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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 20 - True Love is External to You

Audio file is - [20] "Understanding that True Love is External to You"


Love connects you with something external to yourself - after you've made the connection and because you love it -

- the essence and the intrinsic energy of the external entity becomes part of your aura and remains part of your aura forever


If you truly love someone - you'll never every find fault with them - in your eyes and heart they are perfect and will always be perfect. Even if you see some "faults" - you're mind will overlook them and ignore them - you won't even hear things other people will say about them - because TRUE LOVE is an INVISIBLE BOND that is stronger than anything physical.


The TRUE LOVE is an INVISIBLE BOND created by destiny to ensure - you always remain attached to your source of life energy on your "Tree of Life". Even when you hear logical words - telling you not to love something - your own mind - tells you the truth - what you need to feel.

It's easy to explain in terms of "religion" - for example feelings of love towards Jesus Christ - might be totally illogical - but if you feel it - then no matter whatever anyone says to you - they can't destroy the invisible bond of love between you and Jesus Christ or you and St Peter, or in fact between you and anyone you love.


That's because LOVE is an INVISIBLE BOND created by destiny to ensure you meet all your dates-with-destiny and do everything you're supposed to do in your life. Your LOVE for someone or something - makes you do something illogical and yet totally acceptable to you because LOVE makes you feel 100% ok about your connection and bond of love - as it makes you feel ALIVE.


When you realize this truth that no-one can tell you what or who you should love - then you realize that the love you have for everyone and everything has been given specifically to you - LOVE is an INVISIBLE BOND - which defines all you need to do is ACCEPT it and LOVE it. Indeed, you can't run-away from whatever it is your destiny wants you to love.


So instead of fighting any feelings with frustration, anger, jealousy or hate - ACCEPT the feelings you've been given and do what you're supposed to do - and that's LOVE - energize the invisible bonds of and love everything and everyone you're supposed to love - and then you'll feel alive and in love with life.


True Love is acceptance of everything and everyone

You can't change who, what or why it is you love - so accept your feelings - live with your feelings - accept and love ...


The purest bond between "you" and everything in the world is TRUE LOVE. The energies of "True love" are lots of invisible bonds that create connections for your life - that ensure a continual flow of life-energies into your life - and it can only flow when you ACCEPT everything and everyone in your life.


Even if you've disconnected physically from someone - you're still connected by these invisible bonds - but the channel is blocked and nothing is flowing - even so - it can be opened - the moment you THINK of them. The proof is simple - when you think of someone you really loved from your childhood - then immediately you feel their loving energy around you. If - when you "think" of them - you feel nothing - defines there's nothing there. However, when you "think" of them - especially after a long time of not thinking of them - it will create an electric BUZZ in your aura - that BUZZ is "you" coming "alive".


If, you feel anger, hate or uncomfortable feelings from anyone - it means that there is still the invisible bond - but it is damaged and needs repairing. The "repair" work is simple - and you can do it yourself in your own thoughts - and that is to forgive them and love them. Accept them for who they are and love them. Remember, your aura is defined by your THOUGHTS and not by your physical reality. Hence - to repair your aura - all you need to do - is repair your thoughts.


There's an expression - "love is blind" - the truth is "true love creates clarity - true love opens your eyes" and "true love energizes you" - because it is the invisible energies that gives your life - life. If you've been made to "love" someone - contrary to logic - it is because life wants you to be connected to "them".


True Love means you accept "it" all

hence True love lasts forever

If you truly love someone - you'll never every find fault with them - in your eyes and heart they're always perfect

If you are criticized or if you are critical - if someone can't accept you or you can't accept someone - it's not true love


Complaining about anyone - refusing to accept - are definitions of detachment

Loving everyone - accepting everyone - are definitions of attachment


In the Chapter of "Tree of Life" - I defined that you are a leaf on the Tree of Your Life עץ החיים - Your life is like a leaf on the tree - it is used to interact with the world - absorbing energies and light - you're connected to all the other leaves via branches - constantly connected to the tree trunk and the roots. If you HATE, COMPLAIN or CRITICIZE any of your roots and your connections - that includes ALL your ex's - or anyone you've loved or who has loved you - then you are cutting yourself off from your own "life" energies.


Every relationship you've had has been a source of your life-energy - because every relationship was a relationship created by invisible bond of love. True love - means accepting them all. Even if your father or mother - attempts to tell you awful things about your grandparents or about each other - "they" are attempting to disconnect you from your life energy. True love means ACCEPTING everyone for whoever they are - and loving everyone.


When couples "divorce" - they should do so with admiration and respect for each others lives - setting the other free - to have their next relationship - but people who "divorce" full of anger and hate - create their own self-destruction as it creates blockages in the flow of life-energy. [ I explain in "Love, Sex & Healing" - that if you loved someone - then you did so - because you had feelings to love them - denying that truthful reality - denies the life-energy of love in your aura].


The truth is on some level you will always love everyone you've ever loved - but it was the earthly nonsense, greed, jealousy and "bad" moods - that destroyed the earthly physical bonds - even so the "love" bond is still present - but it's damaged - that "damage" is sitting in the person's aura - until one learns to completely forgive and love - resetting the karma to peace and love. Healing does not mean going-back - it means healing and feeling the love you had for them - as you loved them when you first met them.


When your realize that "your life" is an end result of all the loving relationships in your life - and you think of them all - accept them all - love them all - you should immediately come "back-to-life" and become FULL OF LIFE.


Let me give you an example - as a child - when you fell-in-love with Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola - no matter what anyone said to you about drinking it - so still loved it's taste - and grew-up with a continued relationship of your love for Coca-Cola/Pepsi. Wherever you traveled in the world - you found Coca-Cola to drink - and even now that you've grown-up and read all the "health" stuff about it - you don't listen - because you're attached to it - as you're totally in love with the drink!


It's the same with everyone and everything that life wants you to be connected to - you get illogical and yet clear feelings of love - LOVE defined by INVISIBLE BONDS - ensures you follow your life pathway - and move-on forward. Indeed - everyone has periods - when you're fed-up with "sex" - and then suddenly - you get the crazy urge that you need "sex". The INVISIBLE urges are created in order to awaken you to do something with your life.


The invisible bonds of True Love are Eternal

Whilst you can block or attempt to destroy your own "life" in your own mind - you can never destroy "love"

That's because "love" is an invisible energy that creates "life" - you can't destroy it - even if you want to


On a hot sunny day - you can't turn down the heat of the sunshine - it's present and it's a fact of life will always be present. Love too - is even stronger that sunlight - as it exists day and night - everyday of your life - and whilst some people can deceive themselves - that they can live without "love" - as I will explain on "Love, Sex & Healing" - no-one can live without the love of or love for another person - even if not's sexual - "love" is an invisible warmth that connects people together.


True love respects boundaries and individuality

In the age of the open internet - there's a lot of confusion created because people don't respect defined "boundaries"


In the physical reality of life on earth - everyone is defined by a specific individuality - that person which is "you" has boundaries - it is your individuality and your boundaries that defines you get what you get in your life. But if you're not "you" - because your boundaries have been eroded or because you've been negativity influenced in your thoughts to be someone you're not - then you won't get what is truly yours.


I've called this "Chapter 20 - True Love is External to You" - because true love means you love the person so much that you ACCEPT and RESPECT them - you understand they must be themselves - and therefore - they will allow you to be yourself. When they are themselves and you are yourself - then you can love them the most - because the essence of true love is in IN THE DIFFERENCES between "You" and the object of your love.


Many people - when they begin relationships they "accept" the other person - but then want to change them. True love defines that you don't want to change anyone you love - because you LOVE and ACCEPT them for being the person they are.


When "someone" doesn't ACCEPT you for who you are - they are telling you that they don't really love you. When someone complains, fights and argues with you - they are defining the truth - they don't love you and don't want you in their life - because the truth is when you truly love someone - you accept everything about them.


Throughout your life - you will absorb energies created by your relationships with other people - if you attempt to BLOCK their positive influence on your life - then you will be blocking an energy that you need for your existence. The problem many people have is not having found True Love - and that's because in a materialistic and superficial generation - people are using earthly physical "love" - like an illusion that they can manipulate and then trade like any other earthly commodity.


When you realize that true love is an expansion of positive energies - if you reflect back on all your relationships - who was it that helped you GROW and become a better version of yourself - and who was it that restricted you. Did you relationship allow you to EXPAND your positive qualities or did they attempt to control you, confine and restrict you - in which case the relationship prevented "You" from being "you" and wasn't TRUE LOVE.


People who want to control, to "own" and "contain" someone they say they love are in fact manipulating their "love" as they try to disconnect and isolate what they want for themselves - hence by laws of nature - they will never get it and lose it all - for love is an open energy to be shared and for everyone to share - like the sunshine.


Having said that in this karmic generation of the open internet - there's a lot of confusion created because people don't understand or respect the defined "boundaries". Hence, someone can peep into your life - whilst you're unaware and asleep - and if they disrespect you - they will send hate-email or attack you.

The same applies to viewing websites you "know" you shouldn't be looking at - because you know - the dark energies are disrupting your the light in your aura. But just like a manipulating deceitful relationship - internet relationship with bad websites are manipulating your thoughts and are not TRUE LOVE.


Expansion of Mind

Opening your mind and loving life is the 1st setup stage to expansion of your mind


When you understand that - "Love is defined by Love for something external to yourself" - and as your love grows for "it" - the bond, connection and essence of "it" - becomes greater part of your aura. It becomes part of "you" - because of your thoughts - you're thinking, connected and in tune with it - your thoughts are much stronger than your physical reality - because your thoughts define your true essence of the real "you".


Hence, the secret to accomplishing what you're destined to accomplish is to be in-love with someone - because the energy of being in-love with someone - OPENS and EXPANDS your mind - even if you're not with them or they're not alive anymore - it doesn't matter - because whilst your mind is in-love - it is OPEN and EXPANDING.


You don't need to have a good memory, be clever or intelligent - because everything you truly love - you remember. Therefore, if you want to expand your mind - then begin to LOVE life. Because when you love-life and when you're in love - you remember everything. Saying you love someone and truthfully loving other people - you won't know - until you truly LOVE someone.


However, there is one pre-requisite in having an OPEN mind - ready to learn everything - and that's the need to be honest with yourself - honest with your emotions - because an OPEN LOVING heart can absorb everything into your mind and aura, but if you've got to be closed because you have to keep secrets from the people your with - then you're not completely open and you can't receive all the abundant flow of energy into your aura.


Whatever you want - make sure it's true love

When a child loves a toy or a teenager loves chocolate icecream - or young adults love handsome boys or pretty girls - it's not true love - it's simply a phase of infatuation to learn about the energies of love. Indeed, many adults love money more than the relationship they're in - and just consider the "love and sex" of the relationship as a necessary trade they need to make - to get what they want - whether it be a passport to a different country or a financial step-up - it's not true-love.


Astrologically - for the duration of Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 until 2024 - everyone is going to learn the karmic lesson and meaning of true-love. It might shatter dreams and illusions - it might hurt to realize someone you thought loved you - doesn't really love you - but it is a fact of life that Pluto in Capricorn will ensure everyone will learn the meaning of true-love - which is an acceptance for someone for who-ever they are and loving them completely. True love is loving someone because you love them - it's an invisible positive energy that keeps you energized and not because of what they buy for you or what you do for them - it is in the ether and defined by your energized thoughts of them.


Indeed, this is why I compare to love for Jesus Christ - because you either feel it or your don't - but when you say I love you Jesus and feel the warmth in return - you know it's real. That is the definition of TRUE LOVE - to love someone and to feel their love for you without wanting or needing anything.



"Love" bonds and connects everyone via the invisible energies of love

If you don't feel the energy then it's not "Love"

True love is an honest two-way relationship - when you love someone - then they will love you back

If you "say" you love the world - but don't really love anyone - then you will have relationship problems

Many people LIE - and say "i love you" - but it's not true love - defined by the fact that the "love" ends


Love creates positive expansion - Love connects you to something larger than your own individual life

but you need to be honest with yourself - and begin to love people - instead of manipulating them


Do you remember as a child - when you wanted something so much - you did temper-tantrums to get it - because you thought you loved it - and then when you got it - the "love" you had for it - ended after a few weeks or months - that's because it wasn't true love. It wasn't essential to the real "you".


Do you remember as a child - when you wanted something from someone - you manipulated them - by telling them you love them so much - so they succumbed and bought you what you wanted. Adults use the same techniques as children - but define - it's not TRUE LOVE. It is using "love" to buy, sell and trade. If you don't feel alive and excited then it's not TRUE LOVE. If it doesn't open and expand you to become a better version of yourself - then it's not TRUE LOVE.


Acceptance is a defining fact of TRUE LOVE - and explains the next chapter of "The love of the invisible spiritual and Divine" - because like your TRUE LOVE for someone you love - you can't lie you feel it or you don't feel it - likewise in your belief of religion - you can't deceive yourself - you either feel it or your don't.


"That was a stupid mistake I made" ...

All your life you're collecting energies in your aura

Every experience you have sits as an energy in your aura - facets that are part of your destiny will always be present

BUT facets that you've collected in your life - that aren't yours and don't belong to you - need to be expunged and deleted


The purest way to delete things that don't belong to the real version of yourself is to THROW them out, but "thoughts" aren't easy to expunge as physical belongings. Therefore - when you simply THINK and admit to yourself "that was a stupid mistake I made" - it cancels it out - keep repeating it and then it will be deleted from your aura.


Astrologically - this is one of the reasons why at Saturn-returns at ages of 28/29 and at 57/58 and other dates with destiny defined by Saturn and Pluto in your astrological charts - that destiny - deletes the physical things from your life that aren't yours to have - and makes the karmic RESET button on what you should have in your life.


At moments when you loose everything - you don't actually loose the positive stuff - because positive stuff is defined by memories in your aura - these memories sit there forever and no-one can steal or take them from you. Hence - if you've lost things on a physical dimension - don't be upset - because you can regain it all - when you THINK of the energies that belong to you - to the real version of yourself.


"True love" are the invisible bonds that constantly connects you to your source of life energy - so whenever you feel depleted, drained or depressed - you can re-energize your life - by THINKING of all the moments and facets that are TRUE LOVE in your life.




"Love" opens and expands your mind ....

All great thinkers, scientist, explorers, inventors - open their minds to think bigger than themselves

It's a two-way relationship - when you open up to love the world - then the world loves you back

Love is expansion - Love connects you to something larger than your own individual life


I explain in Chapter 21 - the most important facet of our modern karmic internet generation is - the EXPANSION of MIND. Opening your mind is the 1st setup stage to expansion of your mind. Growth of your character and of your life is defined - when you begin to EXPAND your mind - that is when you OPEN your mind to think.


You don't need to be "intelligent" with high IQ - all you need is to be "turned-on" emotionally. Hence, growth of character is defined by how much of life you love, what you love, who you love and why you love it all. Whether you LOVE a lot [or hate a lot] it is the power of of your emotions that ensure you EXPAND and GROW. That's the purpose of "Loving something, loving anything, loving someone and loving anyone external to yourself". The stage of growth and expansion of "you" - is defined both by how much you love - and - what it is you truthfully love.


Love - expands the person you are - the more people you love - the "bigger" you are - it is irrelevant how many friends you have on FB - what is relevant is how many people in real life do you know and have feelings for, warm feelings of love for others - can't be found on the internet - the warmth and truth of "love" is in real life.


In Chapter 23 - "Love, Sex & Healing" I explain when you look at someone and want sex with them - you're not respecting their boundaries - you can love them - but true love defines that you respect their boundaries and accept that their destiny is not to have "sex" with you - even so - you can still love them.


The Tree of Life עץ החיים

The Collective Love for Everything and Everyone is Your Tree of Life



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם