The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 5 - Love Everything You Feel & Touch

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When You Love something - everytime you feel and touch it - you get positively energized.


Everyone has had the fearful moments - when you grab something with your hands - to ensure your safety - whether it be to hold-onto the railings on side of the ship, walking on a bridge made of planks of wood or even standing on a balcony - the negative FEAR within you makes you GRAB HOLD for something that then makes you feel stable. Nothing has truly changed - except - your sense of touch with your hands - holding onto something - has created a message in your aura of stability - and that you are safe.




Everything in your life and everything you do is defined by either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE need. Whilst most of your life - you've done things out of instinct - now that you're becoming awakened and understanding the importance of INVISIBLE energies - you should realize that instead of holding onto the sides of a bridge from fear and panic - you should hold onto the sides of the bridge with - LOVE and APPRECIATION - for it is the sides and railings that have saved 1000's of lives. Without the protection - it would be hazardously dangerous to cross the river.


Similarly - with your physical body - do you notice all the parts of your body and appreciate the constant miracle of your existence - when everything is going smoothly - OR - do you only wake-up when something aches, pains and hurts? Being "awakened" means thinking of all the positive facets of life - before they become negative - before they ache and pain.


We've all had headaches, aches and pains - and the pain whilst it is present - makes each of us - think of nothing else - you can't even concentrate on other things whilst you have pain - and yet when the pain vanishes - you immediately forget that part of your body exists.


The book I refer to - חובת הלבבות Chovos Halevovos "Kitab al-Hidaya ila Fara'id al-Qulub", Book of Direction to the Duties of the Heart , a book written in Arabic by Jewish Philosopher in 1040 in Spain - has a whole length chapter - and appreciating every facet of your physical body - meditating on the MIRACLE of every part of your body - and LOVING the fact that it works perfectly and you're healthy.


Even if other parts of "you" aren't healthy - at least - all the other part of "you" are healthy - that too is a miracle - because in the mechanical world - if one part is broken - usually the whole machine malfunctions or completely dies. Imagine if everytime you had an ache or pain - you died !?


Immediately you have a pain in any part of your body - human instinct - always makes you TOUCH it with your hands. The higher instinct is communicating to your body with your hands - and it is saying - SORRY for neglecting you - SORRY for hurting you - PLEASE get better - I notice your importance. I've used these words - because in Chapter 15 - Feeling unLoved - I explain that - in the same way - you neglect real facets of "you" - that's the same way you neglect "relationships" in your life - and hence that's why you feel unloved and blocked.


Therefore as a foundation to "LIFE of LOVE" - this chapter reveals the importance and need to TOUCH and FEEL everything you have in your life - with a constant LOVE and APPRECIATION - and not when it's aching, paining or not-working - but from an awakened perspective that it's working well for you and doing you a lot of good in your life - and without it - you would be either dead, sad or miserable.


When people complain about one thing they complain about everything

When people truly appreciate one thing they appreciate everything

When your aura is loving, appreciative and happy - you're happy about everything

but if your aura is complaining, unappreciative and sad - you're negative about everything.


This website is determined to show you - that irrespective of whatever "astrology" and psychics predict for you - and whatever you pessimistically believe is your miserable future - that when you change your aura and when you change your mood - "EVERYTHING CHANGES".


These 1st 5 chapters - explain that - you can redefine your own aura - any moment of the day - and it takes ONE SECOND. In Chapter 14 - Feeling Loved, Happy & Alive - I explain that when you honestly LOVE one facet of your life - you LOVE all facets of your life. A man - that is truly "in love" - when he loves one woman - he actually loves all women ; and a woman when she loves one man - she actually loves all men. In fact, understanding this - a step further - when you LOVE one person - you LOVE all people.


Likewise in all areas of your life - when you LOVE one facet of your life - you actually LOVE LIFE - your aura changes to become LOVING. But when you complain about even one facet of your life - your aura shifts to become negative and you then become "open" to negative energies - that makes you complain about all areas of your life.


The constant oscillations - created by the Moon - as it puts you in a good or bad mood - is part of the karma of life with a purpose to ensure that you keep on refining your character and keep on growing. So that you realize what puts you in a bad mood - and what you need to do to eliminate all the negative unstable facets of your aura.


Find and Touch Something You Love - Now !

You know the truth as you feel it within you - you either feel excited by life or you feel down-in-the-dumps - but don't despair - because you can change it NOW - RIGHT NOW - by touching something you love. Love is an invisible energy - and yet it is real and can change your life in one second - because when you feel it - it makes you feel ALIVE and EXCITED from within - so what is "it" that you can touch right now - that makes you feel a love for "it"? What energizes you from within.


Start with the computer desk you're working from? Or the chair your sitting on? Or the iPad / Laptop /PC your reading this website on? Even the clothes you're wearing? Feel "it" - touch "it" with your hands and fingers. Do you feel the smoothness and invisible energy you're receiving from "it" - the craftsmanship and design that went into creating it - do you feel "it"?

Everything in this world has an energy - even a rock and stone - but do you feel it's energy? Think - become awakened and feel it's real energy. When you feel it's energy - you will become happy you have "it" in your life - loving the fact - that you've got "it" and it's helping make your life a happier life to live. In the interaction of this physical world - you can only truly love something when you are touching it and physically connected to it.


Find "it" now - find the item in your possession - in your aura - at this present moment - that when you touch it - you feel it's energy. You don't need to look far - it's something that's in your aura - NOW - because if it wasn't you'd either be DEAD or feel DEAD. If you honestly believe you can't find anything now - to touch that you love - then the problem is with you - your positive emotions are SWITCHED OFF - and that's why nothing good is happening in your life.


As soon as you FIND ONE THING to touch that you feel an energy of LOVE towards it and from your connection with it - is when you will begin to find MORE things to love. It starts with ONE and as soon as you've been ignited with a flame of love from within you - it will grow. It might excite you that you start to jump up-and-down and dance - that you've found "it" - but EVERYONE - at any time and at any moment of the day - has the power from WITHIN to get excited by the invisible energy of LOVE. All you need to do is THINK.


From experience with many readers - some of you will find - that it is the most least likely item you have - that truly EXCITES you. So try it now - touch everything with your hands and fingers - that you have in your space and in your aura - find what OPENS you and EXCITES you.

There's no need to be "spiritual" about it either - be honest - be real - because the real physical world is begging you to be connected to it - in order to awaken you. If you love your automobile - go and sit in it - and feel the love you have towards it. If you love money - hold a $1 bill or £1 or €1 in your hand - and feel the love you have for it - use anything that awakens you from within!


Is Your Aura Switched-on - Warm & Loveable?

The truth is only when you're energized from within - by the invisible energy of LOVE towards anything or anyone in your life - that's when you're actually awake - the more you're energized from within the more awakened you're becoming. As an awakened adult - when the light from within you is switched-on - then it's impossible to switch it off. That light is - the light of Love.


All children learn this at a young age to love things from within - a love of food - a love of toys - a love of things they want - and it ensures they instinctively become optimistic about the future - look-forward to the future - and GROW. Somewhere - between childhood and adulthood - we forget this basic fact - and stop growing.


When you begin this awakened journey - as a mature adult - when you become awakened to realize that life is all about the invisible energies of love - then you'll begin a new phase of growth in your life - a gateway phase - defined by "The Tree of Life" which will ensure your soul finds exactly what you're looking for.


Automatically when you're awakened and excited by "life" - your aura is switched-on - and that's when you the invisible energies of love can work on creating changes in your life - the changes you're searching for. So get "switched-on" - use the power in your senses and touch - to love everything in your aura.




Swimming in the Natural Lakes in Heviz in Summer has been one of the most energizing moments of my life

And yet WATER - FIRE - AIR - EARTH are available every moment of everyday ... why don't we appreciate life?



Your Physical Body has sensitive nerves that Connects your physical world with your inner world


There are "214 Nerves in the wikiList of Nerves in your Physical Body". How many of them do you feel ? Most people only feel something - when it is negative pain - but the human body - potentially - can generate positive energy via the nervous system and yet rarely people do.


All Life on Earth consists of 4 elements - WATER - FIRE - AIR - EARTH. Each is FREE and available to EVERYONE on Earth. Proving that everyone is connected to an invisible world of positive energies - and everyone has the potential to become enlightened and positively energized - all you need to do is be awakened, think AND feel the positive energy from within you. Let me explain:-


[1] WATER - one of the most positive things you can do is have a shower, take a bath or swim in lake - as your whole physical body is immersed in WATER - the most natural of Earth's energies - you can actually feel the connection of invisible energy - between the physical world and to your inner world - the energy your soul wants to feel in this real life.


[2] FIRE - the other most positive thing you can do is sit in the Sunshine - feel the warmth of the Sun's rays on your face and body - the sunshine is truly an invisible energy - and makes "almost" everyone feel positively good.


[3] AIR - The next most positive thing you can do is stand outside on a windy day - and let the fresh windy air stimulate your senses - even opening the window - and letting the wind come in - the invisible energy of wind and fresh air is invisible energy.


[4] EARTH - connecting with nature - "grounding" yourself - means touching mother earth - sit on the floor - sit on the ground - sit outside - especially whenever you need "grounding" - the Earth energies communicate energy to you - and as I will explain on "Where you live & Your Living Space" - if you're in the wrong place or feel you're in the wrong place - then only when you connect your physical reality with exactly where you are - you will be able to feel the instability and then be able to change your circumstances.


You couldn't have survived until now without WATER - FIRE - AIR - EARTH - and yet - how much of the time - do you truly love - I mean really love and get excited for - each of the elements of WATER - FIRE - AIR - EARTH - the fact that each creates STABILITY in your life - without which you'd be dead. That's because human nature is to ignore things you have - and worry about things you don't have.


On a freezing cold cloudy rainy day - you might wish for a warm sunny day - but on a Sunny day - do you appreciate and love it? And on a hot summers day you might wish for a cold day - but on a cooler day - do you appreciate and love it ? People who always want something other than what they currently have - are restless and unstable. The 1st lesson was to "Slow down & Enjoy Life" - appreciate and love whatever it is TODAY - live in the moment - with LOVE for the moment.


You can control Everything You Feel & Touch

Of all the senses you have - this is the only one - that you can truly control - whatever you feel and touch

When you feel and touch anything - do you really feel the connection to whatever you're touching?


"Feel & Touch" includes everything you wear | "Feel & Touch" includes walking and going "outside"

"Feel & Touch" includes everyone you meet | "Feel & Touch" includes every real item in your life

"Feel & Touch" indicates to your soul exactly where you are and what you're doing with your life


The 5 categories of things you can touch - each of which has it's own warmth - you can connect with - you might feel "nothing" - but that's something you'll realize - as you become awakened - the more you feel "something" the more your aura is enlightening and growing.


[1] Natural objects in the world - stones, mountains, all water from rain, tap, bottle, rivers, seas and oceans,

[2] Manufactured objects - that have changed their original form to become something else - furniture and all your clothes

[3] Vegetation - fruit and vegetables, plants and trees that grow - seeds that grow - and have a cycle of "life and death"

[4] Animals - that have life energy to move and procreate on their own - and have "life and death" cycle

[5] Humans - everyone you see and meet - everyone you talk to and connect with - everyone who creates an invisible energy


The Strongest Physical Power of Love is

When you Touch Someone You Love

Well the truth is - the strongest love in this physical world is - when you have sex with someone you love - however - whenever you touch someone you love - when you feel the warmth between both of you - it is an INVISIBLE warmth that energizes you. In fact everyone and everything you touch has the same potential warmth as highest form of physical love in a loving sexual relationship - because the source is the same - it is - "The Gateway" to all invisible energies of Love - that creates events, creates life and creates destiny.


And yet - when you see anyone - especially people you have no destiny with or people you have nothing to do with - you don't feel any warmth do you? That's because in this physical world - "love" has levels.


It begins with touch - touching anything - and when you touch it - let yourself feel the love, the excitement and aliveness created by the positive invisible energies - because it is those invisible energies which are exactly what's going to get your life moving forward and changing for the better. Open your mind to think and let yourself feel the love as you touch things.


When You Love Everything You Feel & Touch

Everything you feel and touch connects the external real world with an inner "You" - "technically" if you're alive - you should truly LOVE everything you feel and touch - as your body is accepting something into your aura with love and peace - which in turn creates stability in your life. Thereby your aura becomes loving, positively energized and peaceful.


Whenever you touch anything that isn't right for you - you immediately hate and dislike it - because it disturbs your aura and destabilizes you - so if you don't love it - don't touch it. Touching anything communicates an invisible energy to "you" - have you ever sat down and felt something's not right? Have you ever sat down at your desk - and felt - that someone else has been sitting on your chair? Because you "stamp" your energy on everything that's yours - when someone comes along - and attempts to impress their energy - you can feel the shift. Either a positive or negative shift - that's because the invisible energies are communicating with your sense of "touch".


The Sense of "Touch" Communicates to You

In this physical world - it is the invisible feelings you get - through your senses that "talks" to you - when you touch anything - you get a feeling - and until you actually touch something - the TRUTH will elude you. You might have a useless delusional one-way relationship - UNTIL - you actually feel the warmth and invisible transference of energies when you "touch" it in real life.


The moment of "touch" is when you define "it" is going to be part of your life OR you detach from "it" because you feel nothing as it has no relevance to your life. Thereafter, once the connection is made - the more you love something - the more you want to become attached to it - and the more you want it to become part of "you". The more you love something - the more you want to hold it in your hands, feel and touch it. It's energy is communicating with "You" and creating your aura.


What "Things" define "You"

What are "you" most attached to ?

Everyone has things that without them - you're lost ; what must you have on your office desk ?

What must you have when you go out ? What must you have every moment of the day ?

An invisible bond is created that sits in your aura - that defines stability in your life.

But ask yourself - do you really honestly LOVE - everything in your must-have life?



No surprises what things sit on my desk - but it's not just the items that resonates in my aura

It is the people who gave them to me - and where I got each of them that resonates a stability


Feeling and Touching

Physical Connections that you make in real life ensure "you" are "you" - you synchronize your outer world with what your inner world wants and expects to feel. Every time you touch anything in your life - ask yourself - do you honestly feel a connection? Is there anything "there" or is it meaningless.

Thankfully there will always be things and people that when you touch them - you feel excited and alive - and instinctively you probably compare every energy of everything you touch and feel - to the energy that makes you feel good.


Even the clothes you wear - if the fabric feels good - if you feel good then you'll wear them regularly - whereas if you simply feel nothing - no energy at all - those clothes will be totally meaningless to you - and you'll never wear them. As you will become aware through reading this website - it is indeed the INVISIBLE energies of LOVE and HATE - that define everything in your life - and in the forthcoming chapters you'll realize how important it is to FEEL whatever you FEEL.


Your Physical Senses connects "You" to the World

"You are You" - the person you were born to be - but continually you are becoming someone "new". Defined by all your incoming life-energies and life-experiences that are transforming "you" through your 5 physical senses of Eating & Drinking, Seeing, Hearing & Speech, Feeling & Touch, and Your Living Space. Each facet has the potential to ensure you love life by connecting the inner you to the external world - by the invisible connection of LOVE created within "you".


As I explain in these 1st 5 chapters - it is each of your physical senses that connects the external world with your inner thoughts [and with your higher spiritual soul]. And vice-versa - your inner world - your inner self - through the power of YOUR LOVE - connects you to the external world. You can redefine your own life - by the power of your own "love of life" - as you sit at "The Gateway" of your future - defined by your love towards everything and everyone in the external world. Your Love of Life can change everything in your life.


The More you Think - The More you will Love Life

& The More you Love Life - the More "Alive" you will Become

These first 5 chapters of Book of Love - will show you the more you think - the more you will love.

And the more you love - the more excited, enlivened, energized and the happier you will become.

The Foundation of Loving Life are through your senses and real experiences ....




This Chapter is interlinked to "The Wisdom of Palmistry" - might I suggest you read that section too

which will explain how precious your hands are - hands that create or destroy - hands that define "you"



The Preciousness of Your Own Hands

When You Realize that Your Hands Are More Precious than Diamonds is When You will Respect Palmistry

You have diamonds in the palms of your hands - and you don't even realize it !



The Importance of Your Own Hands

Protect Your Hands More than Diamonds !

If you knew how powerful your hands are - you'd respect your own hands much more than you do !


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם