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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

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Chapter 7 - Moon's Positive Emotions

Audio file is - [7] "Positive Emotions created by the Moon Astrological Energies"

Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה "Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day"


The fundamental reason for this website - was the fact that after reading astrological charts of readers from all over the world - I realized that many people aren't living the life that their astrological chart defines. In fact and in reality - many people are completely blocked in being connected to the real destined version of themselves.


The bottom line reason to being - BLOCKED - is due to the fact of - either a LACK of EMOTIONS or NO EMOTIONS - specifically a lack of emotions being used in the daily routine of living life. Whenever - there's no emotions - then there's NO TRACE or strong memory of anything happening in a person's life - defining a day that indeed never existed because nothing happened. People who BLOCK their own emotions - don't connect with other people - nor with ANYTHING on this planet - hence "technically" - they aren't alive on "Earth".


You feel "Alive" because of Your Emotions

Exciting things you did a few years ago - you can remember more vividly than - boring things you did yesterday.


You might pretend to be "busy" with daily routine and with your life - you might even look "alive" - but none of which you will remember if your emotions are switched-off. The reason you can't even remember events and things you did last week - is because whilst you appeared to be "alive" - you weren't fully present in your body.


The only reason - you will be able to remember events of your life is because - EMOTIONAL energies are switched-on - you feel alive because - "emotionally" you're alive. A sign that you're going to forget many things you do today - is the fact that you're not feeling either positive nor negative - your emotions are switched OFF. That's why you've probably forgotten many of the days, weeks, months and years of your life - as if they never existed.


Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה

The Moon is constantly talking to you - are you listening? Are you ASLEEP & DEAD or AWAKE & ALIVE ?


Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה defines that "Something Unique Happens Every Moment of Every day" - each transit of Moon in every star sign - each aspect the Moon makes with each of the planets - each New Moon and each Full Moon - has a unique energy associated with it - but if you're not feeling it and you're not receiving it's powerful energy - the problem is NOT the Moon - the problem is YOU - as your aura is SWITCHED-OFF & BLOCKED from receiving the constant lunar energies.


Indeed, you'd correctly say that most people are ASLEEP & DEAD - the only people who are AWAKE & ALIVE are people love-life - people who've got something in their lives that they LOVE. You need to be honest with yourself - and a proof - is do you remember what you did yesterday? What was it that you remember most about yesterday? If the honest answer is contained in a few moments - then you weren't fully awake yesterday - and more than likely you aren't full awake today either...... therefore - it's time to WAKE-UP - and here's a 3 step method that works - tried and tested .....


[1] What do you Love in your life ?

What is it - that you look at now - that you LOVE - that you feel LOVE for - right now ?


Even if you say you love it - but it doesn't awaken you inside - then the truth is - you don't love it. Look for "it" and find "it" - be honest - and if you don't love it then that's the truth - don't think about it. As you search - you will find something you love - because when you honestly LOVE something - you become awakened - it makes your heart beat a bit faster - and opens your eyes a bit wider - and you will feel a freshness in your aura. Like having a shower - it completely freshens your aura.


I've explained that your 5 physical senses of Eating & Drinking, Seeing, Hearing & Speech, Feeling & Touch, and Your Living Space each facets communicates and create energies of LOVE with the potential to awaken you. But you will need to awaken yourself - to love life. If you're not going to even love anything in your life - then it's quite difficult to awaken you - via positive emotions - therefore the Moon will have to use negative emotions to awaken you.


[2] What is it "new" you're thinking about today?

What is it that has got your attention today - that something "New" you're thinking about today?


Each day - everyone's mind - gets stimulated and awakened by something - very often due to the constantly changing astrological energies - it's always something "new" - that you become interested in and excited by. Moon astrology defines that there's always something "new" each day - otherwise - yesterday would be the same as today and the same as tomorrow.


The fact of life is that - there's always something "new" each day. Something "new" you want - something "new" that occupies your mind and thoughts. So what is it that is getting your attention today. What is it that is EXCITING you today? Positive emotions are always created by seeing something "new", thinking of something "new" or feeling something "new". As the essence of positive energies is that it stimulates your MIND and THOUGHTS - which excites and awakens your AURA - and that's done by something thinking of something "new".


[3] Who turns you "on"?

Who is it that turns you "on"? The truth is every man and woman is turned-on by another person ...


I will be explaining this fully in "Chapter 11 - The Invisible World of Love" - but everyone in the world is turned-on by someone in the world. Everyone in the world - has an affinity of love towards someone else - there's always someone in your life that you love - even if it's not a sexual "turn-on" - someone who makes your day a happier day and more exciting day.


Not be "turned-on" by another - isn't natural and takes a lot of willpower - something priests and nuns - take years of control of mind-over-body - but EVERYONE else in the world - is instinctively and naturally turned-on by another person - male and female - everyday. There's nothing sinful nor wrong with it. It is HUMAN - normal HUMAN reaction to be "turned-on" by another - whatever your sexual orientation.


After - [1] - [2] - [3] - you should be awake. And now that you're awake - decide - what is "it" you're going to do today - that will make today UNFORGETTABLE in your mind. Be excited by life - and let the Moon's energies excite your emotions.


In the same way this method [1] - [2] - [3] awakens - the Moon's energies each day awakens everyone - turning everyone "on" and "off". Even if it's not as strong as the night of a Full Moon - the Moon still pulls on you ; and even if you can't see the Moon - it is there - working on creating change and movement in your life.


And as I will explain in Chapter 11 - Invisible World of Love - even if you don't have anyone in your life at the moment who you love or have anything you love - your aura is still "turned-on" - everyday by energies of love. It is your job to receive the energies - channel and direct them wisely - to doing something positive with the gift of life - and not letting the day become a forgotten or wasted day.


Each day the Moon creates High & Low Tides

Your Body is 60% Water - but it's the 40% of You is BLOCKING Lunar Energies

Your moods can and do change - each day and everyday - from High to Low - from Yin to Yang

The Moon's gravitational pull on all water-content in the world - changes and moves all life-on-Earth


In the same way that the powerful Moon's energy affects the tidal flow of water in the whole world; causing high and low tides daily; and causing different levels of Tidal flow depending on New or Full Moon energy prevailing; likewise astrologically the Moon, will affect your mood - each and every day - you'll have natural "highs" and "lows" each day.


One of the main reasons why Moon Astrology works is because the Moon creates a gravitational pull on all the WATER in the world - we all see in reality EVERY DAY and TWICE a DAY - flow of ALL sea water creating a tidal flow of water. The collective sea WATER is almost 100% water - and hence it REACTS in obedience to the Lunar energies of the Moon.

Unfortunately - humans aren't as easy to maneuver as the oceans and seas - as humans are made up of 40% of other "stuff" AND people have a stubborn attitude and lazy MIND that blocks change and movement.


However, when you begin to live in SYNC with the lunar energies - you will realize the mechanics of the day as your moods can and do change - each day and everyday - from High to Low - from Yin to Yang - constant oscillations and change is indeed the most natural thing of everyday - all you need to do is become awakened to the changes that life is showing you - and work with the lunar energies - going with the flow instead of fighting against the energies of the moment - and going against the "tide" of life.


Positive Emotions will Change Your Life

A person might even be destined for loneliness, poverty or sadness - but with a "good" attitude and positive emotions - especially thoughts of love of life - which will make you enjoy life and energize your aura - that's when the power of love will open doors at "The Gateway" - even doors and opportunities that never even existed will be opened.


As explained in Spiritual Astrology - it is not just your astrological chart that defines "you" - but it is your AURA - that defines what happens - if anything in your life. When your aura is "closed" and if you're switched-off or blocked then nothing will happen - until a huge burst of either positive or negative energy - gets through and awakens you.


Look at the Plutchik's chart of emotions and ask yourself honestly which category do you fit into right now ? How many different categories do you oscillate into during the course of the day? And if someone had to label and place you into ONE category based of YOU today - which category would that be? What energy does the real you vibrate to today? If you don't like what you see - then choose to change - leave that category and change.



Plutchik's chart of emotions [image taken from wikipedia]


Moon Astrology Positive Emotions

Even if you do nothing - even if you can't be bothered to change yourself - the Moon will do something positive for you - every lunar month - whether you like it or nor - you will have 2 period of 3 days each - when the Moon transits TWO specific star signs - that makes your life positive - that makes you lucky - because your aura becomes OPENED - that makes everyone love you and makes you more open than usual to love life.


Every Lunar Month - You will have 2 transits of Moon

which will unlock all Positive Emotions

I've been explaining Moon Astrology for a long time - and by now - you should know which Moon transits you like the best and which ones you hate. Which ones are good for you and which ones are bad for you. Do you know them ? If you don't then now is a good time to learn .... you'll find the Archived Moon Astrology helpful and in the meantime make yourself a calendar of Moon transits.


Indeed it is a predictable formula for each and everyone. There are 2 star signs which are VERY GOOD for you - and 2 star signs which are VERY BAD for you. Do you know what they are yet? If you find ONE star sign which is BAD for you - there is another one BAD for you too - usually the OPPOSITE of the 1st BAD one. So if Moon in Gemini is BAD for you - then Moon in Sagittarius will be BAD also. Similarly for the good star signs - if Moon in Cancer is GOOD for you - then Moon in Capricorn will be good for you too.


There are always TWO star signs VERY BAD for you - TWO star signs VERY GOOD for you - 6 other star signs which have a purpose and reflect a pattern which are neither good or bad - but have purpose for you to be extrovert and accomplish OR time to be introvert and reflect - and then there's ONE star sign which is your own MOON sign and ONE star sign which is your own SUN sign - both have a NEW gift of energy to give you - a boost of energy to create NEW beginnings.


When I say VERY BAD for you and VERY GOOD for you - I mean to say - the Moon puts you in a BAD mood or a GOOD mood - and as we all know - when you're in a GOOD MOOD - everything goes well for you - you become lucky, successful and happy - but when you're in a BAD - things go wrong - you become unlucky, grumpy and accidents can happen.


The Moon influences your AURA. The Moon's invisible energies can CHANGE your whole life - even if you have excellent aspects in your chart - if you're in a BAD mood you can ruin the goodness and conversely - and if you have BAD aspects in your own astrological chart - if you're in a GOOD mood you can transform your life to become so happy and successful. The key is when you're inexplicably put in a VERY GOOD MOOD by the Moon's energies - it is a time to use wisely - and make it unforgettable.


Moon unlocks Invisible Positive Emotions

The reason why I've created this chapter in the Book of Love - Moon Astrology of positive emotions is that the Moon UNLOCKS hidden and invisible emotions that are within you - and these INVISIBLE emotions create feelings within you - that makes you do things with your life.


Realizing the truth - that it is something EXTERNAL to you and INVISIBLE - that creates destined changes in your life - is the first step to Awakening to the Invisible World of Love - an invisible World full of energies - that defines WHY things happen in your life, WHY you do things with your life, WHY you make the decisions you make and WHY you choose the pathway you choose.


None of which makes "logical" sense - and yet you make the decisions - because of the strong feelings you receive when you're awakened by the invisible positive emotions you feel - especially at New Moon's and Full Moon's.


This is why being in a LOVING POSITIVE GOOD MOOD is so important - because - even if your astrological birth chart defines destined BAD LUCK - if you are in a GOOD MOOD - then you can become LUCKY - [and conversely too - if your astrological chart - defines GOOD LUCK - if you're in a BAD mood and have BAD attitude - you can block your own GOOD LUCK]. Be in a GOOD mood - then "life" can bring you lots of goodness. In fact - I always tell readers - it's better to NOT CARE - "better to have no mood than having a negatively bad mood".


However, it is a fact of life that - everyone has negative emotions - everyone has something / someone that brings out the worst in your emotions - fundamentally because something INVISIBLE sits in your aura - that attracts the problem in to your life - so that you are annoyed by it - the purpose of which is - in order for you to heal the karma and balance your emotions.



Moon Astrology Invisible Positive Emotions

You'll need to learn the lunar cycle from "Moon Astrology website" - where you'll understand that the Moon as it transits each star sign has both positive and a negative aspects. Here are the most common POSITIVE aspects of the Moon's transits :-


Moon in Aries - fire sign - makes you THINK - objectively and with clarity

Moon in Taurus - earth sign - makes you become focused and what you must do - ability to concentrate

Moon in Gemini - air sign - ensure you communicate - two-way communication with others - hearing and saying everything everyone is thinking - it's open energy - ensures you know exactly what others are thinking.

Moon in Cancer - water sign - Moon is at "Home" in Cancer - and you'll sense the truth with accuracy and feel protected - that you don't pick-up other people's negativity - especially anyone that destiny wants you to have nothing to do with.


Moon in Leo - fire sign - it will ignite the desires and passions of LOVE - you will only feel happy - when you loving everything and everyone in your life - need for LOVE is and emotional urgency for Moon in Leo.

Moon in Virgo - earth sign - ability to focus and concentrate - finding source of problems - and fixing things that need fixing.

Moon in Libra - air sign - ability to break-down barriers - by communicating - creating harmony - peace and stability by compromising and acceptance - of all situations, of facets of life and of people on Earth.

Moon in Scorpio - water sign - creates sense of protective inner peace - nothing to worry about - because the whole world is peaceful - a deep feeling of knowing what is right - because deep inside it feels right.


Moon in Sagittarius - fire sign - friendly - happy - sociable - creates need to be around people

Moon in Capricorn - earth sign - cuts all the nonsense out of life - and gives stability to do what's right - time of good decisions

Moon in Aquarius - air sign - liberating - creates positive feeling of freedom to do what you want to do without boundaries

Moon in Pisces - water sign - spiritually peaceful - calming - time of reflection and deep thinking



Understanding that the invisible astrological energies defines your life leads to an awakening of an "invisible" world that defines your life. Which will lead to understanding to an enlightened TRUTH - that you can redefine your life - when you get through the Gateway to the invisible world.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם