The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 3 - Love Everything You See

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In this chapter - you will realize how easy it is to LOVE everything you see. Simultaneously you'll realize the truth that whilst you see everything you see - you're actually "switched-off" most of the time - because if you're switched-on then - EVERYTHING you see - should make you EXCITED - literally EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you see - should create emotional energies within you - either emotions of LOVE or HATE. There should be NOTHING you see - that does NOTHING for you. If you're reading this - and honestly feel NOTHING as you look around you - then you need "turning-on".


Turning Your Eyes "on" - will Turn You "on"

What is "it" that your eyes are attracted to - that wakes you up - that stimulates your mind - makes you positively energized - and makes you come "alive" is what you need - whatever "it" is - is in your life - because it turns-you-on - as it stimulates your emotions of - LOVE or HATE.


Most people in the world - are walking around and existing in a state of walking-dead most people aren't truly excited by the gift of life - nor are they loving their journey of life on Earth. When you look into people's eyes - haven't you noticed how "dead" they look. The only time most people look alive - is when they're either in love or when they've done something naughty.


To accomplish anything truly good in the world - you need to be "alive" - and therefore - as you'll see with each of the 1st 5 chapters of this "Book of Love" which defines your aura - you need to be turned-on - alive and in love with life - to accomplish anything good. Whatever it is you want in your life - you see with your eyes - your eyes - communicate with your mind and thoughts - to define whether or not - "you" want "it" or not - and then "it" will excite and enliven you - because you LOVE it so much - you want it.


Finding things to love is easy - you don't need to search for anything - all you need to do is open your eyes and decide YES or NO - LOVE or HATE - towards everything you see. If you feel NOTHING - then find something that you really LOVE - and let "it" awaken you. Until you're awakened - EYES WIDE OPEN - LOVING whatever you see with an excitement that energizes you from within - it's useless trying to do anything - you might as well go back-to-bed!



The Blue Sky above wherever you are in the World

Wherever you are in the world - everyone gets to see the sky - even if you're having a difficult day or feel awful - take a few minutes and look at the sky. The Book of Daniel describes the "last" generation scuttling around like rats - busy going to and fro but doing nothing meaningful with their lives - and like rats - never looking up at the sky above - always looking down at the earth.


Most people never look UP at the sky above. When was the last time you stared at the sky above? I'll tell you a secret - whenever - I'm looking for the right words to type or the right words to say to readers - I always look out the window at the sky above - and then it comes to me. I took the above picture and that same picture could be ANYWHERE in the world. The World is talking to all of us - with messages that are attempting to awaken everyone. The message is the same - WAKE-UP - WAKE-UP !


Close Your eyes for just 10 seconds

There's something - you will sense - immediately you open your eyes again ....

If you close your eyes - keep them closed for 10 seconds - and then open them - either whilst they are closed or when you open them - you will feel refreshed. That's because like a TV channel - that you switch off one channel to another channel - your mind receives a message to disconnect for 10 seconds - and when you open - you can refresh the energy.


Don't you see it in real life? When people are annoyed or disgusted with you - or simply don't want nothing to do with you - they close their eyes. Or when someone needs to think without being distracted - they cover their eyes. Your eyes are the windows of your soul - are you aware that everything you see - is memorized somewhere in your mind and soul.


Your Eyes are the Windows of Your Soul

The only way your soul knows that you are experiencing your destined events is through your eyes

The only way you know - you're in the right place is by all the images you see through your eyes

When places, facets and images you see - resonate with your soul - you become IN SYNC with yourself


Your eyes bring-in the energy to Your Soul

It's all "one-way" - everything you see - is registered on your mind - as an incoming energy.

Everything you see - either creates a POSITIVE energy or a NEGATIVE energy within your aura.

There is NOTHING you see - that does NOTHING ; Everything you see does something to you.


Even if you think - whatever you see does nothing - everything and everyone you see with your eyes - emits an energy that makes an impression on your mind and thoughts. When you see something your soul LOVES - it will positively energize you; when you see something your soul HATES - it will drain you.

Your "eyes" take the pictures that forms your life story - and your mind processes the images - categorizing them - most of which won't be remembered unless they are naturally strong moments in your life OR until you wake-up and begin to love everything and everyone you see.


What you see creates stability or instability

It's your freewill choice .... there's no inbetween - what you see - either - creates peace and stability in your mind - because it is "in sync" with your mind, your destiny and your "Higher" self - OR - it creates instability, discomfort, disturbance because it is throwing you out of sync with the true pathway for yourself.

There will be times - when you won't even realize it - but if you practice - closing your eyes for 10 seconds - whenever you feel uncomfortable - then you'll realize - it was because of something / someone you saw - that destabilized you. Control of your eyes - controls your own peace of mind and destiny. Hence that's why many people instinctively avoid eye-contact - to ensure they don't pick-up negative energies - and when you want to connect with someone - you always make eye-contact to sense the fullness of their aura.



Look at something / someone You Love

The only way to wake-up your soul is by looking at - staring at - something & someone you love

Whatever and whoever you see and love you're having a relationship with...

Love attaches you to whatever it is - you're seeing ... Loving everything you see - awakens your soul


Whatever you're looking at - are you the person - that always looks at the UGLY things or are the person who always looks at the BEAUTIFUL things. When you look outside your window - is your attention drawn to something GOOD or something BAD. In everything you see - there's always GOOD and always BAD - it is your job - from now onwards - to find the GOOD - FOCUS on the GOOD - and ignore the BAD - as if it doesn't exist.


Then LOVE "it" - love whatever you're seeing - feel an energy being sent into your eyes and coming into your aura - that POSITIVE energy is being given to you - so receive it with thanks, gratitude and love - everything you're seeing - is a GIFT of ENERGY for you - and like the sunlight - there's infinite amount of energy - continually being generated - every moment of everyday.


I Love Everything I see - I Love Everything I see

Love Everything You See

If you don't love it - don't look at it


Love attaches you to whatever it is you're seeing - so be careful what you look at. With so many things you see - it's so easy to constantly find things you can love. When you open your eyes to see the goodness, beauty and good in everything and everyone you see - is when you become partially awakened - the next step to become fully awakened - is to LOVE everything you see.


Most people only become awakened - when they're totally in love with someone - especially at the beginning of a relationship - and the full attention of the person you see - excites you - when your eyes are wide-open - and fully living in the present moment of pure love. In the intimate sexual relationship - you become wide-awake - because you don't want to miss a moment of the excitement. The same should be everyday of your life - wide-awake - full of excitement - because you don't want to miss a moment of life.


I explain on "Moon Astrology" - that the daily emotions created in your aura - is to create change - in order to awaken and excite you with something new everyday - if you don't feel it and if you haven't become awakened - because - today appears to be the same as yesterday and every other day - then you are "technically" still asleep. The only way to wake-up is to open your eyes and LOVE what you see. Make whatever you see - excite you - as if it's the first time you're seeing it.


When you "love" what you see - You're connected

When you "love" what you see - You become lucky

Love attaches you to whatever it is - you're seeing ... Love attaches your physical reality to your higher self


Unless you're emotionally "turned-on" by everything you see - you're not awake. Depending on your nature each lunar month - the Moon will either use positive or use negative energies s to awaken you - the purpose of which is to AWAKEN you. Sooner or later - you will become awakened - during each year - there's always at least 4 New Moon's and 4 Full Moon's - that touch everyone - to awaken your positive and negative emotions.


The purpose of everything you see is to "turn-you-on" - as your eyes connects you to your higher self - by connecting your physical real world to your higher self - the higher "you" which has the destined map of your life. If you're not living or doing what you should be doing and if your life is stagnant and isn't moving - then technically you're in "switched-off" mode. You need to be "turned-on" - and the best way - is by being excited through "love" of whatever you see.


Venus - planet of love - is the planet of money and good luck too - indicating that both are linked together. When you LOVE LIFE - when you live in the real present moment - turned-on by everything and everyone you see - that's when destiny can create the success you're destined to have. Your higher self - wants it for you - your destiny wants it for you - but if you're asleep and "switched-off" - how on earth do you expect to get "it". Therefore - it's a priority you need to be "turned-on" by a love of life - a love of everything you see in your life.


What's in the Window of Your Soul

What images are embedded on your mind and soul ?

What images do you have in your head - that when you close your eyes - you see so strongly ?

What images are so strong in your mind - that they excite you and "turn-you-on" ?







View of Budapest - River Danube from Citadel Hill ................................... St Peter's Vatican Rome .........................


Whenever You're Dizzy and Confused

Close Your Eyes for Just 10 Seconds

There's something - you will sense - immediately you close and open your eyes - a sense of peace and stability

Close you eyes for "longer" - and ask yourself "where are you?" & "what are you doing with your life?"


It is both what you see and what you hear - that creates stability in your mind and thoughts. If you're not seeing things that your mind wants to see - and if you're not hearing things that you need to hear - then you need to SWITCH OFF. Closing your eyes - for even just 10 seconds - will help - as it sends your mind a message - that something needs to be "reset" - something is "wrong" - and something needs to be "changed".


In the same way - looking outside your window up at the blue sky and white clouds refreshes your eyes - when you close your eyes you get to find "peace" from within. For readers, who are confused and dizzy about life - I suggest - you close your eyes - and then search for images in your head - that positively energize you. Like when you search for all your old photos on your computer - search your mind - to find memories that energize you. The happiest moments of your life - still exist as energies - in your aura - deep in your mind - all you need to do is access them - to become re-energized again - to become reconnected with your "Higher Self". [This I explain on Chapter 16 in depth]


Nature - The Most Beautiful Sights in the World

Looking at nature - creates stability in your mind and in your aura - that's why everyone naturally loves walking by "water"



One-Way Energy - Incoming Energy into You...

On this chapter - I explain that everything you see is ONE-WAY - and until you realize the power of your emotions - all of your life - is a ONE-WAY relationship. Awakening yourself and getting through "The Gateway of Life" - means learning to make everything and everyone in your life a TWO-WAY relationship.


For example, when you smile at someone and they smile back - you have changed the image of what could have been, and your world becomes a nicer world - a redefined "alternative" version of the world defined by full of smiles, love and warmth. When you smile at someone - and they don't react - they are simply "switched-off" to you - and probably "switched-off" to everyone else too. Don't let "them" change the person you are - keep smiling and being nice to people - and sooner or later - others will respond to your aura.


All natural leaders, politicians, stars, famous personalities and charismatic people - and especially people who want something from you - who want a two-way relationship with you - know how to smile and charm you - for a loving aura continually emits warmth to the world - a loving person is constantly awakened and having a two-way relationship with the world.


Whilst you might think people either have the gift or don't - the truth is everyone has it - everyone - even you - any time of any day - can love the world - and that's when you will become awakened. That's a defining moment - when you love everyone and everything you see - and that's when you'll get your life moving forward.


Love Everything You See

Everything you see becomes part of your inner mind and communicates it's energies within your soul - when you truly LOVE everything you see - your body and mind is accepting something good into your aura - with love and peace - and thereby your aura becomes loving, positively energized and peaceful. If you ever see anything you hate - or dislike - it will disturb your aura - and destabilize your mind.


Therefore, control your eyes in whatever you see - only look at things and people - you love - constantly keep you eyes open and focus your thoughts on everything you see. Open your eyes wide - and look at the world - with a new positively energized emotional attitude - Love everything you see.


Begin a Loving Relationship with Real Life

Begin now - have a loving relationship with everything in your life. Your iPhone - your desk - your computer ...


In a world of opposites and in a world of negative attitudes - often people only love something when they're lost it. They never really love it when they have it. So before "destiny" awakens you by making you loose something - become awakened whilst you have it. Focus now - on something you have - and LOVE it.


You'll soon sense, feel and realize - there's an invisible energy that is created everytime you say "I love it - I love it" - that will awaken you to an invisible world of love. A world that runs concurrently to the "real" world you live in - except - the invisible world of love is much more alive and powerful.


Whilst - we all realize - we have a relationship with the "internet" - the best relationships you can have are with REAL life - in the chapters "Feeling & Touch", and "Your Living Space". you will realize that the only way - your higher self - knows where you are - is by your connection with exactly where you are in REAL life. Not on the "internet" - but REAL life.


Whilst the internet can reveal - where your thoughts are - where you're attracted to most - it's most imperative that your eyes inform your physical body - exactly where you are in REAL life. Especially if you want to change facets of your life - your "higher" self needs to realize the truth - that you are - where you truly are. [This I explain on Chapter 10 in depth]


Your Physical Senses connects "You" to the World

"You are You" - the person you were born to be - but continually you are becoming someone "new". Defined by all your incoming life-energies and life-experiences that are transforming "you" through your 5 physical senses of Eating & Drinking, Seeing, Hearing & Speech, Feeling & Touch, and Your Living Space. Each facet has the potential to ensure you love life by connecting the inner you to the external world - by the invisible connection of LOVE created within "you".


As I explain in these 1st 5 chapters - it is each of your physical senses that connects the external world with your inner thoughts [and with your higher spiritual soul]. And vice-versa - your inner world - your inner self - through the power of YOUR LOVE - connects you to the external world. You can redefine your own life - by the power of your own "love of life" - as you sit at "The Gateway" of your future - defined by your love towards everything and everyone in the external world. Your Love of Life can change everything in your life.


The More you Think - The More you will Love Life

& The More you Love Life - the More "Alive" you will Become

These first 5 chapters of Book of Love - will show you the more you think - the more you will love.

And the more you love - the more excited, enlivened, energized and the happier you will become.

The Foundation of Loving Life are through your senses and real experiences ....



"I love everything I see - I love looking at everything and everyone - I love looking at all the different colors - I love everything I see"

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם