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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 19 - Reasons for Everyone in Your Life

Audio file is - [19] "The reasons why you've known everyone in your life"


Everyone in your life has a reason and a purpose - for you to Learn to Love Everyone in Your Life


Your life is one continuous journey from birth to death - no-one and nothing is irrelevant - everyone and everything in your life has destined purpose. Whilst you might completely forget some people - the detached ability to forget them - has purpose too - to show you that they weren't really part of your destined pathway - "they" were merely earthly experiences for you to learn from. For it is a fact - all the earthly nonsense is always forgotten - it was "dead" earthly energy - always was and always will be!


Because if anyone is truly and vitally part of - Your Tree of Life - then you'd remember them. If you can't remember someone or anyone specific from your past - that's a good sign too - as all the connections and energies have been "dealt-with". Whereas EVERYONE you remember - that means EVERYONE is present in your aura - [even the bad ones you'd like to forget].


They constantly sit in your aura and will always be in your aura - because they're facets of your life that you needed and need in order to live life - as their existence in your aura keeps you alive - just like the moments when they were relevant, important and strong in your life - their energies and identity continues to represent pieces of the puzzle in the continuity of your life. You can't just "delete" chunks of your life - your job - is to convert all the negative energies into positive ones.


The Tree of Your Life עץ החיים defines you can't forget anyone who is part of your existence - you might pretend or deceive yourself that you've forgotten them - just because you're not in contact with them or using their relationship energies - but in the same way you can't live without your left hand - in life you can't eliminate people who are vitally important to your existence - even so - you can choose not to use their energies - but that's only going to harm you.


In this chapter - I will explain - how you can positively use the existence of EVERYONE in your life - which will make you realize that there's no coincidences in your life - as everyone has purpose and reason - and the moment you truly realize that OTHER people have all the answers to your life is the moment you begin to cherish, value, respect and love others.


It is the moment you begin to live with a new type life-energy that is truly eternal and energizing - and because it's source is on the eternal spiritual Tree of Life עץ החיים - defines that when you THINK of everyone - you become ALIVE - even if you're not connected - your THOUGHTS of them - energize you and gives your life - "life".


Let me prove this - think of the person you hate the most - some arshole you wish you'd never have met - the moment you think of them - you've awakened haven't you. The truth is you had moments in your relationship with them - when you LOVED them a lot - and because the relationship was destined to go-bad - you now HATE them. The energy of love and hate is the same - as it keeps you connected. The only way you're going to completely eliminate them is convert the HATE into LOVE - cancel all the HATE. [This I've explained in chapter of "Three Keys" in Book of Reincarnations]. Even so - certain important people in your life - will always be in your life - because they sit on your Tree of Your Life עץ החיים and will always sit on your destined Tree of Life.


There's no coincidence if no-one is in Your Life

There's a reason why for "everyone"....

Everyone in your life - is in your life for a reason - because they connect with an energy in your aura

Your "higher" self - communicates with their "higher" self - and ensures you're connected in real life


Whilst you "think" having relationships and having people in your life is logical - it is not - has nothing to do with logic - because you can be the most interesting, wealthy, beautiful or handsome person in the world - but if your aura has defined NO-ONE then you'll have NO-ONE. Conversely, you could be the poorest and unattractive - and yet if your aura defines certain people are to be in your life - then you'll have them in your life - regardless of logic. That's because the invisible energies that define "you" are creating specific boundaries - which invites and rejects people into your life.


It's totally irrelevant what you wear, how "hot" or "handsome" you look or how hard you try to "find" someone - because if your aura is emitting a message - "no-one" then "no-one" it will be - UNTIL - either you stop emitting "no-one", life defines "someone" specific or until you heal the relationship energies that are blocking your progress.


However, this fact shouldn't deter you from being a nice friendly "open" person - because you never know - who it is and when it will be - that someone senses the invisible "loving" energies in your aura - to have a relationship with you.


When you walk-out in the morning and meet someone friendly - the "coincidence" - wakes you up - and when someone smiles at you lovingly - it makes your day become suddenly exciting - everyone you see and meet - has an invisible energy that communicates with you - and this invisible energy is what gives you energy as much as it gives them energy - "something from nothing" which I explain on "Chapter 20 Creation of Life". The key to BEGIN to live a more energizing life is to realize that EVERYONE is important in your life - you can't do anything without anyone.


Life will be stuck and stagnant until you love

The only way you can move-on with life is when you love your life and love everyone in your life

"Love will set you free"


The reason WHY I'm explaining this fact is some of you reading this website - will be wondering WHEN will you meet someone. The truth is you've already met and known many people in your life - all of whom - sit in your aura - but if you HATE any of them - or - if your relationship with them ended badly - then the negative energies sit in your aura - and will BLOCK you from having the "next" relationship. So to prepare you to be ready for the "next" - I need to explain the relationship energies that are BLOCKING you from your next "LOVE".


Otherwise you're likely to attract the same type of person to repeat the same mistakes - especially when Saturn transits Sagittarius - the star sign of relationships - from September 2015 => December 2017 - will be an important time for attracting all destined relationships for everyone.


Alternatively, when you learn the lesson that comes with wisdom and spiritual maturity - and that's having love for all the people in your life - on your specific "Tree of Your Life". Everyone of you have been given a mission to love - a specific selection of people that you need to learn to love in your lifetime - whoever they are and whatever they've done to you - your job is to love them all.


The recipe is simple - "love for everyone you know - will set you free" - "love will ensure a continuous flow of life-energy" into your life - whereas "hate" - "hate" for anyone will BLOCK the power of success because it BLOCKS the flow of life-energy - just like blockages in the heart - create a heart-attack - "hate" is a BIG karmic blockage - and as I will explain you can't choose who you love or hate - specific people and karmic circumstances come into your life - to create HATE in your aura - and then for you to UNBLOCK the BLOCKAGE.


If you deny the existence of anyone

You're denying "Life-energy" to your own "Life"

Don't deny the existence of anyone you've known in your life - especially all who've helped changed the direction of your life


Contrary to what you "think" - you've needed everyone in your life - especially the BAD ones - the people - who because of their actions and words - changed the course of your life. "They" have done what they did - as your invisible aura - made them do what they did.


Instead of living the rest of your life - denying they existed or hating them forever - "The Tree of Your Life עץ החיים" defines a karmic opportunity exists every moment of everyday - to understand and accept - "they" were just pieces in the puzzle of your life. "They" were necessary to be the way they were in order for you to be directed and guided to your right destination. Had "they" been any different - had "they" been just a little bit nicer - you'd never be where you're supposed to be.


I know I attract many "Jewish" readers - who've experienced hate and discrimination - especially from your "Jewish" communities - that have pushed you away from traditional Judaism - don't be upset with "them" - accept it as a sign - to keep away from "orthodox" Judaism. As Sefer72 teaches - that at the end of time - at the end of man-made religions - it will be the ultra-orthodox and fanatics that will be their own source of self-destruction of their religion - for their hatred of each other and hatred for good people - will PUSH people away from "them".


Hence, whenever I sit in the Basilica - I always Thank God for the Rabbis who pushed me away from Judaism that I found Jesus Christ and found "The infinite Ether of Astrology" - because if "they" had been just a little bit nicer - I'd still be amongst them. Now, each day - instead of hating them - I have more admiration and love for them as I still think of each of every one of them ensured and helped me be the person I am today - I LOVE them for they saved me.


Hence, you too - everyone you've known in your life - that created a BIG change in your life - you owe them a BIG thanks - they behaved irrationally, illogically and hateful - which is against natural human instinct - to ensure they directed your life. Their negative behaviour ensured you found LIFE and kept away from a DEAD-END life of HATE.


Even though - you might want to HATE them as they HATE you - don't be like them - see "life" in a bigger picture with perspective that their HATE and ANGER for you has saved you from being like them. You're now technically free - but you're not yet free - until you LOVE them.


You don't have to tell them you love them - you simply have to put the energies of LOVE in your aura - that you forgive them and no longer hate them. Even if others continue to hate you - it doesn't matter - because being loving - defines YOUR aura - and it is YOUR aura that defines your destiny.


Love or Hate defines Your Aura

If you hate anyone - if you're jealous of anyone - if you're angry at anyone - negativity only damages your own life

When you love everyone - when love the way your life has turned-out - the positive love in your aura defines "you"


Have you ever noticed - when you ask someone about their "ex" - "they" get uncomfortable - angry - hateful - and their mood completely changes - that's because they aren't over their "ex" - they've unfinished business - and their aura is letting you know - to - KEEP AWAY.


Conversely - when you ask someone - about their past relationships - when they giggle, laugh, smile and tell you funny stories - you "know" - they've healed the "past" and are ready for a loving relationship with you.


It doesn't necessarily matter what people say because the truth you need to sense is in - the INVISIBLE energies you sense that are communicating to your aura - to define whether you should have a relationship with them or not - you can FEEL it - because your aura senses everything. And when something doesn't feel "right" - it is telling you - something isn't "right.


In the journey from birth to death - everyone is born full of love for everyone in the world - and - everyone should die full of love for everyone in the world - but the journey in-between - ensures - everyone is tested by different specific destined relationships to see if you've learnt the lesson of "life". It is your job to ensure you keep cleansing your aura and resetting yourself to be full of love for everyone in the world.


Everyone is alive to be in "relationships"

You only live life when you're in a relationship

You can't choose who is destined to be in your life - destiny has defined them all - it's your choice to love or hate them

The only control you have is to LOVE or HATE - with your aura that is OPEN or CLOSED - BLOCKED or UNBLOCKED


If you're not feeling alive - then it means you don't love life. If you're not feeling alive - it means you've no-one in your life that you really honestly and truthfully LOVE. It might mean that you've not got any loving relationships in your life - OR - more to the point - you've got blockages defined by the LAST relationship OR by PAST relationships that have created BAD energies that sit in your aura and make you feel unloved. Until - you "deal" with them - not only will your relationships be STUCK - but all facets of your life will probably be STUCK too.


That's because you're not LOVING LIFE - when you're not LOVING the people in your life it is damaging you - as each person you know is a life-energy for you - so if you know them - but don't love them - then you're missing an energy essential to your existence. Because As I will explain Your Tree of Your Life עץ החיים means each person in your life is an essential and integral part of "you" - if you deny their existence and if their existence in your aura is not LOVE - then it will create a BLOCKAGE.


You might think it easy to ignore their existence - but when you feel it and you can't get them out of your head - you know you must do something to heal your aura. Therefore - in this chapter - "Loving Everyone in Your Life - the Book of Love" - is teaching you to LOVE them all - it doesn't matter how bad they've been to you - or how much hate you've had for them - if you want your life to be UNBLOCKED - and if you want to be ALIVE - then you need to LOVE EVERYONE you've ever known - especially people who you HATED a lot [or those who hated you a lot!]


Now, I'm aware that in this real world - many of you can't forgive the horrible bastards who hurt you so much - but the fact of life is that everyone attracts "trouble" in the form of other people - to learn about life, learn about relationships and learn about "love" - so ACCEPT this is an inevitable lesson of "life" - let-go of all the "hate" and "love" them all - this is the ONLY way forward......


"I Love You All - I Love You All"

Constantly - emit - these words - from your aura - from your thoughts - from your essence

It doesn't matter who they are and what they've done to you - love them for all and the world will heal your aura


When you walk-by a grumpy miserable person - who babbles to themselves in the street - you sense their negativity and instinctively - you keep far-away from them. But - do you sense the positive loveable person as easy - the truth is you do - but it takes time to sense and see it.


When you're in a meeting at work with like-minded people - you can see in people's eyes and expressions on their faces - what they're thinking. Likewise - in your nearest and dearest at home - you "know" exactly what everyone's thinking by sensing their feelings - as they sense you're feelings. But in the world - what does the world sense about "you" - what do "they" sense when they look at you.


If you emit to the world positive thoughts - "I love you all - I respect each and everyone of you - I wish you a lucky day - and I wish you connect with your destiny - I hope you all find love that is your destiny" - then - believe me - other people will sense something good about "you" - in fact - your aura will change - and the main thing is that you will become OPEN and UNBLOCKED.


Because loving all - will heal your own aura - even sitting at home all alone - you can UNBLOCK your own life - when you love-all - the proof that you've succeeded to free your own aura is you will become alive - simply by "loving all".


You either have a good nature or your don't

You either love "all" or you hate "all"


I have to add that from seeing the way the world is - there are indeed - people with BAD karma and people with GOOD karma - and then there's everyone else in the middle - who oscillate with moments of HATE and LOVE - but the truth is - when you've arrived at enlightenment - you will have LOVE FOR ALL - even the people who HATE you - you'll still love them.


Unfortunately people who start life - with BAD karma - rarely say "I love you" to each other - whereas people with GOOD karma - always say and emit to the world - everyday - "I love you". That's why we do what we do - out of love for others. When you've awakened and arrived at "love of life" - you will love all the people in your life and love everything you do - then you'll realize the truth - to feel the love and to feel love for others - that's karmic - you either have it or don't !


Beware of people - who say they LOVE some people - but HATE others - because intrinsic is a fact that you can't be BOTH - the destination of good karma defines you LOVE ALL - and you don't need anyone to confirm you've got "it" - because it is an invisible feeling you feel within you.


The more people you love - the more you grow

you're forming the best version of yourself

Growth is defined by your love for other people - the expansion of your aura - it's invisible and is defined by "love"

The more people you love the bigger you're becoming - the happier you'll be - and the more life will happen for you


I'm fascinated by the karmic gift of the internet - because the ideas and karmic beliefs are all on the internet - but not fully used - like facebook, whatsapp etc - it's ideas brilliant - but do you really LOVE all your FB friends? Or are you in a one-way relationship with the internet and expecting everyone to "like and love" you - but you don't like or love anyone?


True growth of "You" is defined by your relationships - real relationships - people that you love. The more people you LOVE the stronger a person you become - [ofcourse - they should like you too] - but so long as you keep emitting love for the world - your aura will attract all the destined people into your life.


On Chapter 20 Creation of Life - I call this "EXPANSION of AURA" creating something from nothing - which indeed is the biggest step into the eternity of being connected to Your Tree of Your Life עץ החיים . You can't expand with EVERYONE - as the tree of life defines - it needs specific people to make you GROW to be the full real version of yourself - but to start - you need to have the foundation of loving all - loving everyone.


If you choose to love less people - if you choose to hate - if you choose to become introvert and disconnect from the real world with real people - your aura will become closed - and you'll die from within - because no energy is coming into your life. For whilst you think it's food that's feeding you - the truth is it is YOUR RELATIONSHIPS that's keeping you alive. Your love for other people is keeping you alive and the knowledge of knowing that there are LOVING relationships in your future is ensuring you stay alive for the "future" relationships.


When you realize this truth - you will cherish and realize that even though your relationship has ended - the RELATIONSHIP energies are still keeping you alive. When a child is conceived and born - even if the parents are divorced - the child exists - defined by moments of love. It might only be a few strong moments - but the moments of being connected to Your Tree of Your Life עץ החיים will keep you alive forever.



Life will be stuck and stagnant until you love

The only way you can move-on with life is when you love your life and love everyone in your life

Whatever "blockage" you have - find someone to love - as - the loving relationship will unblock your aura


"Love for other people will set you free"

Everyone in the world is loveable - when you look - you will find something nice, adorable and loveable about everyone

Life can only be lived when you're in love with life - in love with other people - want to be with people

People who want to be "alone" and live a one-way relationship for "themselves" are missing the point of "life"



In Chapter 20 - Creation of Life from Nothing - I explain the specific relationships on Your Tree of Your Life עץ החיים are the ones who will ensure you create something from nothing - because their presence in your life - energizes your aura. Whilst there are others - that do "nothing" for you - and there will be others who are negatively "destructive" for you - because "they" disrupt your balance of energies.


In Chapter 21 - Love and Sex - I explain that you can love everyone - but "sex" is specific to people that destiny chooses for you to be connected to - each is specific because each relationship contains an energy that you need to be connected to - to live and to be alive. Some relationships - you only needed them for a few weeks or months - to make the connection - and then you don't need to be with them anymore - that too is defined by relationship energies of "Love and Sex".


What do you sense around you "love" or "hate"?

When you see other people - do you instinctively feel a love for them

OR - do you instinctively look at them with hatred, jealousy, negative thoughts and anger ?


There's something I've noticed in different parts of the world - that is instinctively what you feel - when you're in certain places, cities and countries - and that is your initial feelings - does the energy "feel" right or is there a feeling of something wrong. When you come to somewhere new or meet new people - Do you instinctively LOVE everyone - OR - do you instinctively HATE everyone.


The energies in the atmosphere are "communicating" with your aura - to define what it is you're sensing in the "air". If you feel hateful, destructive, selfish, greedy and jealous when you're in some places and amongst some people - then - THINK LOVE for ALL - as your sensitive aura is sensing what's in the atmosphere.


Just like walking into a room - after there's been a BIG argument - you feel the negativity in the air - don't you. Instead of getting involved in the argument - emit and think LOVE for all the people in the room, the place, the city and the country - and your aura of "love-for-all" will cleanse the negativity.


Footnotes about "bad karma" - people who can't help themselves from being hateful and angry

In the world - there are people full of "hate" - "they" can't seem to stop themselves from being hateful

There are "humans" with bad karma who have instincts to be hateful, destructive, selfish, greedy and jealous

Each of them will eventually "die" - like all the hateful in past generations - and then completely forgotten


In this karmic generation - we're reading about people who are beyond "help" - because they can't love others, they can't accept others and their hateful intolerance - defines a BAD aura. "They" can't help themselves - their tormented souls are full of inexplicable hatred for "others".


Even within their own cults and groups - amongst people "they" claim to love - "they" abuse, torture and hate too - because a "hateful" dark soul can't find peace - can't find the ability to understand the concept of "love" for anyone. It's not your purpose to understand them - it's your destined job to look after your own aura - and keep on emitting positive energy into the world - with a "love-all" feeling for everyone you see and meet.


The more people like you and me - who emit LOVE for ALL - ACCEPTANCE for ALL - TOLERANCE for ALL - the more positive loving energy there will be in the world. The invisible energies of LOVE - will always win - because hate is a dead-end energy - that always dies.


In a world of opposites - whenever there's BAD news created by BAD people - immediately - everyone sees the TRUTH - collectively in this karmic generation - all the good people of the world "think" the same - emitting energies of love and disconnect from the hateful - hence in this enlightened generation - the "hateful" are becoming more and more isolated - until the day comes when there's none left.




Pray for your enemies and pray for those who hate you - that they find Love of Jesus Christ

Just a word of advice for those of you who feel "attacked" by "dark" energies .....

"Hatred, Anger & Jealousy"

It is unpredictable when - but whenever you feel hatred, anger or jealousy for anyone is a "dark" energy

All "dark" energies are eliminated by "love" - so say "I love you all - I love you all" to the ether and it will vanish !


It's fact of life - and due to Moon Astrology - that we all have "dark" moments - and during those squared energies - you want to blame others - and the astrological square will manifest as hatred, anger and jealousy. The truth it is all for PEOPLE FROM YOUR PAST - you never hate anyone from your future - which defines a karmic truth - that it's "stuff" from the "past" that needs clearing and healing. So clear the "dark" energies - and whenever you get the bad feelings - LOVE them ALL - instead of hating them!


"Dark" souls of jealous people want something you've got - jealousy, hatred and anger are natural human characteristics - defined by "earthly" energies because someone wants something you've got - some give them "something" - give them the light and love of Jesus Christ !


"Dark" souls of jealous people want a one-way relationship with you - they want to give you nothing and take something from you - so - turn-it around - let your aura emit that you want to give them something - you want to give them your enlightened belief of Jesus Christ - and suddenly - "they" will go-away.


Jealous people define their own aura as wanting something that belongs to someone else - "they" have boundary issues - and want something from you - but they don't want anything "spiritual" - so when you sense them wanting something from you - give them the love of Jesus Christ - let "it" torment their life - until - they too - eventually change or die.


Two types of People in the World

People who "love" and People who "hate"?

Light and Dark Souls defined by people who Love and Hate


It is human instinct - defined from the moment you're born - that you live in an illusion - believing that the world revolves around "you". During each stage as you mature and grow-up - you realize less and less that life is about you - and more and more that life is about other people and "something" bigger than your own individuality.


Together with this clarity - comes a mature realization that it is your love for the people in your life that connects you to "something" bigger - it makes you feel even more alive than you do - and makes life more exciting - it is a realization that you have a role to play in the world.


People who "think" like an immature child - continue to believe the world revolves around them - and "they" define their existence by what they get out of life - what they can take from others and what others do for them. "Those" types will rarely give anything to anyone and often jealous, greedy, mean and hateful - "they" can't help themselves - "they" haven't grown-up.


Conversely - when you mature - you realize that your own growth is defined by who you love, how many people you live, what you do for others and that your existence has specific role - to brighten the lives of everyone who sees you.


An exercise that always works - is to imagine that you have the power of blessing everyone - if you knew that your thoughts could change other people's lives - you'd constantly be wishing others success and happiness - wouldn't you ? An enlightened loving soul would wish everyone in the world love and happiness - as you wish for others - so the energy flows through you


Try it and see - as you walk around - look at others and wish them all success and happiness - wish that they all find LOVE - because everyone in the world has the natural instinct to love another - but some need "help" to have their eyes opened to see it. When you EMIT positive thoughts - blessing others, wishing goodness for other - and of wanting everyone to find LOVE - then you too - will expand your understanding and find LOVE.


When you look at others - through the eyes of Jesus Christ and through the eyes of all loving souls - you too - grow to become a more loving soul. But if you look at others - through the eyes of an immature hateful and selfish people - then you trap yourself in darkness. Be enlightened - be loving - love all - wish everyone you see and meet - lots of success, happiness and love in their lives.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם