The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 2 - Love Everything You Eat & Drink

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In this chapter and the next 4 chapters - you will begin to realize that finding things to love is easy - you don't need to search for anything - all you need to do is open your eyes and understand the potential powerful energy of love is within everything you have in your life and has the potential to "turn-you-on".

Thereafter - it is your duty to yourself - to allow yourself to become even more excited by all the facets of life - so that you can truly elevate yourself to understand "The Invisible World of Love" that defines everything in your life - that defines why you live - why you want to live and why you look forward to the future.

Let's begin with - eating and drinking - which everyone in the world does everyday. But how much of the time - do you think "I LOVE FOOD" - whatever it is you're eating and drinking? Most of you will have moments of "love" for food whilst you're shopping - but how many moments of "love" do you have prior to eating - the moment just prior to taking something you "love" into your physical body - to become part of you - is an important moment.



"I love food - I love food - I really love food"

Let's be honest - all Food & Drink Looks Delicious

Mouth-watering and delicious - it's impossible not to find food "exciting". All Human and animal instincts define that every living entity in the world loves food - but as thinking intelligent humans - we're supposed to be wiser than animals - and use the emotions we feel towards food - for an even more "higher" purpose - that purpose is to LOVE whatever we eat and drink - to create a connection to between our physical body and higher soul.


Your attitude towards FOOD - actually defines your attitude towards everything in your life. If you love food - even if you're not the one eating - defines you truly appreciate the gift of life - as your outlook on life is a collective look at the whole world - seeing the miracle of life for everyone on Earth; whereas if you're the type that only loves food when you're the one eating and even then you don't love the food - just gobble it down - like a hungry animal - then you're living in your own selfish world - and missing the point of food, eating and drinking.


Or are you the type of person that only thinks of food when you're hungry - do you love food most when you've not eaten? As with everything - it is a nature - for some people only to love eating and drinking - when they're desperately hungry and thirsty - thereafter they don't love or think of the food anymore - those people - only want to satisfy their own hunger pains.


Then such a nature is reflected and mirrored in all aspects of life - loving something only when you need it - and not all the time - isn't true love. True love is when you love something - whether or not - you need it or want it for yourself. That's highest form of LOVE which I explain on Chapter 20 - meanwhile in these first few chapters - the lessons are to learn to LOVE - LOVING real things in your life in the present moment of time.


Eating & Drinking without Love ...

Every time you eat and drink - without loving what you eat and drink - is like being married to someone you don't love ...


All Food & Drink becomes part of "You"

It's quite simple - to understand - and yet most people rarely even think of it. All food and drink you take into your body - becomes part of you. If it's DISGUSTING or tastes BAD - you immediately spew it out - refusing to let it enter your body. But that instinct is dealing with negative facet - what about creating the POSITIVE facet about the food you eat. Everything you eat is going to be inside you - but how much positive energy are you absorbing with it ?


Everything you take into your mouth - touches all your taste buds on your tongue and in your life - and as you swallow - begins the journey to become part of you - and begins it's process to form a new you. As soon as you swallow it - your taste and love for it begins to vanish - so the only time you can truly LOVE whatever you're about to eat and drink - is from the moment you buy it in the shop / supermarket and until you swallow it.


Let me - give a comparison that I hope will stick in your mind everytime you eat something in the next few days - you wouldn't have sex with someone you don't love - so why do you eat something without loving it ? Yes - I know there's a difference - but when you use your mind to THINK about everything you eat and drink - and when you begin to LOVE everything you drink - you're actually becoming more real and more alive - because the food you take into your body - is now energized with a positive energy.


Only eat and drink what you love to eat and drink

If you don't love what you eat - why do you eat it?

The truth to finding "love" of life - only eat and drink what you love to eat and drink!

Be innately sensible - as loving life means - looking after yourself - foods and drinks that are good for your health


As you're reading this and as I'm trying to ensure you move-up "The Tree of Life" can I suggest that for the next few days - you only eat and drink only things you love - and before you eat and drink anything - think wisely - how much you LOVE the food you're eating and drinking.


If you've not found true love in your life or if you life feels out-of-sync and nothing seems to be happening - then probably one of the fundamental aspects of "love" is missing in your life. Depending on your nature, your level of spiritual awareness and your astrological star sign - all aspects of your life are merely a reflection of one of these 5 fundamental aspects - defined by your 5 senses.


Hence, when you fix - even one of these aspects - when you begin to LOVE these basic facets of your life - you'll see solutions being found to all aspects of your life. Astrologically - all children - LOVE these basic facets of life - and hence grow. So ask yourself - when did you STOP loving to eat food ? How long has it been since you ENJOYED FOOD and LOVED EATING ? That's probably how long it's been since you loved life and life moved forward for you !



Eating a meal is more than a meal - it's everything that comes with it - the salt, pepper, spices & sauces


Here are few things to think about .....

When was the last meal you really loved?

When was it ? The last meal you really loved ? Dinner with friends ? Party ? Restaurant ? A Romantic Date ?


What's your favorite food you love to eat?

What is "it" that makes your mouth water ? What makes you excited at the thought of "it"?


What's your favorite drink you love to drink?

What drink is "it" - you couldn't live without ? Coffee , Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Orange Juice or Tea ?


The Importance of "Love" in the Food you Eat

It is logic that everything you eat becomes part of you - when you eat something BAD for you - it makes you feel BAD - it changes you - and when you eat something GOOD for you - it makes you feel GOOD - but there's an invisible energy associated with food - and that's defined by "love" - the love you have for the food you're eating and all the collective energies that's gone-into making the meal you're eating.


Let me explain by way of opposites - a negative example - if you go to a restaurant, cafe or diner - where the atmosphere is bad - everyone angry at each other - the waitresses arguing with the boss and then you hear swearing from the "kitchen" - you'd think again - about eating anything from there - because you would instinctively "suspect" the chef hates his job so much - that he would serve anything - even food that could harm you.


Now think of it positively - when you eat at a diner or restaurant - where the atmosphere is hospitable, friendly and warm - and the chef comes out to ask you how you loved the meal - you would know it's been cooked well - and would want to eat there again. The energy of "love" is invisible and yet it's very real - it creates a feeling from within you - that you know is important. The energy of "love" that goes into everything you eat - defines how you eat it, how you enjoy it and how energized you become after eating it - as it becomes part of creating a new you.


"Love The Food Your Eating"

The biggest ingredient of "Love" comes from you - the moment before you eat the food and as you taste the food in your mouth - is when your love energizes whatever you're eating. Your collective experiences tells you what you like eating - that's why it's become a habit - all you need to do now - is STOP and THINK - how much you LOVE the food you're eating.


From the 1st coffee you have in the morning, to the morning breakfast, sandwich or croissant, to the snacks, sweets, apple or soup you have in the day and then to the main meal you eat - every ingredient - even the salt and pepper - think - how much you LOVE the taste, the appearance and the colors of all the food you eat. Imagine describing to a blind person - who has no sense of taste - what you LOVE about the food you're eating.


Who Creates All The Food ....

Scientists and theological can debate for eternity this question - and their conclusion is irrelevant to the fact that - all FOOD is a MIRACLE - everything you eat and drink - is amazing - the way it is produced, grown, created, cooked and baked. When you comprehend that all food is in fact is - "something" created from "nothing" - it will be the realization that there's nothing new that has been created on planet Earth - and yet constantly something new appears from nothing - isn't that a miracle?


All the food that you eat is recycled Earthly energies that's feeding 7 billion people on planet Earth - energized and grown - thanks to the Sunlight - the Sun is the source of constant energy on Earth - without the Sun we'd all be dead. Hence, conclusively - you could say - the Sun creates all the food on Earth - and then you might ask - "who" creates the energy from the Sun - "who" created the Sun?


Meditate on an Apple or a peanut

The energy and love you can generate thinking of an apple or peanut is more than you can get from reading any book!

Which is the Bigger Miracle - Apple or salted Peanuts? An interesting question .... with a meaningful answer .....




All food is created from seeds - from nothing something is created and grown. Until it becomes "ready" for you to eat - do you think for one moment - how much time it has taken to grow what you eat? Do yourself a favor and take time to think about everything you eat - where it comes from and how it is grown - then you'll realize - the collective miracle to give you the food you eat - and quite amazing.


Think of all the people who have been involved in bringing you the food you eat - even the checkout sales people at the supermarket - everyone is working to ensure - you eat the food you eat. That's the facts and 7 billion people eat food everyday - how many of them are THINKING - that FOOD is a MIRACLE. How many people are thinking with gratitude, appreciation AND love for everyone who has ensured they eat? Be different to others - LOVE YOUR FOOD - LOVE all the people in the world who've been of service to bring you the food you eat. Without them - you'd have nothing to eat.


Purity of Food - Purifies & Cleanses You

The Food you eat - doesn't just feed your appetite - but each food you eat purifies, cleanses and heals your body

When you realize the truth and think that food is doing so much good for you - you will love it even more

Natural foods that Mother Earth gives - will energize you most - as they contain energies that are pure, alive and created



Thinking of Food will connect you to the Source

Your thoughts are stronger than you think - loving your food will make you think with depth and ensure you arrive at the "Source" of where your food comes from and how it is created. Even without any definitive answer - just taking the journey in your mind to where the food you eat comes from - will inevitably lead to you thinking of "the Source" of the food you eat - and will make you realize - that it's a miracle - how you have everything you have.

As I will explain on each of the chapters in this website - the more you THINK - the more you actually LOVE. People who don't think - can't possibly love anything - and the secret to empower your life is to THINK. In this world - we are all given facets that we can LOVE - and therefore - THINKING of something you LOVE is easy - but you can't begin to LOVE unless you THINK - and you can't possibly THINK unless you LOVE.


Eating & Drinking without Love ...

Every time you eat and drink - without loving what you eat and drink - is like being married to someone you don't love ...

You're having a "one-way" relationship with your food - the food loves you - but you don't love it back


Your "one-way" relationship with your food - consuming it - without any appreciation or love for the food you're eating - defines your aura - more than likely in your life - you probably - treat everything and everyone in your life - with the same one-way attitude - and likewise other people treat you too - because your aura is defined as a "one-way" relationship person.


When you LOVE your food - when you LOVE life - when you LOVE everything in your life - then you're having "two-way" relationship with everything that comes into your aura - loving your food is just the beginning - and soon your aura will be redefined as a OPEN channel - a "two-way" relationship person. That's when you'll feel loved, feel alive, become happy and find that invisible world of love that's been hidden from you.


When You Love Your Food - Your Body Finds Peace

Everything you eat becomes part of "You" - when you truly LOVE the food you eat - your body is accepting something into your aura - with love and peace - and thereby your aura becomes loving, positively energized and peaceful. People who hate their food or hate any facet of their lives - are disturbing their own lives - because they are not at peace with themselves.


Your Physical Senses connects "You" to the World

"You are You" - the person you were born to be - but continually you are becoming someone "new". Defined by all your incoming life-energies and life-experiences that are transforming "you" through your 5 physical senses of Eating & Drinking, Seeing, Hearing & Speech, Feeling & Touch, and Your Living Space. Each facet has the potential to ensure you love life by connecting the inner you to the external world - by the invisible connection of LOVE created within "you".


As I explain in these 1st 5 chapters - it is each of your physical senses that connects the external world with your inner thoughts [and with your higher spiritual soul]. And vice-versa - your inner world - your inner self - through the power of YOUR LOVE - connects you to the external world. You can redefine your own life - by the power of your own "love of life" - as you sit at "The Gateway" of your future - defined by your love towards everything and everyone in the external world. Your Love of Life can change everything in your life.


The More you Think - The More you will Love Life

& The More you Love Life - the More "Alive" you will Become

These first 5 chapters of Book of Love - will show you the more you think - the more you will love.

And the more you love - the more excited, enlivened, energized and the happier you will become.

The Foundation of Loving Life are through your senses and real experiences ....



"I love all food - I love looking at all food - I love the taste of everything I eat - I love it - I love it all "

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם