The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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"Slow-down & Enjoy Life"

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Introduction to "The Book of Love" - To Begin to Love Life - the first step is slow-down and enjoy life !

"The cemeteries in the world are full of people who were impatient and in-a-hurry"


Instinctively in all adolescent teenagers and young adults is the gift of - IMPATIENCE - as at that age everyone senses with eager anticipation - all the goodness that awaits them - all the destined events that are waiting to happen - and until they've happened in real life - there's always an - IMPATIENCE - often it's a nervous and sometimes reckless impatience - that is the cause of destined mistakes too.


The truth is the - INSTINCTIVE YOUTHFUL IMPATIENCE - is natural and due to wanting a loving sexual relationship - and until you've had one you sense and know your life hasn't begun ; the next stage of IMPATIENCE that then arises is wanting to find the RIGHT loving relationship - as you're first relationship might not have been as fulfilling as your soul expected - indicating to you that it wasn't the right one.


Thereafter your life will be a continual journey of IMPATIENCE - with an eagerness to want something new - wanting the next thing on the agenda of your life - which is both created by a karmic wanting for all the important destined events that you're destined to have and a driving force that wants you have-it-all and live-it-all.


Naturally, the older you get - the less impatient you will become - because many events that needed to happen have happened - and that's when you arrive at a phase of life - I call the "GATEWAY" - it is also a phase some call "mid-life-crisis" - when you falsely and deceptively believe that everything life has to offer you has been given to you - and there's nothing more to look forward to. A deceptive dead-end is arrived at. This dead-end is actually a GATEWAY to a bright future - but to open this GATE all you need is LOVE and to be AWAKE.


I should add that "People who hate their lives are always in-a-hurry" - it's not just people people who "hate" their lives who are in-a-hurry - but people who are not at peace with themselves because they sense they've got bad karma coming are instinctively "in-a-hurry", angry, frustrated and impatient with life as they want it all over and done with.


If, however, they would slow-down and love-life - then they would actually heal their own karma. Hurrying along a pathway of bad karma is inevitably going to hit a dead-end brick wall - whereas - slowing down - thinking carefully about meaning of life - avoiding the dead-end pathway by taking the pathway of love and karmic forgiveness - can ensure - you never hit the dead-end wall.


Indeed, if you ever find yourself - being pushed along with the herds of impatient sheep - in crowds that are always aggressively selfish - never thinking of anyone but themselves - STEP-OUT of the rat-race for 2 mins - just pull yourself out of the race - take a minute for yourself - be calm and think to yourself - you don't want to be like all the other "rats" - you want to be peaceful, calm and enlightened.


That's the purpose of Book of Love written specifically for this generation - for the karmic transit of Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - to ensure everyone finds the answers you're searching for about meaning of "life" - by slowing-down, loving and enjoying the karmic gift of life. Then the more you enjoy and love all the moments and every day of your life and the less impatient you become - is a karmic sign that you've found the secret to this karmic generation of "Pluto in Capricorn". Indeed - that's the truth - when you do something you love doing - you don't rush it - you want it to last forever - don't you?


Mid-Life Maturity Created by the

Outer Planets of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus & Saturn

It happens to everyone - a phase in mid-life - when you slow-down - that doesn't mean you do less - it means your aura slows-down as you find inner peace, calmness and maturity. Unfortunately, people who fight these astrological energies - always end-up suffering - if not physically or externally - then from within - with a deep miserable depressing ungrateful dissatisfaction for the wonderful gift of life.


Astrologically - the "dead-end" phase - is reached when either Pluto squares your natal Pluto at age 36 => 39; or thereafter when Neptune squares your natal Neptune at age 38 => 42; or when Uranus opposes your Natal Uranus at age 40 => 45 ; or during your 1st or 2nd Saturn return - when Saturn conjuncts your natal Saturn at age 28 => 30 or at age 57 => 59.


During each of these phases - life will go "on hold" until you do what your spiritual karmic destiny needs you to do - and for each of you - it will be different because everyone has their own karmic relationships that need healing - before you can pass through the "GATEWAY" - and the only way through is - karmic healing through the power of LOVE.


If you can relate to these ages - and see that your life has STOPPED since then - with nothing eventful happening - then you're still on the wrong and closed side of the "GATEWAY" - you might have seen glimpses of light from the other side - but if you're life isn't BRIGHT and fully enlightened - then it's time to open yourself up to your destined future.


Astrologically, everyone is destined to become enlightened and have a bright future - full of love - but to get to through the "GATEWAY" - you need to be awake - you can't get through if you're asleep. Collectively everyone living in the world is being forced to become awakened during this collective transformation due the karmic transit of Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - by learning to slow-down, love and enjoy the karmic gift of life - although - initially - many will attempt to fight it - which will only create more frustrating situations - which will need to be healed sooner or later - because the only true way forward is through love and peace.


The Password to enter the "Gateway" is Love

The karmic gateway is an invisible blockage that's preventing everyone's lives from moving forward

The only way to get through it - is to accept and to love - everyone and everything in your life - on this side of the Gateway.

Pluto in Capricorn means you can't get through - if you have any negative or bad karma - that keeps you on the wrong side.


Astrological Energies are constantly buzzing...

It's not an illusion - each of the planets are constantly creating invisible energies that are interacting with each and everyone on Earth - creating a buzz of activity in your aura and in the aura of everyone in the whole world. "Moon Astrology" defines the transcending power of the Moon - the Protective companion of Mother Earth is constantly creating movement in all our lives.


The daily movement of Moon causes trillions of gallons of water to move in all the oceans of the world - each and everyday - tidal flow is a fact of life on Earth which - thanks to the power of the Moon defines that - Nothing is the world is staying the same - Nothing is the world is stagnant - if you think and falsely believe that your life is stagnant and NOTHING is HAPPENING in your life - then it means that your positive emotions of love are switched off and blocked.


This ספר האהבה - Sefer Ahava - The Book of Love - defined by "The Tree of Life" will explain each how you can switch-yourself-on and unblock the blockages that are preventing you from receiving all the astrological energies that are constantly transcending and get your life moving forward.


What strong events can you remember since

Pluto Entered Capricorn in January 2008?

Think and make a list - what specific dates - were so important to you - that without them - your life would have been dead-boring

These dates with their energies were so strong that you'll never forget them as long as you live and are the source of "awakening"

I will be explaining in Chapter 10 - how you can use each of these dates to awaken yourself to the invisible world of love.


Quality & Intensity is more than Quantity

The 1st Step "Pluto in Capricorn" is enforcing is a need to slow-down - and even though there's lots of things happening in your life. Pluto in Capricorn defines - quality is more important than quantity - but to appreciate what you have - you need to see it and think about it.


As I'm writing this in April 2015 - can you think back to all the events of the past 7 Years of Your Life - since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008. Whoever you are and whatever stage of life you're up to - it's the same - the really significant events of everyone's lives - are defined by a few very important days. Do you remember those days - do you remember how you felt and what they did to you?


Truth is - you will only truly remember events that create intense emotions on your soul - everything else is forgotten as if it never happened. Each of you - will have at least 3 events each year - since January 2008 - that you can't forget - because the energy of Pluto in Capricorn made sure you'll never forget them. Can you list 3 events each year that made each year special? Try it now ... whilst you've been awakened by me telling you this!


There's an overlap too - to a new set of destined events when Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 and Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 - and as you think back to 2011 - you'll realize - the difference - between the events of 2008 => March 2011 and events after March 2011 => present day. After March 2011 the events were fewer - but much more powerful and important. Each of these dates are the source of your awakening. Hence - thinking-back will indeed help you get awakened - right now - today - even after the events have passed - because the karmic events have energy that sits in your aura and soul forever.


The Truth is You Should Remember Everyday

Because You Should Love Everyday

Astrologically there's something new and important everyday

So ask yourself - why is it - you've forgotten so many of days in the past 7 years?


The truth is we're all human - and in the same way most of us - forget what we ate last week - we forget lots of unimportant things - that's the truth - those important days - were made unimportant because we didn't pay any attention to their importance - we were ASLEEP whilst living through them - hence amidst years potentially good days - so little is remembered, enjoyed or loved.


That's the purpose of this Book of Love written specifically for everyone living in the world during the karmic transit of Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - to ensure you wake-up - and the ONLY way to wake-up is to start LOVING everyday - as if it's the day which is going to transform your life - the day that's going to get the "GATEWAY" door opened wide - to an enlightened future.


When you truly love any specific moment of any day - you can never forget that moment - this Book of Love will explain how you can make any moment of any day - an unforgettable moment - defined by the power of Love that is within you.


Let's Begin - Chapter 1

The foundation of the "The Tree of Life" is to start by loving every facet of your life

You can't move forward until you do - so let's begin - "Chapter 1 Love Your Life - the Life You're Living"



"Slow-Down & Enjoy Every Moment of Every Day of the Wonderful Gift of Your Life"

"I love my life - I love every moment of my life - I love the gift of life - I love it - I love it all "

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם