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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

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Chapter 23 - Creation of Life on Earth

Audio file is - [23] "Creating of Something from nothing needs REAL life"


Creating of something from nothing - יש מאין

Everything you do in your life happens because you have a thought to want to do it


It's a fact of life that at the very end of your life - your mind will be full of memories of real events that will have happened - many of the events you won't even realize how important they are until you have moments when you can reflect back in hindsight. When you reflect back in hindsight - you will begin to realize that the greatest events in your life began as ideas and thoughts that you conceived.


Everything you do in your life - has a moment of conception - everything begins as an idea, it could be a brilliant idea, an intuitive idea or simply a good idea that you dreamt of OR it could be an idea you were forced to think of because you needed an answer to a problem. That specific thought of conception is when you decided to create something from nothing. The thoughts you receive creates an energy that stimulates and energizes you to do something that is why you decided to do something instead of doing nothing.


The irony is that the conception are always the quietest moments - and yet is the most powerful moment of transcending energies with the fullest maximum energy entering your mind and aura that is possible. You don't realize what has actually been conceived until after it's already been conceived. But you do need to be OPEN and RECEPTIVE in order to be receiving the thoughts.


Whether you're OPEN to brilliant ideas because you're panicking and in an anxious state of nervousness - OR - whether you're meditating-on and trying to think of solutions to your problems - the key is to have your mind OPENED, awakened and listening to ideas.


But the BEST way to receive brilliant ideas to solve any problems and to find constructive ways forward in your life is because you love life - when you're in love with life and want continuity in whatever it is you love that's when you'll be energized the most - to get the ideas you need to do whatever it is you love doing.

Ideas are merely the thoughts that are conceived to defined your pathway forward. The strength of your ideas and thoughts will define success or failure - but without a love for whatever it is you want - it won't happen. Indeed - without a love for life - nothing will happen.


You can't create anything if you don't love life

You can't create anything if you don't love life - you can't make anything happen if you don't love life


When you have "sex" - you forget all your worries - after "sex" your head, mind and aura feels clearer to think - and ideas just come to you. The truth is when you're having "sex" your aura is completely opened to ensure everything can come into your aura - and then you're able to be much more positive about life.


When you concentrate on loving life instead of concentrating on your worries then the worries will get solved. But if you concentrate on your worries - then you're concentrating on the BIG WALL that's blocking your life instead of thinking of how to get over the wall. Read the 1st 6 chapters of this website and begin to love your life - LOVE the good things in your LIFE - forget about the bad things - then automatically you're thinking OPEN and LOVING towards everything and everyone in the world - then the conceptive brilliant intuitive ideas can enter your aura.


Disgruntled grumpy and ungrateful people who complain they've nothing in life that they love - always make themselves a target for even more loss and pain - as life gives them more things to complain about - until - they admit that they love life. The way to STOP the negative stuff entering your aura is to have a positive aura - and that's easy to do - simply - LOVE LIFE.


Everyone in the world loves sex - even people who PWYS love sex - [even lonely single people who lie - still love the relief they get with PWYS "sex"] and that indeed is the secret to life. Life on earth is conceived through "sex" - the whole creation of new life is through "sex and love" - "love and sex" creates something from nothing - out of love for someone or something. It gets you excited and energized. The truth is you are the same person - but something UNLOCKS the power that is within you - and you become someone who gets something done.


Logically and technically you're the same person before and after you have a shower, have a coffee or have sex - and yet you're not the same - because you're feeling "alive" - something has release something that is locked inside you. It might appear that you are the same person before or after having a shower, having a coffee or having sex - but you know you're not the same - you become a better version of yourself the more awakened you are, the more you love life and the more you're connected to facets that make you love life.


The 7 categories - each of which have the potential at any moment of any day to unlock facets of "you" to be the best version of yourself - because when you LOVE each category - your aura changes and becomes even more energized - all you need to do is open your mind, think and love each category - LOVE whatever you see and whatever you have in your life - really LOVE every single thing you have and LOVE everyone you see in your life ....


[1] Natural objects in the world - stones, mountains, rivers, oceans, sunshine, moon, clouds in the sky, planets and stars

[2] Manufactured objects - clothes and furniture in your home, every object you can touch, even your iPhone and iPod!

[3] Vegetation - fruit and vegetables, plants and trees that grow - seeds that grow - and have a cycle of "life and death"

[4] Animals - all living things - birds, fish and pets - even ants and fly's that have life energy to move and procreate on their own

[5] Humans - everyone you see and meet - everyone you talk to and connect with - everyone who you see in your life

[6] Relationships - everyone you love - AND - everyone whoever turns-you-on and arouses you sexually

[7] Divine and spiritual - the invisible facets of life that you love, love of Jesus Christ and love of the infinite Divine


In the creation of "something from nothing" - everyone has the ability - because everyone knows how to love. Everyone in the world is "turned-on" by someone - it's human and it's natural normal - whatever sexual orientation - everyone is excited, stimulated, energized by the loving thoughts towards another human being.


The same applies to each of the above 7 categories - you do love each category - but in the same way - some people don't have sex because they've got no-one - many people don't think how much they love life until the begin to love life. It all starts with thoughts - to make anything happen in your life - you need to love whatever it is you love. Then you'll become energized.


If you're not excited by life - then you're not living

The 1st step to having creative relationship with life is to become excited by life - really excited that - you're alive !

You should feel like the luckiest person to be alive - and your aura should glow with radiant love of "Life"


A visionary, scientist, inventor, artist, website designer etc - anyone who sees a vision of what they want to create, senses things, sees and senses the future - and then explores ways to make it manifest. But if you're not even excited by what they're imagining - then it's not going to happen - because the creative energies are thrusted into a person's aura only become alive when you are excited, opened and love whatever it is you're doing - and that is what I call LOVING LIFE.


When I explain to Astrology readers that Saturn in Sagittarius between September 2015 => December 2017 will ensure everyone becomes energized and excited by whatever it is that destiny wants you to be energized by - for some people they might need to loose a loved-one before they become awakened to realize what and who it is they really love. Realizing the truth that you LOVE LIFE and LOVE other people is a moment of destiny too.


When you were a teenager you dreamed of what you wanted to become - and - then you followed your vision. Each phase of life - you dream a new dream - and then follow that vision - each time you did this was because you wanted to live "more" - and therefore you instinctively gave yourself new goals and new ambitions by creating new visions. That is the process of creating something from nothing - and the key to making it all happen - is being driven because you want to live more of life than you're living - because you love life.


Other people's love for you and your love

for other people is keeping you "alive"

EVERYONE in the world is giving you energy - if there was no-one in your life - you wouldn't be alive

Everyone lives everyday by constantly receiving energy from Earth, from the ether, from life and from other people

You should feel like the luckiest person to be alive - and your aura should glow with radiant happiness of "Life"

All you have to do is feel the love of life and emit a love for life and love for other people


Whilst you might think it's your career or money - that's keeping you alive - the truth is - it is your love for other people that's keeping you alive - and it is the love that other people have for you that's keeping you alive. Even if you don't feel their energies - it is like the sunshine - the energy of love that is sustaining life is constantly and always present. It is defined by YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS - when you think of how lucky you are to know other people - that's when you come "alive" - when you think of love you have for life - that's when you sense the love of life.


Your THOUGHTS of LOVE for everyone you've known - specifically those on Your Tree of Life - will ensure you come "alive". Deciding to THINK and LOVE others is in the power of your own mind - it is your choice to be "alive" and have things happening in your life - OR - be "dead" and have nothing happening in your life.


You can make "it" all happen - when you love other people - if you don't love other people - you're preventing your own life from happening. Hence - whenever you feel NOTHING is happening in your life - whenever you feel DEAD-BORED - then - THINK of your ancestors - THINK of everyone you've ever known - LOVE them all - and within a short time - you'll come ALIVE - because the channel and connection is always present - but if you're not thinking and you're not loving other people - then you are the one that's blocking the flow of energy into your life.


Everything begins with a "thought" יש מאין

The "thought" is invisible energy - when the "thought" is created - it is brought to life by the "love" of other people

The power of creation is through the invisible brilliant ideas and inspired thoughts - which manifest from love

The brilliant ideas and inspired thoughts are given to people who have an opened mind - "Love opens the Mind"


"Thoughts" are created by your connections יש מאין

Thoughts you receive are energies that are "conceived" and "born" - you don't even know where your thoughts come from

All your thoughts are created by you and someone else - in all your relationships you're constantly co-creating something


The combinations of "You" with Everyone you know

in the world creates and unlocks a specific energy

Each person you know - everyone you talk to and connect with - everyone you love will unlock a specific energy

Your connection will make you [1] Destructive - negative [2] Constructive - positive or [3] Life-creating and fully energized


The specific energy "you" create with other people is specific to both of you - everyone does something to "you" "you" are a different person depending on where you are and with whom you're with. Why someone is GOOD for you and BAD for others - and why you're GOOD for some people and BAD for others - is a mystery of destiny - but it is fact of life - and that's the way it is.


However, when you learn that - even if some people are bad for you, dark-energies, negative and destructive - when you love them for who they are - then they loose all their negative power - and can no longer influence your life. When you turn the light on in a dark room - even the darkness vanishes. So even if your connections with some people in the past have been destructive, negative and bad for you - think LOVE - and it will all come good for you.


Remember - irrespective of whatever other people are thinking or however "dark" and "negative" they want to be - your destiny is defined by what YOU ARE THINKING - and when you're thinking positive and full of love for life - no amount of darkness can make bright lights become darkness.


A Question for You to Ask Yourself ...

"What Planet are "You" for other people?"

If you had to define what planet you are in other people's lives - which planet would you be ?


I explained in "7 Relationships" that all the people in your life - are defined by planetary energies - but maybe it's worth taking time to THINK - who are you for other people ? Are you someone attractive, handsome and beautiful that people love to see - [Venus] ? Are you someone strong confident and supportive that people need in their lives [Mars] ? Are you someone that just "talks" [Mercury] ? Are you someone destined that makes other people's lives wholesome [Saturn] ?


Are you someone that's a nuisance to others because you restrict, block and prevent things from happening [Saturn] ? Are you someone who is lucky for other people [Jupiter]? Are you someone so exciting to someone - that you create a BURST of energy that blows-their-heads off [Uranus]? Are you someone that gives your partner great sex [Uranus]? Are you someone who is great fun to be with for others - but never actually do anything meaningful [Neptune]? Are you someone who transforms other people's lives - whilst keeping far-away from them - [Pluto] ?


Yes - it's a BIG question - and you will realize - "you" are someone different to everyone you know. You might be superficially charming and friendly - and with a warmth smile on your face - enhance someone's life for a few moments each day - [Venus] - OR - you might be someone else's sexual fantasy that they're in-love-with [Neptune].


OR - you might be what this website is to all of you - [Pluto] - helping you transform yourself from within yourself - because I'm nothing to do with any of your real-life lives and never will be. Indeed for 90% of readers - I don't even know who you are - you read the website and make no contact - and 100% of all readers I have no idea when you're reading whatever you're reading. That too is OK - as in the past few weeks - I've realized that I am a "Pluto" to all internet people.


The most fascinating facts you will realize - is when you realize the truth of who you are to other people - what you do for others and how you energize other people's lives - then you'll realize - who "you" really are and what your purpose is in life.


You're attracted to others because of "the invisible"

Everyone senses and becomes attracted to other people because on an invisible energy

Your aura defines the essential people you need in your life and the types of people you can't have in your life


The invisible energies in your aura defines the way you interact with other people, it defines what types of people you attract into your life and the level of your relationship with other person. The relationship energies and combination of "you" and other people in your life - defines who brings out the BEST in your nature and who brings out the WORST in you. Who makes you become the best loveable, successful and happy version of yourself and who makes you become ill, sad and sick.


All you have to do is ACCEPT everyone and LOVE everyone - it's not their fault if they're forced to be nasty and horrible to you - there's a purpose and message that they're receiving from your aura - to be the way they are towards you - in order for you to learn lessons.


Indeed, it was my experiences with and thanks to ultra-orthodox Jews who ensured I found Jesus Christ - had they been nice to me I would never had become the person I am now and never have written this "Book of Love". I needed to learn from the negative as much as from the positive. That's life.


There's no coincidence whoever is in your life - there's a reason why for "everyone". Everyone in your life - is in your life for a specific reason - because they connect with an invisible energy in your aura. Your aura - communicates with their aura and ensures you're connected in real life - to become energized by each other in sync with whatever life needs you to be.


When you walk-out in the morning and meet someone friendly - the "coincidence" - wakes you up - and when someone smiles at you lovingly - it makes your day become suddenly exciting - everyone you see and meet - has an invisible energy that communicates with you - and this invisible energy is what gives you energy as much as it gives them energy - "something from nothing".


The key to BEGIN to live a more energizing life is to realize that everyone who you see and everyone who sees you are vitally important sources of energy in your life - you can't do anything in your life alone without anyone. And you can't live without loving something in your life.


Creating of something from nothing - יש מאין

When you arrive at moments when you don't know what to do next in your life - life seems to be void and empty

When you arrive at moments when you can't see your future and don't know what to do or where "help" will come from ...

Then - simply love life - love all facets of life - love all the people in your life - then everything will be revealed for you



The Foundation and continuity of all Life is Love

The Tree of Life עץ החיים

The Collective Love for Everything and Everyone is the energy on Your Tree of Life



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם