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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 6 - Love Wherever You Live

Audio file is - [6] "Love where-ever you're Living"


"I love where I live - I love everything in my home - I love the city I live in - I love the country I live in - I love the World"

Wherever you Live - "home" should do something positive for you - everytime you think of "home" - it should energize you ...


Are You Constantly Thinking ....

"When will I Leave and Move Home?"


The current astrological energies of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are defining that many of you are you thinking "when will I leave and move home?" Because - at the moment - in the whole world - everyone is currently influenced by these invisible astrological energies.


[1] Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and until 2024 - is ensuring everyone completes whatever "karma" people need to complete in this lifetime - hence many people are finding themselves inexplicably STUCK in one specific place - attached to situations, places and people - or brought to a place to learn specific karmic lessons. The only way to FREE yourself from wherever you are - is by completing the specific karmic lessons you've been made to experience. [Read the chapter "Karmic Home" - from - Book of Reincarnations].


[2] Uranus in Aries - since 2011 and until 2018 - is pushing everyone to want to be liberated and break-free from any negativity - which means - instinctively people are wanting to RUN-AWAY and LEAVE "home" - especially if wherever you're living is making you feel depressed, stuck and negative.

But as you will understand from this chapter - that "You can't run away from your own aura" - so even if you have moved-home since 2008 - you haven't succeeded to get the liberated freedom you want - because you haven't solved the REAL problem - which a specific lesson about "life" - FIXED WITHIN YOUR AURA. The only solution is to FIX your own aura - then you'll solve the problem - and attain the karmic freedom - which is what destiny wants for everyone.


"You Can't Run-Away from Your Own Aura"

Inexplicably - at this present moment - everyone is in the right place that "life" has placed you - defined by a journey from the moment and place you were born - to wherever you've lived in - all the places you've lived to bring you to your current reality. Each place you've lived in - each home you've lived in - each city and country - has influenced you - and is a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of your life. Even the BAD places have been very important to creating your reality.


Some places you've lived in created good energies whilst others created bad energies. The truth is - it wasn't the places that created good or bad energies - it was YOUR AURA - that made you feel the way you felt in those places. In fact when you first moved-in you were magnetically enticed to live where you lived - in order to then - begin the next phase of lessons you needed to learn from that "home".


How you feel about wherever you're living is an INEXPLICABLE and INVISIBLE energy - in the same way - you change your mood - defined by New Moons, Full Moons and the specific transits of the Moon in certain star signs can be - both - GOOD for some people and BAD for others.


Likewise, where you live - especially if you really HATE where you live - could in fact be VERY GOOD for someone else. And after reading this chapter "Loving Wherever Your Live" - you will realize that - when you HEAL your own AURA - then wherever you live is actually a fantastic and wonderful place to live - the best place in the world for you!


This is an important fact to "get-right" - because it will prepare you for Chapter 16 - Relationships, Past, Present & Future - when you will understand that when you meet and date someone NEW - they become the most desirable beautiful loveable person in the world to you - and you too become the most desirable person in their life - and yet PRIOR to meeting someone NEW - both of you - seemed to believe that you were the most undesirable and un loveable people in the world. Life changed - You changed - and everything changes - because of something INVISIBLE in your aura.


Why and when you're given feelings is inexplicable - and yet - those invisible feelings - constantly create the reality of your life. Feelings and invisible energies in your aura - do more for your life - than the logical physical reality of your life. This is the reason why - it is important for you to LOVE wherever you live - your ACCEPTANCE and LOVE for all and whatever is in your life - defines a positive shift in your aura - and will then define - what happens next in your life.


The Invisible Energies of "Love" & "Hate"

Attach your aura to wherever you are in real life - interact and feel the invisible energies of the city, street and home you live in...

Feel the energies of "love" or "hate" for wherever you live - it is better to feel "something" than feel "nothing"...


Often, it doesn't make any sense why you are where you are - but you are - and the only way you're going to get your life moving forward is to love wherever you live - love everything in your life. So whatever "it" is that gives you a reason to HATE where you're living - embrace that - love "it" - and then instead of fighting against an invisible energy - you'll be working with it - and then eliminate "it" altogether.


Whatever feelings you get about places - are invisible - you don't know why you love some places and other places feel nothing. But these invisible energies - define - whether you become attached to the places or not ....


Feel the energies of "love" or "hate" for wherever you live - it is better to feel "something" than feel "nothing" - because if you FEEL NOTHING towards the physical place you live in - means you're not present - your physical and higher spiritual self - aren't connected. You're emotionally switched-off - and nothing is going to happen in your life - when you're emotionally switched-off.


As I explain on Chapter 16 Relationships - that Everyone is naturally "turned-on" by a beautiful woman or handsome man - in these introductory 1st - 6 chapters of Book of Love - the foundation of your life is to be "turned-on" by "life" itself - to awaken to the real physical reality of your life - and to LOVE - each area of your life - because it is LOVE that will ensure your life "happens" for you.


You're Attracted & Attached to Wherever You Live

The only way to detach yourself is accepting the lessons of wherever you live - by embracing and loving it .....


In this modern world of "movement" - it is very rare to find people whom are living in the place they were born and whom have never traveled - each place you've lived in has a part of "you" - each place you've slept in - even one night in a hotel - has left it's mark on "you". Just like all your "relationships - past, present and future" - resonate from within you. The places, homes, cities and countries - resonate within your aura - even the places you've been to "on holiday" - contain an energy within your aura.


The proof is when you look at your "holiday" photos or see photo's online of places you've been to - it resonates and unlocks a memory in your mind that sits in your aura. I always compare the intense and concentrated "holiday" energies to great moments of love - like sex - you always remember the burst of energy you received at the beginning of "new" relationships.


So too - memories of "holidays" contain bursts of positive energy - because when you go "on holiday" - you always love it - as your Aura became OPENED - the best part of going "away" on holiday - is having your aura OPENED. That's because you've left behind your stagnant negative aura - and you are someone "new" and "opened" - when you're away from home. [Although we've all seen idiots - on holiday - complaining - it's not the place that has the problem - it's their aura - they're brought their negative aura with them].


"The Grass is Always Greener Somewhere else"


Photos below of "home" where I live in Poland - a country which I believe is one of the most beautiful and best places to live in the world - and yet millions of Polish people have left their country in "search" of a better life - it is an illusion to believe that - "The Grass is Greener Somewhere Else" because the truth is you can have a better life - a happier life - wherever you are living - as soon as - you love the life you have.






Look outside your window - any season - anytime of the year - look outside where you live - what do you feel?

Your view of the world should open and excite your aura - you should view of life should stimulate your aura


Your Home Should Open Your Aura

In your own home - your aura should be completely open and happy - and yet many people are depressingly "closed" at home


This is specifically written - for people - who are either ALONE at home - or people who are in BAD relationships - that are looking to "escape" and get-away from the inexplicable and unbearable negativity - because the "problems" you're experiencing are not the source of the problem nor the solution.

The problems you're experiencing with your "home" is that you are ignoring the importance of your "home" - because you're having a ONE-WAY relationship with your home. [And as I explain in - Chapter 17 - ONE-WAY relationships always end in "death" or ending of the relationship].


The solution is simple - begin to have a TWO-WAY relationship with your home and with life - LOVE life & LOVE where-ever you're living - because when you love life and love where you live - Your Aura becomes OPENED to goodness - as your aura becomes a TWO-WAY flowing aura - instead of being one-way dead-end stagnant aura.


Indeed, that's the purpose of "problems" to make you search for answers on the internet - and hence you're reading this website - and it's truth is resonating with you. This online Book of Love - will explain to you - that all facets of life, like relationships, have a purpose to help you "grow" - if you're feeling unsettled and not loving where you're living - you have a choice - either "run-away" or learn to accept and love life - love where you are living. If you run-away - you might solve the short-term problem - but your aura isn't healed - and therefore - you'll still need to learn the lesson of LOVING LIFE and LOVING wherever you live.


I've seen it - in real life that a "home" which should be "technically" and "potentially" be full of positive energy - energy that excites and enlivens everyone in that "home" - actually drains people and makes people become inherently STUCK, STAGNANT and DEPRESSED - therefore, I will now explain - how to get your home - working positively for you by positively influencing your aura - done by working-together co-creating an invisible energy that will energize you and your home as you become a TWO-WAY energy person.


The Place You Live

Either Influences You or You Influence it

The energies of wherever you're living - are constantly influencing you - but when are YOU influencing your space ?


The truth is everything and everyone in your life - is a TWO-WAY relationship - however - very often in this modern generation - selfish and greedy people irrationally believe that life is a ONE-WAY relationship of taking from the world.


Greed and selfishness always creates negativity - a negativity that sits in a person's aura - because nothing is ever "enough" for a greedy person - "they" always want more and more - and will never actually say THANK YOU for anything. This defines a disturbed negative aura - an aura that is not at peace with itself.


That's why you sense - BAD VIBES coming from some people - because their aura is unsettled, disturbed and negative. Likewise - when you enter someone's home - you can sense the energy. Wherever you walk - whatever building you enter - the aura of the place immediately and is always communicating with your aura - it is an INVISIBLE energy - which is either inviting and welcoming OR it is negative and discomfortably painful. Even if some people feel attracted towards it and feel comfortable in a place - you might feel uncomfortable - that's because the place is communicating with you.


Love Every Single Facet in Your Home

It might seem crazy - eccentric or unusual - but OPEN your eyes - OPEN your AURA and LOVE everything in your home

Walk around - look at everything - and then LOVE it all - even the toilet - then you're having a TWO-WAY relationship with your home.



One of the most wonderful facets of modern homes - Do you LOVE your toilet ?

Do you realize how sad and miserable would your life be - without a toilet - in your home !

When you love the smallest facets of your home - then you will love all facets of your home

When you love your home - then you will love life - and then life will love you too.


Space - Clearing - Simplicity

If there's anything you don't like in your space - clear it away - throw it away

In fact - it's best to have NOTHING than have a mixture of clutter containing EVERYTHING !


One of the most important things that will happen - when you OPEN your eyes - and look around your home is that because you've had a ONE-WAY relationship with it - you've neglected it. Dust - dirt - clutter - garbage - are all signs that you don't love it. Therefore - OPEN the windows - let the fresh air in - then clean - everything. Start by cleaning something small - and as you do - put your thoughts of love into it.


Indeed, you don't have to do it all in one day - you can begin to focus on each room and each area of your home - and as you begin to have a TWO-WAY relationship with it - you will instinctively want to clean it - because you love it as you now respect what it does for you - you'll feel a shift in your home and in your aura - as you become OPEN and in an energizing "TWO-WAY relationship".


In the above introduction - I explained that due to both Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries - everyone has been unsettled - to want change and want movement - simultaneously the astrological energies have BLOCKED people from change until - you learn the lessons of both the places where you're living and that your AURA needs changing.


To create the BIG change in your life - the destined change you know you want - you must first wake-up and look at the smallest and almost invisible things that need changing. By changing your attitude, by changing your aura and by changing your relationship with your home and everything in your life to become a TWO-WAY relationship - that's when "The Gateway to your future" will be opened - until then - your aura will keep it closed - because YOU are keeping it all closed by having ONE-WAY closed relationships with life itself - which is the reason why you're feeling "life" is currently a dead-end of no hope.


Therefore - as you begin to clear the clutter in your home - and as you love everything in your home - you're having a TWO-WAY relationship - then inexplicably as your aura is opened - you'll begin to really love it all and realize how lucky you are wherever you're currently living - proving that the positive energy is always present in your aura and from within you - all you need to do is SWITCH-ON to it - and access it.


When you Love Wherever You Live then

Life will ensure you Love wherever Your Live

When you love wherever you're living - then life will ensure you love wherever you live - life will bring you more reasons to love it. When you love your life - you're actually energizing your own aura to create a much happier life. When you love where you live - then you can begin the journey to stability - the journey to your future.


"Love the street, the town, the city and the country you're living in" & "Love living on planet Earth too" - wherever you're living on Earth - it's your home in this lifetime - and the collective energies of the street, the town, the city and the country you're living in is all part of your aura. And as I explain in Chapter 19 - it is thanks to all the people who live where you're living that make your life - so it's important to LOVE everything and everyone in your life - to have a life of love.


When you look at and focus on the POSITIVE facets of your life - then will have your eyes opened to find many more positive aspects - and when you find them - is when your aura becomes even more OPENED to your future. A future - through - the "The Gateway" of Love.


"It's always better to feel something than feel nothing" - as you will become aware through reading this website - It is indeed the INVISIBLE energies of LOVE and HATE - that define everything in your life and in the forthcoming chapters you'll realize how important it is to FEEL whatever you FEEL.


"Loving" where you live means becoming attached to it - and that means physically walking - feeling the ground beneath your feet - defines that you are living in the present moment and experiencing the energies of the day. Often - many people have stagnant lives - as they're locked indoors - never actually going outside - not even for 5 mins - and hence their higher self - is not even aware of what city and country you're in.


If indeed - you want to get your life moving - then get your physical body moving - go out for a walk - let the World and place you live in - inform your soul - exactly where you are - in real life. Then "life" can make the adjustments it needs to make - if - indeed - you're living in the wrong place. Meanwhile - as you walk - love the place your in - love the world you're living in and this positive change in your aura will make your life become a lot happier.




Your Physical Senses connects "You" to the World

"You are You" - the person you were born to be - but continually you are becoming someone "new". Defined by all your incoming life-energies and life-experiences that are transforming "you" through your 5 physical senses of Eating & Drinking, Seeing, Hearing & Speech, Feeling & Touch, and Your Living Space. Each facet has the potential to ensure you love life by connecting the inner you to the external world - by the invisible connection of LOVE created within "you".


As I explain in these 1st 5 chapters - it is each of your physical senses that connects the external world with your inner thoughts [and with your higher spiritual soul]. And vice-versa - your inner world - your inner self - through the power of YOUR LOVE - connects you to the external world. You can redefine your own life - by the power of your own "love of life" - as you sit at "The Gateway" of your future - defined by your love towards everything and everyone in the external world. Your Love of Life can change everything in your life.


The More you Think - The More you will Love Life

& The More you Love Life - the More "Alive" you will Become

These first 5 chapters of Book of Love - will show you the more you think - the more you will love.

And the more you love - the more excited, enlivened, energized and the happier you will become.

The Foundation of Loving Life are through your senses and real experiences ....



"I love where I live - I love everything in my home - I love the city I live in - I love the country I live in - I love the World"

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם