The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 1 - Love Your Life

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Love the Life You Currently Have

Let's all be honest - you're reading this website - because you want to change your life

The only way to begin to change your life is - to accept the life you have & to love the life you have.


It's a fact of life that - you won't be the same person in 10 years time of who you are today - and most of us will not be the same person next month - of who we are today. Inherent in the gift of life as a living human being on Earth is the constant need for something "new" - whether you create the something "new" yourself - or whether you allow something "new" to come into your life - that constant buzz of activity - means you're constantly changing.


Indeed from the moment you're born - you're constantly becoming a "new" version of yourself - and depending on how much you're influenced by your environment and by everything "new" that comes into your life - each day and each month - defines the "new" person you'll transform into. You will then become a person who consists of numerous collective energies - defined by all your experiences - and the emotions - both positive and negative - you experienced during all your powerful moments.


Even if you live without "thinking" about life - you'll be taken along a pathway that is destined for you - but will eventually arrive at an apparent "dead-end" - when the only way forward will be to become awakened. A specific karmic time when you will learn that the power is within you - probably a time when you'll stop listening to others - and then succeed to get yourself through the "Gateway" to the next phase of your life. No-one can magically do it for you - it is a journey of transformation that - YOU need to do YOURSELF.


Love Everything in Your Life for 7 Minutes

It's a fact if you spend - just 7 minutes - loving everything in your life - you'll immediately begin to feel a new person

Do this for the next 7 days - with lots of 7 Minutes of Love - loving everything and everyone in your life - you'll be a "new" person


"You" are everything you think about - and even if you look good to the outside world - because you're able to deceive the world - as you dress-up with a superficial appearance - as we all know appearances are deceptive - the real you that people sense - is the warm or coldness of your aura. Your love or hate for "life". The real "you" is a collective energy of everything you're thinking about - the real "you" that everyone sees, senses from your aura is what you're emitting to the world - created by your emotions.


These emotions that create the real "you" - can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE - defined by what you're thinking about and defined each day by your mood - hence if you want to change your life - and want to change the types of people, events and circumstances you attract into your life - you need to THINK POSITIVE and THINK how much you LOVE LIFE.


You can do this anytime of day or night - it's up to you - to choose to LOVE LIFE. If you ponder on the fact that you worry so much of the day about silly things - how much QUALITY time do you use your mind and thoughts to THINK POSITIVE and GET EXCITED from within you - with a LOVE of LIFE?


Try it now - just 7 minutes - loving everything in your life - you'll immediately begin to feel a new person.

Repeat the words & say them in your thoughts too - I love my life - I love life - I love life - I love life - I love life - I really love life.

"I love my life - I love life - I really love my life"

As you try this for just 7 minutes - you'll feel your head awakening - even your eyes will open wide - and the smile you've lost will return - for words and thoughts of "Love" will fire you up and awakens you from within. Love will begin to fill your aura - taking the negativity away. Like a bright light being turned on - you don't need to fight any of the darkness - you don't even need to see the darkness - and you won't even see the darkness - because the light of love automatically eliminates all the darkness.


Only you can awaken yourself - no-one can do it for you. So begin now - TODAY - now that you've found this website - [that's no coincidence you're reading this today] - because YOUR destiny is wanting you to begin a new phase of your life - TODAY - right NOW - and it begins like everything begins - through the power of your love.


You can't do anything about the "past" - you can't do anything about all the years of darkness - but you can begin a new phase from now onwards - through the power that's within you - the potential power of LOVE you have within you of - LOVING LIFE - LOVING the gift of your life.


Whilst "You" consist of "everything" you've experienced - you have lots of good things you've experienced as well as lots of bad things too - your aura and personality - consists of everything you've absorbed and taken into your life from day you were born. So when people look at you - they sense "everything" - that's why it's so easy to read some people - just by looking at them.


Unfortunately so many people - after years of "darkness" only think negative and look so depressed and sad - because they're concentrating on all the darkness in their lives - and if they can't think of anything bad - they turn on the "news" and find new "bad" things to worry about. That's such as waste of the gift of life. When you SWITCH-ON LOVE - you'll automatically forget and eliminate the darkness - because your mind will ensure you only see the LIGHT whilst you're thinking of everything and everyone you LOVE.


Many people in the World haven't survived ....

It's so easy to forget - but truthful reality is that so many people aren't alive today - tragic accidents and premature death


You can't escape the life you've been given - that's life - whether or not - you believe in karma of past-life - the truthful reality is that you are alive today - and many people you know and have known - aren't alive - you've been blessed and survived. Even if it's been dark, miserable and troubled - that's the past - from now onwards - LOVE the gift of YOUR LIFE - it doesn't matter what you love about your life - but begin by loving life - living each new day with positive thoughts of anything or anyone you LOVE - in your life.


"I love my Heart - I love my life"

Your HeartBeats at 60 => 100 BPM - Human heartbeat rate is between 60 => 100 beats-per-minute - that's 3,600 heart-beats per hour - 86,000 heart-beats a day. If anyone missed just one heartbeat - they'd be seriously ill - miss a few more and they'd be dead. Each and everyone of us - living on Earth - is a living miracle - your heart beating is keeping you alive.

Your heart isn't connected to a battery or back-up supply - it's working healthy and normally - what a miracle. Put your hand on your chest - feel your heart beating - and realize the truth - that YOU ARE A MIRACLE - being kept alive is truly a MIRACLE.


Begin to Love Life - Be real - Love real life ...

It's not just "spiritual" to love life - be honest - be real - love life - whatever it is that excites you - love your life - love life


You're reading this - because somewhere between childhood and now - you stopped loving life - maybe just for a few months or few years - you stopped loving life - and switched over to hating life - but because you stopped loving - you stopped growing into the person you're destined to be.

Now that you're awakened - let us be honest - and look at the fundamentals of life - which I will explain in the next 5 chapters - to love real facets of life - love eating and drinking - love seeing things - love hearing - love touching and love wherever you live - these basic aspects of loving life - will ensure you rejoin life - and through your love of life - it will then lead you to find what "it" is you've been missing in your life.

No-one knows when anyone of us are going to die - so appreciate life whilst you can - Love Life - be honest and be real - whatever "it" is that you're going to miss when you're dead - LOVE it NOW!


It was "Bad" Luck to be born "You"

It's so easy to think and say it - and yes it might have been all "bad" luck to be born you - the truth is it probably was "bad" luck to be born "you" - but don't forget the other truth that it was "good" luck you've survived. And now that you're alive and have survived - it's your duty to yourself - to LOVE LIFE.

In this world - most people only think of their own lives most of the time - and therefore - I'd guess that most of you - have the same thoughts as I used to have and think to yourselves "it was such bad luck being born me - I wish I'd be born someone else - somewhere else".

But the truth is - it might have been "bad" luck to be born "you" - [possibly with "bad" karma from past-life] - but it is very "good" luck you've survived. None of us realize how lucky we are that we've survived - and when you begin to love-life instead of hating, worrying or complaining about life - you'll begin to live life - and realize it was very Good Luck that has made you survive to be the person you are today. You've survived until now - now it's time to begin to live life - with aliveness, happiness - and with a love of life.


Are you going to die with a smile on your face?

Are you going to be one of those grumpy old people - who die "hating" the world, sad and miserable? Or are you going to be one of those enlightened sweet, charming and loveable old people who radiate warmth with a love of life and whom will die with a smile of contentment, gratitude, appreciation and love of life ?

The choice is yours - but to arrive at that permanent smile on your face - you'll need to begin TODAY - to love every facet of your life from today onwards - so that your aura is filled of love. And the more you fill your mind and thoughts of love - the happier you'll become and all the negativity will vanish. You can make a list of all the things you want to do before you die but at the top of the list should be [1] you want to love life - want to really love life - and that's something you can begin to do - today.


"Love is Free"

The secret to living a happy life is knowing that love is free and it's within you and you can love anytime of day or night


Contrary to some illusions - you can't buy love & no-one can give it to you - Love is something you have WITHIN you - it's FREE - all you need to do is realize you have it WITHIN you - turn "it" on - and then use your potential.

The foundation of "The Tree of Life" from ספר האהבה shows how loving of all facets of life - can then transfer to - understanding that love is the secret to making everything happen in your life - as all of "life" is connected through an invisible energy of love. When you "love" life - you're making your own life happen. Conversely when you "hate" life - you're blocking your own life.


Your Physical Senses connects "You" to the World

"You are You" - the person you were born to be - but continually you are becoming someone "new". Defined by all your incoming life-energies and life-experiences that are transforming "you" through. It is through your 5 physical senses of Eating & Drinking, Seeing, Hearing & Speech, Feeling & Touch, and Your Living Space that ensures you love life by connecting the inner you to the external world - and this invisible connection is through LOVE.


As I will explain in the next 5 chapters - it is each of your physical senses that connects the external world with your inner thoughts [and with your spiritual soul]. And vice-versa - your inner world - your inner self - through the power of YOUR LOVE - connects you to the external world. You can redefine your own life - by the power of your own love of life - towards everything and everyone in the external world. Love changes everything.



"Enjoy & Love Every Moment of Every Day of the Wonderful Gift of Your Life"

"I love my life - I love every moment of my life - I love the gift of life - I love it - I love it all "

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם