.


In this karmic internet generation - you'll find yourself inexplicably coming "enlivened" by someone far away - a long-lost relationship-energy that energizes you. It does NOT mean - you need to move-in and live with them - it simply means keep connected - as relationship energies are energies - [it's not all about sex and physical love!] - long-distance internet relationships are about being energized by people from your Family Tree of Life.


Your responsibility for others עץ החיים

There's continuity in the world - other people give you energy - so you need to give them energy

It's our individual and collective duty to give energy to other people - no-one lives for themselves


It's a fatal karmic mistake for people to want to live along and be detached from other people - because the greatest energies you can feel is when you're amongst other people. Even if it's a pop-concert, classical music concert, football match, theater or cinema - the maximum energy you can feel - is when you're amongst other people - and feel the OPEN energies of being amongst other people. Loneliness is deadly.


For this reason - the karmic gift of the internet - with iPhone, app's like whatsapp and FaceBook - are truly karmic gifts - as it keeps everyone connected to people life wants you to be connected to. Astrologically - I've defined that everyone needs 7 Relationships - manifesting the planetary energies of the 7 Planets - if you don't have 7 people in your life - each and everyday - then you're MISSING important facets of your life - and if you're not thinking of your ancestors - then you're MISSING the source of energy on your Tree of Life.


If you went to live in a country where you knew no-one and couldn't speak the language - technically you'd never survive - but if it's your destiny and if you're connected to your source of energy on your Tree of Life - then you can live anywhere and everywhere. It's the same for people with "internet" business they run from home - they can live almost anywhere. So long as you have the CONNECTIONS to the people who are essential in your life - then you have all the vitality and the life-energy you need.


Your love of other people is keeping you "alive"

EVERYONE in the world is giving you energy - if there was no-one in your life - you wouldn't be alive

Everyone lives everyday by constantly receiving energy from Earth, from the ether, from life and from other people

You should feel like the luckiest person to be alive - and your aura should glow with radiant happiness of "Life"


Whilst you might think it's your career or money - that's keeping you alive - the truth is - it is your love for other people that's keeping you alive. It is defined by YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS - when you think of how lucky you are to know other people - that's when you come "alive".


It doesn't matter if your with them or not - merely - your THOUGHTS of LOVE for everyone you've known - specifically those on Your Tree of Life - will ensure you come "alive". Deciding to THINK and LOVE others is in the power of your own mind - it is your choice to be "alive" and have things happening in your life - OR - be "dead" and have nothing happening in your life.


I will explain in Chapter 22 - Creation of Life - that you can make "life" happen - when you love other people - if you don't love other people - you're preventing your own life from happening. Hence - whenever you feel NOTHING is happening in your life - whenever you feel DEAD-BORED - then - THINK of your ancestors - THINK of everyone you've ever known - LOVE them all - and within a short time - you'll come ALIVE.



One of the greatest places I've been to in the world - "Omaha Beach Normandy" - in France

Because it created strong "thoughts" connecting to the reality that brave soldiers sacrificed their lives for our freedom

Everything we do today and everything we have is thanks to the actions of all good people of previous generations


This website is part of the Tree of Life עץ החיים

Thank you to all kind readers who donated to make this possible - this website is written and online for all to read

You have your own tree of life - but the "karmic gift of the internet" - means collectively many trees of life are growing together

Each and everyone is growing - thanks to the collective interactive energies of the blessed internet




סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם