The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 9 - Moon Astrology

Balancing & Healing Karmic Emotions

Audio file is - [9] "Healing Karmic Emotions created by Bad vibes"

Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה "Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


If something is inexplicable - then it is probably "karmic" - instead of fighting it, arguing with it and battling with it - ACCEPTANCE is the only solution - because when you accept anything and everything in your life - especially the really problematic past-life karmic facets - then you're actually creating GOOD KARMA - every time you smile and ACCEPT life.


The reason WHY - I have introduced the Book of Love with knowledge of Moon Astrology - is that in the journey of life - each lunar cycle - everyone is learning something new about life - created by new experiences, new circumstances and new opportunities - and until you get "everything" you're destined to get in this lifetime - each New Moon - will constantly create something NEW in your life.


Having said that - when you realize the purpose of life is to both EXPERIENCE all your destined events AND to heal all facets of your life - through your life experiences - then you'll realize that sometimes - life repeats itself in cycles - until - you get it right. Getting it "right" - means healing the karma and learning life's lessons - specific lessons - given to your soul - defined by your past-life karma you inherited from yourself.


Invisible Inexplicable Karmic Emotions

Most of the strongest feelings you'll ever get in your life are illogical, inexplicable and yet vitally important - because - it is the invisible feelings that will attract you to where destiny needs you to be - and with whom you need to be with. Every event since Pluto entered Capricorn - star sign of karma - in January 2008 - has re-created karmic experiences and will continue to create experiences - which will be defined by inexplicable emotions - all of which - have the purpose to heal - all past-life karma.


The more debts you have from past-life - the more you'll have to heal ; the more relationships with unfinished karma from all your past lifetimes - the more relationships you'll have in this lifetime - in order to FORGIVE all of them - detach and let them all "go". Each of the karmic lessons will be complete - when you completely ACCEPT, FORGIVE and heal the invisible karmic pain that sits within your mind and thoughts.

Only when you've honestly forgiven the karma - then you will feel "balanced" and "at peace" - and be able to move-on with your life. I suggest you read the Book of Reincarnation GilGulim section in the SpiritualSecrets website.



Although, I explain the way is through forgiveness and compassion - the quickest and easiest way to heal all karma is to LOVE "it" all. Anyone and everyone - everything and anything - that annoys you - that has annoyed you - that still annoys you - that has angered or upset you - LOVE them all - the more you LOVE - the more the karmic energies will be broken. This is indeed - the constant message of The New Testament - ברית חדשה - the Gospels according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.


On - "Chapter 16 - Relationships Past, Present and Future" - I explain that - when you love one person - that is genuinely and honestly love one person - then you actually find yourself loving EVERYONE.


If you're a man - when you love one woman - you find yourself loving all women; and if you're woman - when you're in love with one man - you too find yourself loving all men. That's because the energy of LOVE in your aura at that moment when you're in love - CANCELS out and DELETES all the negativity, hatred and jealousy - you can't possibly "love" and "hate" at the same time.


Hence, people who've not healed the bad karma of relationships - go from one relationship to the next - repeating the same cycle - failing again - because the facet of "bad" karma is still STUCK in one's aura. Therefore whilst forgiveness and acceptance helps to clear the karma - to truly be balanced - you need LOVE and lots of it. And I'm not talking about "sex" - I'm talking about "love" of people. Looking at everyone with sympathy, compassion, kindness and love for all.


Balanced Karma means Feeling Nothing

You're ready to begin living life - when you've cleared all the karma and feel nothing - not positive nor negative.


Although, I often say - that - getting a BAD feeling is a good sign - because it indicates to you - that your sensitivity is talking to you - and as I will explain on "Chapter 12 - Invisible World of Hate" that BAD feelings are a good sign - because it's a sign that you're switched-on and awakened - and have something to learn.


However, when you've truly forgiven someone - when you truly have no more karmic connection with anyone from your "past" - you actually FEEL NOTHING - that's when you become free from the karma - free from the emotions - and karmically liberated from the relationship forever. That's when you will see - "better to have no mood than having a negatively bad mood". Acceptance is a NEUTRAL energy - it neither defines POSITIVE nor NEGATIVE energies.


If you think to when you sold your car / automobile - and got a new one - especially if your last one gave you problems - that you had to get rid of it - then you don't think of your old car whilst driving your new one? You've become DETACHED. When you moved-home - you might have memories - but same too - you FORGET your old home because you've become DETACHED.


The same in every facet of your life - to be karmically healed from the "past" - you need to be emotionally DETACHED - feel nothing - let it all sit in the "past". However - to ensure that you've completely healed - you should be able to THINK back with positive thoughts of LOVE - even for you "ex" who made your life a misery - because being ready for the next phase of life - means DETACHING from the negative - like pressing RESET or system restore to the original factory settings on your PC. When the karma is complete - ironically - you'll feel "Nothing" - as if it never existed. Acceptance is a NEUTRAL energy - it neither defines POSITIVE nor NEGATIVE energies.


When You Feel Nothing - You're Ready ...

Being at a state when you feel nothing - empty - void - lonely - all alone - detached .. means you're ready


Whilst you can be ready at anytime you choose - astrologically - the RESET button - the moment of detachment and karma-complete - is usually at - New Moon's or Full Moon's - the Moon creates a disconnection from past - a breaking and healing of emotional energies.


The power of the Moon is INVISIBLE - and at New Moon's & Full Moon's - the invisible energy is strong and powerful - creating important Karmic days of Clarity. When you see the "Bigger picture" of life - when you realize that endings are never endings - because all endings are just a prelude to a new beginning - as life is cyclical - therefore - the older you become - the wiser you become - and realize that letting-go when it's time to let-go is a vital necessity to life.


Hence, when things happen - AGAINST YOUR WILL - because you want certain things to happen and don't want other things to happen - this means - you're not yet listening to what life is telling you. I explained on "Divine Intervention" - that only childish fools - believe they can tell GOD what to do ? Indeed - most of the things people WANT are always earthly, meaningless and physical - rarely does anyone WANT something good for their spiritual soul.


So arriving at the point when "Book of Love" is going to be talking to you - you need to be - at the "Gateway" - the point of being in a state when you - feel nothing - empty - void - lonely - all alone - detached - when the things you used to want and all earthly ambitions you had - have either been accomplished OR they mean nothing to you now - means you're ready - to go through The "Gateway".


When think You've Arrived at a "Dead-End"

is when you're ready for "Life" - and will arrived - anytime between March 2011 => March 2025


When you get feelings of arriving at a "dead-end" - especially when you feel - you've done-it-all - you will get unsettled feelings - because nothing will appear to satisfy you and you won't even know - what's next - because the "dead-end" will create feelings like nothing is "next".


This is - astrologically due to Neptune in Pisces - Neptune belongs exactly where it is - in Pisces - the last most spiritual star sign of the Zodiac - and between March 2011 => March 2025 is creating and will create a reality in everyone's lives - that you've done it all - all the stuff that was normal to do - that kept you busy for years - doesn't do it for you anymore - and now you're searching for something more meaningful - something that spiritual Pisces wants you to find.


What it will do - is make you feel restless - because your inner spirit knows - you want something MEANINGFUL that does "it" for you - and you'll even attempt to avoid it - until - you begin to accept - the fact - that you are searching for something and that you need to find "it". Indeed - the internet is such a blessing - because - through all the information online - you can find - some bits of information you're searching for here - and some other bits somewhere else.


Additionally, I've seen - that Neptune in Pisces is making people "return" home - to wherever their soul belongs on Earth. Especially - all "old" souls - have returned to the countries where their soul belongs - and for those unable to - one's thoughts are rooted and connected with the culture or religion - this is because everyone resonates with wisdom and understanding. People who are not searching for any wisdom or deeper understanding - might appear to be "alive" but are indeed "dead" and "asleep".


You only remember moments that you're "awake"

Whilst you might think you're alive and awake - you're actually "dead" most of the time ...


The proof is simple - how much of the past 12 months do you remember? In fact since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - what events do you remember? And then let me ask you - how much of your life do you remember in the past 20 - 30 - 40 years.


I'll admit the truth - no-one remembers everyday - but everyone should remember something - at least something from EACH YEAR - those days you remember something - were the days - you were "awake" and "alive" - the rest of the time - you were indeed "dead" and "asleep"!


What do you remember - make a list now - think now - because when you THINK of the moments in your life which you remember - you're actually awakening yourself - as your reconnection in your thoughts to the days when you were AWAKE - will make you AWAKE. And now you're ready - to get through the Gateway to the invisible world.



But first - I've navigated the website to explain - 3 aspects of Awakening

"Awakening of an Invisible World" that defines your existence and your life.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם