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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Due to content - this chapter is for - adults only - over 18 years old

Chapter 22 - Love, Sex & Healing with Love

Audio file is - [22] "Love, Sex & Real relationships create life-energy"


Whilst you can exist "on-your-own" - you can't live life to your maximum potential "on-your-own"

The essence of all life-on-earth is having loving relationships - intimate, warm and sexual


The karmic gift of the internet is indeed extremely powerful - the internet is creating an EXPANSION of mind and hence the expansion of pornography via the internet is another facet of expansion of mind. The purpose of internet porn is a catalyst to expand your mind to think beyond what you'd normally think and then desire to want to be in a loving sexual relationship - internet porn is merely a catalyst to encourage lonely single people to take life further than merely "PWYS" . [I will use the abbreviation of PWYS - Playing With Your Self - to define sex with yourself - masturbating alone - jerking-off etc] - and in this chapter - you will realize that PWYS has necessary benefits for your aura too - it is a natural human function and not something taboo as some manmade religions define!


Unlike "religious" people who refuse to discuss such truthful realities that every healthy person has nature's natural urge to want "SEX" everyday which will manifest in the necessity to PWYS until you find your sexual loving relationship to be wholesome with. I will be using the wisdom of astrology to explain the purpose of sex, what it does for your aura and how the invisible energies that give you the urge to want "sex" manifests in real life.


As explained on Three Keys of Reincarnation - when you admit it's much better to be in a healthy relationship that playing with yourself - that is the key to unlocking the door of loneliness - because people who accept and believe PWYS is acceptable - are missing the natural human need for sexual loving relationships.


No-one has been created to be alone and no-one has been created to waste the potential to share and love with another human being. It's karmically wrong, selfish and depriving someone of your love. You were born to LOVE another person - you were not born to be "alone" - your destiny is to give someone your loving warmth as they give you their warmth and love.


When you ADMIT this truth - with a sincere desire to want to love another person that you don't want to be selfish anymore - then your aura will emit a readiness to be OPEN to loving relationships. All you have to say to yourself is "I'm ready and open to love another person". In terms of actions and words - because you've accepted PWYS - to override this - you need to concentrate and emit with strength - in fact - everytime you PWYS - think at the same time - "I'm ready and open to love another person - I don't want to waste anymore - I want to love another person".


Sexual urges come from the "invisible"

Whilst you might think it is logical to have sex - all sexual urges are in fact created by "invisible" energies in your aura


The desire for sex is the greatest proof that there is something invisible and powerful that no-one can see or measure. Sexual urges are invisible energies that are speaking to your aura on a vibrational frequency beyond what scientists can detect - it is the strongest proof for spiritual energies that co-exist with this physical world.


The fact that "sex" creates life - every human life is created in act of sex - something from nothing in it's greatest sense - created by the invisible energies of love between two people - indicates that there is something "invisible" that is even stronger than logic. [Even a test-tube baby - needs a man to become aroused and excited by a woman !]


Although, most men will get excited by most women and most women get excited by most men - the exact chemistry - that creates loving sexual relationships between people isn't logical. It is defined by something "invisible" that connects people together. This is proven in alternative lifestyles such as "Gay and Lesbian" relationships - which aren't logical to some people - but because there's something "invisible" that attracts two humans together - that in itself - proves love and sex - is defined by an invisible energy.


I'm sure you've seen couples together - which to "you" might seem totally illogical why they're together - but in reality to the couple who are in-love with each other - it is clear they belong together - because there's invisible bond and energies that unites them together. Who you love and why you love them - isn't logical - it is something I call "spiritual" and destined - others call animal instinct "love" - but there's no doubt - when you love someone - you love them - and no-one can stop you from loving them !


Astrologically "Sex" is defined by

Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto

Almost all your sexual urges are in fact created by "invisible" astrological energies in your aura


From my wisdom of astrology - I've understood that "sexual" energies come to each everyone from the outer planets of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The sexual energies are never emitted from inner planets - that's because - "sex" is more than just a connection between you and someone else - it is an invisible energy that creates strength and opens your aura to a new level of awareness.


The inner planets define your day-to-day existence and whilst you can exist without sex - as all children and many adults prove that fact - your state of existence becomes life - when you're having sex. Sex takes you to a new level of life-energy. Let me summarize the planetary energies that defines "sex" in your life - and depending on your phase of life or relationship you're in - each act of "sex" - will be defined by one of the following outer planets.


In fact, even with your same sexual partner - each time you have sex with them - the energy can shift to be any one of these planetary energies. When you're at the beginning of a new exciting relationship - your sex might be exciting stimulating Uranus - but after years of marriage it might become as dull and stable as Saturn, or might be Mars sex for healing and relief of tensions, or Neptune as you might be thinking of someone else whilst you're having sex with your partner. Which planetary energy defines "sex" for you ?


Mars - defines the daily need to let-it-all out - like a pressure cooker that needs "relief"


Saturn - defines - destined loving relationship - someone who provides you with stability and prevents you from PWYS


Uranus - creates a sudden big boost of unexpected energy - as each time sex creates new exciting feelings - awakening your aura


Neptune - is defined by all illusions, fantasies, handjobs, PWYS, internet-sex and all people you'll never have sex with in real life


Pluto - is intensity, depth and transformation - Pluto is the energy of creating of life from nothing - conception of life - perfect sex


It's a fact of life that whilst EVERY facet of all the outer planets constantly exists in your aura - but depending on your lover, your mood, your phase of your relationship and your planetary aspects when you're having sex will define what energy is unlocked in your aura during "sex".

Astrologically, there is no doubt that each and everytime you have sex - you UNLOCK a facet of at least ONE of the outer planets in your aura - that's why every adult needs SEX - because without SEX - life will be blocked and you'll be unable to unlock your destiny.


The problem for many people - depending when Neptune is in your astrological chart - is whilst PWYS helps to unlock an energy of outer planets - it has a negative Neptune effect too which isn't real - and therefore PWYS manifests stuff in your real life which isn't real too - and that's why PWYS creates confusion, blockages and problems for some people.


Your life begins when you love another person

The meaning of life begins after you've had "sex"

Your life begins from the 1st day you have sex with another person - "sex" opens your aura

It is truly the 1st day of your life - as sex makes you become the real version of your self


The sexual warmth of another human - unlocks your aura - so that the full version of yourself transcends into "you"

If you're missing parts of you - if you're life is blocked - then it's your aura that needs opening - "sex" will open you


Whenever you're in love and whenever you're in a sexual relationship - you're living life in it's fullness. If you have any inexplicable blockages in any areas of your life - it is probably because your sex love life is blocked and not functioning the way it should be functioning. This does not mean that you have to have sex to unblock the blockages - but you have to recognize it is a major factor in creating blockages in your aura.


Whilst many people believe they were born to work, exist and worry about "money" and other stuff - the truth is you were born to live in and have loving relationships with other people. If any facets of your life are broken, blocked and not functioning properly - the source of your problem is in your sex-love-life. That's because sex opens-up the power of your aura to the positive energies of all the outer planets.


It is totally invisible and yet when you're excited by "sex" with another person - your aura is turned-on and that's when you completely become OPEN to everything that life is giving you. Whenever you aren't turned-on - whenever you're not interested in sex - whenever you're not feeling excited by love - your aura is closed and you're dying inside.


The natural state of being "turned-on" and excited for life - having your aura full of optimism - is created by your desire to love and have sex with another person. The sexual energy is the catalyst and stimulating facet that ensures your aura is OPENED. It is an energy which I'm sure everyone of you knows exactly what I'm referring to - as everyone has experienced it and experiences it - almost everyday or at the very least once every 3 days according to the Moon Astrology.


Being turned-on for "Sex" and the love of another person - makes you full of excitement, makes you excited from within, turns you on to the source of life energy as it arouses you from within, filling your head full of energy and energizing your whole body with an invisible vibrancy. The invisible energies that transcend into your life when you're "turned-on" - are the life energies that are always present - but when you're depressed, lonely, getting no love or having no sex - then your aura is blocked and nothing can get through.


Therefore, having someone in your life WHO TURNS YOU ON is 100% essential for you to receive positive energies and getting your life moving forward - and provided that someone is someone you love, have loved and someone who turns-you-on - then "it" will get your life moving.


When you're "in love" and having "sex"

You become a different person ....

You become the best version of yourself

Sex and Love - opens your aura to be liberated to be the real and best version of yourself

The best version of yourself is after the best "sex" you've ever had - and it's energies sits in your aura forever


I'm sure you've all experienced it - to the extent that you can't even remember all the moments or details - because when you're having sex - you're in a different state of consciousness - your mind is somewhere else. You can't even worry about anything when you've lost yourself in "sex and love".


Worries and negativity, blockages, problems and confusions are earthly invisible energies that fill your thoughts and define your aura - but when you've had "sex" - the power of "sex" cleanses your aura of all the negativity. "Sex" is like a bright light in a dark room - once the light is turned-on you can't see the darkness - you can't even imagine the darkness anymore - because darkness doesn't exist - it is merely life without light. Life without love and sex - life without thoughts of all your loving and sexual relationships - is like living in darkness and expecting to see clearly - it's impossible.


I've added the important words - life without THOUGHTS of all your loving and sexual relationships - because when you THINK of all your past lovers and sexual relationships - the energies can re-energize your life - everytime you think of them. The reason is - that "sex" is a STRONG memory that OPENS your aura and in the same way life is conceived by an act of sex - once you've had sex - the STRONG energy is there forever - even if it didn't conceive a child.


Therefore, you can energize yourself and you can heal yourself - anytime anyday - by your THOUGHTS of love and sex. That's why having "sex" is essential to living life - because once you've experienced it in real life - then it's energy sits in your aura and mind forever. That person you became during "sex" - was the full real version of "you" - was and is the best version of yourself - with your maximum energy - therefore when you THINK of yourself at your best - it opens and energizes your aura - and the world senses you at your best.


Just one word of good advice of how to put a smile on your own face - THINK of SEX - if you want your aura to glow full of positive energy and excitement - especially if you're feeling closed and depressed - then think of times when you've had sex - because the energy of LOVE and SEX is always strong and forever present in your aura - it's the best "thought" energy if you want to re-energize your aura - indeed - your "naughty" smile and twinkle in your eyes - will automatically attract people into your life as you come "alive" again. It is your own thoughts that make you come "alive".

How many times has someone looked at you and said what on earth are you thinking of with that BIG smile on your face - you can always sense - when someone's been "naughty" and when someone's in love - the loveable warmth and sexual energy exudes in their aura.


You're at your happiest and at your best

when you're energizing others the most

Your happiness is defined by how much you're energizing other people

The BEST and HAPPIEST moments of all your "relationships" is when you're having "sex"

The next BEST and next HAPPIEST moment of "relationships" is when you're thinking of "love & sex"!


The best and happiest moments of "relationships" is when you're having "sex" - "sex" is when you're loving someone at your peak of physical love and it does something inexplicable to you - because it makes you become someone much happier and more liberated than you normally are. It is a freedom from earthly nonsense and negativity.


"Sex" means you're energizing someone - even if your intention was for yourself - automatically when you loose yourself in "sex" and you're fulfilling your own lusts and needs - you're satisfying someone else too - the fullness of sexual energies for both of you means you're both energizing yourselves - because you're opening your aura to the maximum potential of astrological energies - Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - are all unlocked.


You can't unlock it yourself - you need someone else to have sex with to fully unlock your potential. Even if it wasn't your intention to unlock yourself when you had sex - it is always attained during "sex" - because you loose yourself and you loose the boundaries of negativity in your aura and therefore "life" makes you become a full wholesome version of yourself. Hence - even "thinking" back to everytime you had sex - will reconnect you with a completely OPEN version and BEST version of yourself - which can energize your life - even years after you've had sex. Try it now - THINK back to the best sex you ever had - do you feel the memory positively opening your aura?


This is important to do - whenever you've trouble in your relationships - when you've no-one in your life and getting no sex - because even though you've been opened to life - not having sex will gradually define a closing of your aura unless you THINK and constantly re-energize your aura - with the OPEN version and BEST version of yourself which was when you were in love and having sex. When you do this - it reconnects "you" with the best version of yourself - and then "life" will ensure you become that best version again soon.


Astrologically - I should add that - due to Saturn in Sagittarius from 17th September 2015 and until 20th December 2017 - defines LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, WARMTH and SEX - it means you won't be able to lie to yourself - if someone doesn't turn you on - then you'll feel empty - whereas everyone who is right for you will turn you on - turn your aura on as they excite you to live life full of the vitality of life. Saturn in Sagittarius - means everyone who does nothing for you - will no longer be a part of your life.


Your invisible auric energies communicates

3 Levels in Sexual and Loving Relationships

You can't have "sex" with everyone - but you can "love" everyone - "Love" respects boundaries of individuality

You don't need to say "I love you" to the world - all you need to do is "love the world"


[1] When you say "I love you" and someone responds and says "I love you" back to you.

[2] When you emit feelings of "I love you" into the ether of the world and then you feel someone loving you back

[3] When you have "sex" and you feel the strength of physical and inner energies of the person loving you


Even though you don't sense what you're emitting to the world - you're aura is constantly talking to the world - likewise other people's aura are constantly talking to the world too. That's what you sensing when you look at other people - whether you have any energies that are resonating with each other.


It is the invisible that ensures you attract-in your destiny and have your relationships. It's true - whilst you can't see nor sense what you're aura is emitting - it is connecting you with everything and everyone destiny wants you to be connected with and disconnecting you from everything and everyone that destiny wants you to be disconnected from. BUT - when you're closed, depressed and not thinking of "love" - then nothing can get through to you.


You've all seen and looked at other people - you "know" when they're happy - you "know" when they're in love and you "know" when they're having sex - because you feel it in their aura. You love being around them - because you sense such a positive energy that it makes you feel energized too.


That's what you need to be for other people - to be a source of energy, love, warmth and excitement for others. Even if you don't think you're attractive or can turn anyone on - the truth is there's always someone who is turned-on by you. You don't even realize it - but - whenever you go out - in the same way you're looking at other people others are looking at you - and it's not appearances they're looking at - it is the INVISIBLE ENERGIES that people sense from others that is what people are looking for. Indeed, there's always someone that is energized by "you" - and when you go-out with the purpose to energize other people - then the ether reciprocates and energizes your aura.


If they are destined for you - then your auras will connect with each other - even without saying anything and then the sexual relationship happens. Often you "know" when you're destined to have a sexual relationship - because you feel it and know it. How did you "get" your 1st love ? How did it happen ? You can't explain it - it just happened - because the invisible energies in your aura were open and ready - and destiny did the rest. Same - at every phase of your life - be OPEN & be LOVING - and your aura will make the rest happen.


"Sex" with your right and destined lovers - just like "true love" - is something you never have to try too hard to find - and is something you never have to "buy". Your sexual lovers come when your aura is ready and then makes it all happen.


However, as many of us experience immature relationships at the beginning - you always begin by saying "I love you" - because the words "I love you" is the modern-day way of saying "I'm desperate for sex - will you do me" - but often - relationships that need convincing words of "I love you" - always end - because TRUE love - doesn't need words - as your aura feels the warmth from within.


When you have "sex" - then you feel it - and the proof is you can never forget "sex" - it is an energy that sits in your aura - in fact I believe that your past-life retentive memories informs you what you need - so when you've found what you know you're looking for - because it fits with what you know is right for you - then you know it.


Even if relationships ends and someone tells you they don't love you - the truth is because if the sexual experiences you've had - you know - they're lying to you. Maybe because they want to move-on to someone new - or - maybe it wasn't perfect - but telling someone you don't love them - when you've been to bed and had sex with them is a LIE - and that LIE will sit in a person's aura.


Due to the strength of sexual experiences - you will never forget "sex" with anyone because it is the nearest to TRUTH you will find in this world - it forms your aura and identity forever. Each and everyone has their own "sexual" identity and your compatibility is defined by matching people via the invisible energies in a person's aura - that is something magical - because it is something you never ever know WHY - but the invisible karmic auric energies makes it all happen. Your aura ensures you attract the love and sex you need.


This is why people make decisions after "sex" - it's not defined by the physical beauty, personality or anything physical that defines why a relationship succeeds or not - it will be the INVISIBLE energies - especially if the "sex" was so bad or simply wasn't "right" that you prefer to "do" yourself instead.

Sex is a truthful exchange of energies - and when sex is so bad because you feel it talking to you - then you realize the truth - in which case it's better to "PWYS" than stay in a bad relationship - that doesn't feel right.


"Sex" creates intimate relationship energies between two people and creates a unique bond - as I explain in Chapter 23 Creation of Life - when you feel it's destructive to your aura and to your soul - then you know you can't stay in the relationship. Conversely - when your sexual relationship is so constructive and energizing to your soul - then you know it's the one for you.


Sex creates a different energies and unique identity for every combination of everyone you're with - it is totally illogical and invisible in what it does - and yet it is the INVISIBLE feelings you receive that will define your future and your life.


יפה שעה אחת של אהבה יותר מאלף שנים של שנאה

"One moment of love gives more life and is worth more than a 1000 years of hate"

At the specific moment of orgasm in sex - you are at your best - in love with the world and in love with your love


That moment is precious - and is the moment that you need to constantly remember in your aura. Because that moment is the transcendence of positive energies - just like it is the physical moment of possible conception - it has power. Thinking of that moment orgasm will have the potential to re-energize your life at anytime - even if you're not together with the lover.


Now - some of you - will in fact find to your surprise that you can't remember "sex orgasm" in some of your relationships - that's because those sexual relationships weren't truthfully important to your life. They were good for you - but not essential - you could have been having sex with anyone - it wasn't a specific energy in that relationship.

And even if you've been married for 25 years - there will be many times you can't remember sex - because it was just like going to bathroom - just an act of relieving yourself - but there will be unforgettable times - when your aura became opened and fully energized - those are the moments you need to THINK about - as they have power to do something for you now - many years later.


Pluto in Capricorn defines Sexual Healing

Pluto in Capricorn will ensure everyone becomes healed by your wholesome loving relationships by 2024


Whilst Saturn in Sagittarius from 17th January 2015 until December 2017 - will define you will get your destined relationship - especially to teach you lessons about "love" - the astrological facet that is most important in sexual relationships is - Pluto - the outermost planet - that defines birth, death and transformation of your persona to cleanse you and energize you to become wholesome. Pluto in Capricorn - together with Saturn in Capricorn from 2018 => 2021 defines that by 2024 - you will become wholesome - you'll feel exactly who is right for you. It is your karmic destiny. In the meantime - become the real "you" - be loving and emit positive energy to the world.


And when you need an extra BOOST of energy and especially when you feel your aura needs HEALING - think of all your lovers - the great moments of sex - it will surely open your aura up to goodness that is waiting to transcend into your life.


I always say that "Love & Sex" are important facets that are used by "karma". Sex technically knows no boundaries - but contrary to the Neptune illusion of porn on the internet - each and everyone has destined sexual relationships in your entire life - you're not compatible with everyone - because you will only have sex with the ones your aura has defined for you to have. All the others are merely nice loving people you meet along your journey of life.


Sex - ensures that whilst you're loosing yourself in your sexual activity - your whole aura is cleansed from negativity and is enabled to be OPEN to positive changes to flow into your life - those changes happen on your aura as you're having sex - without you even realizing what's happening. Hence after "sex" - you feel an aura of both relief and happiness - as "sex" has healed you and done something positive and "invisible" to your life.


That is indeed the highest form of sex - Pluto sex - deeply meaningful, transformative and powerful. You might only have Pluto sex a few times in your life or if your lucky a few times in the year - but when you've had it - you will know it. It is the "sex" that changes lives and creates something from nothing - it is conception of life.


The Tree of Life עץ החיים

The Collective Love for Everything and Everyone is Your Tree of Life



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם