The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 18 - One -Way Relationships

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The whole world survives on the existence of one-way relationships

Everyone lives by constantly receiving energy from Earth, from the ether, from life and from other people

Many people don't believe they are receiving - so they force, take from and steal from others


It is a fact of existence on Earth - that everyone and every living thing on Earth survives - because of one-way relationship. If we didn't take - if we didn't receive - then we'd all be dead - the essence of physical earthly "existence" is defined by a one-way relationship.


When you understand the secrets I'm explaining in this Chapter 18 - One-Way Relationships - you'll realize that the pathway to living life to the fullest with meaningful Two-Way Relationships is when you've understood - the meaning of One-Way Relationships. You can only attract healthy meaningful Two-Way Relationships - AFTER - you've understood - what you've been doing wrong to attract a constant flow of selfish mean, greedy, jealous and horrible people into your life in the form of One-Way Relationships.


The only reason you don't understand the puzzle of "relationships" is because you're not seeing all the pieces with a truthful perspective. It is a puzzle - but instead of seeing it from your current delusional perspective that everyone is taking from you and no-one is given you anything - as a wanting, needy RECEIVER of energy - life wants you to understand something about yourself - before you can have meaningful Two-Way Relationships.


It is a paradox that when you live life and see the truth that everyone in your life is totally selfish One-Way Relationship type - there is something in your aura - that means - you too - are a One-Way Relationship person.


You might not be as selfish or greedy as others - but you've got something that needs fixing - and when you fix this facet of One-Way Relationship in your aura - you will then UNLOCK the door to good two-way relationships - and a flow of "life" energy - as defined by - "The Tree of Life" - will connect you to the source of Love which is the source of all your life-energy.


Everyone is Living a One-Way Relationship

There are delusional people who believe that life is giving them "nothing" !

Everyone lives by constantly receiving energy from Earth, from the ether, from life and from other people


It is a truthful fact that YOU are constantly receiving energy from Earth, from the ether, from life and from others - if you don't believe you are receiving anything - if you honestly feel that - nothing is being done for you - then there's something WRONG with you - you're not thinking truthfully.


In the next few paragraphs - I will explain - it's not your fault for believing that you're not receiving anything - you've been misled, misguided and mis-taught by all who have influenced you - to falsely believe that if you're not getting something specific what you want or getting something you can't have - especially something that's not even yours to have - then - you're not getting anything good in your life.


You've been deceived by your instincts - never to look at what you have - instead you're being driven to want something "new" - your eyes look outwards to the world - you see things you desire and want. And you falsely believe - that because you don't get things you see and want - you're not receiving anything. It is a deception.


Imagine - the Sun stopped shining - you'd feel it - imagine - if you turned blind and couldn't see no more - try it for a few seconds - CLOSE your EYES - and then open them - when you re-OPEN them - realize the truth that you're receiving energy through everything you see with your eyes - because when your eyes are closed you know you're missing something. You probably can't even describe what "it" is - but when you realize that your eyes are allowing you to receive energy - then you're OPEN YOUR EYES even more than you do !


If suddenly you had a heart-attack - then you'd be dead - the fact that you're heart is healthy and working well - the fact you can see with your eyes and think with your brain - means you're receiving energy that's keeping you alive. This applies to everything in your life - look at your hands, feet, arms - look at yourself in the mirror - and realize - YOU ARE A MIRACLE.


Most people naturally COMPLAIN when they've got aches and pains - but when the aches and pains vanish - they don't THINK - magic miracle - healed. Human nature is to take things for granted - and hence the journey of life - for vast majority is a One-Way Relationship - a journey from BIRTH to DEATH - expecting and demanding "life" gives you everything you want - everyday.


Ironically. the more people want things - the more life will take things away from them - until "death" - the end of life - defined by another complete waste of life. Whereas enlightened people - are awakening at this karmic time of spiritual enlightenment - realizing that the dead-end journey has to be more meaningful - and the key is to transform from being a One-Way Relationship person - into - a Two-Way Relationship person.


Most humans live One-Way Relationship with life

On a non-stop dead-end journey of consuming

Humans are animals that constantly "consume" - a non-stop journey from birth to death of taking and wanting more

One-way relationship humans are never happy - with a non-stop thought process to consume and receive something new


In prior generations - your dead-end destination was completely FIXED without any ability to change - as people's minds were restricted to be what they were supposed to be - fooled and deceived by what they were led to believe in - depending on where they lived and what culture they grew-up in - whereas in the past few generations and in particular now thanks to the karmic gift of the internet - and most significantly between 2013 => 2020 - everyone has the karmic opportunity to become "enlightened".


Whilst it is true - according to your circumstances of religion, family, parents and birthplace and culture in your country - You either have a good nature or your don't - You either have a nature to love or a nature to hate - it is clear that everyone is having the karmic opportunities to CHANGE their inherent nature.


The key to preventing yourself from being another dead-end is to change - stop being a one-way person and becoming a two-way person - because almost everyone of every past generation - with the exception of a few people - have been completely FORGOTTEN - their lives were "technically" meaningless.


The only thing they did right - was to love their spouse - have sex - have children - and create the continuity of life - a pathway so that you've been BORN. Now - it is up to you - to validate their existence - by being enlightened and being a person of meaning to the world - instead of following the pathway to a dead-end.


Because - as I will explain on "The Tree of Life" when you be the person that "life" wants you to be - you actually validate - everyone of your ancestors - in all the prior generations in the chain of your life - that created your physical existence - the roots in "Tree of Your Life".


Many people don't know how to give

and don't see the reason why they should give

Humans are animals with inherent instincts - and don't even realize what they're doing - until they begin to "think"

One-way relationship people is a non-stop dead-end journey in a greedy pursuit of getting everything they can get.


The best gift you have as a human - is your ability to THINK - and whilst you live majority of your day not thinking - there are destined karmic times - that will ensure it's time for you to WAKE-UP and THINK - [that's why - by coincidence - you've found and reading this website!].

One of the most painful aspect of life is BAD RELATIONSHIPS - everyone - has to experience them - that's the karmic necessity of life - and the worst type of relationship is a ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIP - when someone you've been involved with, someone you've loved and believed loved you - has taken everything from you - and left you with nothing.


The emotional pain you have is that in hindsight - you've realized "they" never loved you - because - all they wanted was to take from you - they wanted to take everything you had to give - and then they discarded you to find someone else who they can take from. There was no true love in the relationship - there was no loyalty either - it was all ONE-WAY.


Indeed - this is exactly what the "throw-away" generation has been taught to treat "life" - take, use and discard. Even plastic cutlery, cups and paper plates - from many modern fast-food outlets - teach by example - CONSUME, USE and DISCARD - in a completely ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIP.


Indeed - many humans are non-thinking animals that don't even understand "what" they've done wrong in using and then throwing-away - and why it is wrong to take anything from other people. In fact - "earthbound" people - who live for this physical earthly existence - deeply believe the only way to survive is to TAKE as much as possible from everyone that they can get anything from. Their one-way dead-end journey is the non-stop greedy pursuit of getting everything they can get from everyone they can get it from.


The fundamental rule of one-way relationship people is GIVE NOTHING to NO-ONE - and if you have to give - give as little as possible - and in one-way relationships if you give - make you sure you can get more in return than what you give.


Now, that I've defined this - do you understand that the vast majority of your life experiences - have been disloyal and ONE-WAY. You didn't even realize that instinctively you too - have done it too - that's life - but from now onwards - be aware of yourself and your relationships - and STOP the cycle of attracting ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIPS into your life - by STOP BEING a ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIP person.


Your Aura defines "Like attracts Like"

There's something invisible in your aura - that communicates with other people - and attracts people into your life

One-Way relationship people attract One-Way people | Two-Way relationship people attracts Two-Way people

When you stop being a ONE-WAY relationship person then you stop attracting ONE-WAY people

When you become a TWO-WAY relationship person then you attract TWO-WAY people


In "The Book of Reincarnations" Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים - the chapter on Guardian Angels - I explained that your aura is full of spiritual energies - that create a MAGNETIC ATTRACTION to whoever and whatever your destiny needs you to be connected to.


In fact it is the invisible energies that sit in your aura - that define "you" - that creates the energies of ATTRACTION of you to everyone and everything in your life - and as you "connect" - your aura confirms or rejects them - because your destiny has either defined the necessity for the experiences with them or not. That's why you can't always choose the people you love or the people who love you - it's been defined.


But - people who are looking for ONE-WAY relationship - they don't really LOVE you - they never did - they never will - as - they LIE and say they love you in order to get you to do something for them - or so that they can take something from you. When you're desperate for "love" - you let yourself be deceived into having One-Way Relationships - UNTIL - you realize the truth - the other person doesn't love you, never will and never did - they're just using you and taking from you.


One-Way Relationships - always END - as there's no bond of love, trust nor loyalty - the One-Way Relationship is just like your local grocery store - when it closes - you'll have no sadness - you'll go and find another grocery store. Any One-Way Relationship you've had - it wasn't personal AGAINST you - it was because "they" were a One-Way person - and used you - like they use other people.


And I have to add - like many of us - instinctively use lots of people, shops, grocery stores, bakeries, take-away restaurants [and websites too] in this modern world - without THINKING - it's all One-Way Relationship - because no-one is THINKING - no-one is having a Two-Way Relationship - everyone is thinking of themselves and that selfish human instinct means living a One-Way Relationship.


Now, I assume you think it's harsh and blunt - but it's the truth. So if you've found yourself in selfish One-Way Relationship it means you attracted them into your life to teach you a lesson - you can't blame anyone - it is your personal responsibility - because you wanted something from them - as much as they wanted something from you - it's just they were even more selfish than you.


Accepting this TRUTH - will now ensure you WAKE-UP and THINK of all the people in your life - all the people you see, meet and talk to - each and everyday. Do you have feelings for them - do you think of them and wish them happiness in their lives - do you love the people - the place - the home you live in. All you need to do - to become a Two-Way Relationship person is THINK - THINK, FEEL and LOVE the other people in your life. Love them as you would want them to love you. What you EMIT to the world - comes back to you.


All of Life is an Illusion - It's all Emptiness

הבל הבלים הכל הבל

Book of King Solomon Ecclesiastes


Whilst King Solomon teaches that it's all meaningless and emptiness - that's because in reality - most of the things that most people do is all meaningless - taking from life and giving nothing in return. The journey of life from cradle to grave is a daily routine of taking and maximizing on how much "you" can take from life - without giving nothing in return.


The truth is EVERYONE dies - and no-one know when their day will come - it can come at anytime and at any age - and yet many continue to deny this truthful reality and continue a pathway leading to the final "dead-end" - a conclusion of life - like all the prior generations - which will be forgotten as meaningless and emptiness - a total waste of time and life.


Do you feel life is giving you nothing ?

Let's be honest - do you believe that life is giving you "nothing" - that life is unfair to you


Let's be honest - in the diagnosis of your love-life and getting to the source of the problem - you have to be honest with yourself - and I'd assume that many times during the day - you're thinking life isn't fair - nothing is happening - life is giving you nothing - am I right?


That's because your human instincts being brought-up in this generation have made you "ill" to believe that - you've got nothing and life is giving you nothing. Yes I know the feeling because I've been there too - you honestly believe that to be the truth - that life isn't fair to you and you've got nothing.


The real reason why you feel life is giving you nothing is that you're either giving nothing to life or you're blind to see what life is giving you. The reason why you feel unloved is that you're not really loving who you should be loving - and blind to know who loves you. The reason why nothing is happening in your life - is that you're not doing anything with your life - let's be honest - there's moments in your day - when you're not even happy to be alive.


Now you might say - this isn't quite right - because you are giving, living and loving - but I say - you're not giving from LOVE and not appreciating everything that life is giving you. So when you give, live and love - give with your positive emotions - make sure you're ALIVE and EXCITED - in a TWO-WAY relationships with all the people in your life.


If you're not excited by life - then you're not living

The 1st step to having a two-way relationship with life is to become excited by life - really excited that - you're alive !

When you realize the truth of everything that life is giving you - then you should become excited.

You should feel like the luckiest person to be alive - and your aura should glow with radiant happiness of "Life"

I will explain this fully in Chapter - "The Tree of Life"


When you stop wanting and stop taking for a day - you will become awakened to realize the truth - that you have been living a completely one-way relationship - your aura defines you as a one-way person - hence you've attracted other one-way people. Even if you've had moments of being TWO-WAY - the vast majority of your time - your aura is living a ONE-WAY existence.


As I explain - when you're trying to solve the mystery of your relationships - forget other people - heal and fix yourself - and when you do - you'll automatically attract different people into your life. But you can't possibly get the TWO-WAY relationships - until you become a TWO-WAY person - and at the very least - accept that lots of ONE-WAY aspects in your life have to be discarded.


Let's be honest - we all constantly live a one-way relationship - as life is constantly giving us "everything" - we're taking and receiving "everything" - every moment of the day - and most of the time - without even saying thank-you - even if we say thank for you a few mins - if it doesn't excite and energize your aura - then you're emotions are "dead" - and your aura doesn't become energized.


It doesn't even matter - if you believe in GOD or not - because when you're in love - you feel happy, excited, alive and glow with an aura - that defines you are in love with the whole world. Being "in love" - unifies you with the existence of all life as you're connected to the "The Tree of Life" without even realizing it - that's why you feel so alive when having "sex" - as you feel so connected to an invisible world full of life-energy.


Hence, in the same way - you become ALIVE during "Sex" - it is time to become excited and alive with happiness for everything and everyone in your life. Even in hindsight - you can reflect back - to people who gave you things out of love for you - and realize "they" loved you a lot - but because you had a ONE-WAY relationship with life - you ignored them and took from them. But when you think of everyone who's given you something and when you think of everything you've got in your life - AND - realize you have it all - because others love you - you will realize how lucky you are.


Ingratitude and living a ONE-WAY relationship - blocks your aura - using your mind to want something that's not yours, using your mind to believe you've got nothing and using your mind to take from others - blocks what "life" really wants you to have. So take a day-off and STOP WANTING anything on the day-off - and - begin appreciating and loving everything you have. Give-out to the world instead of wanting something from the world - and you'll be surprised how it will change your day.


Many people don't believe they are receiving anything - so they force, take from and steal from others


When you want and desire anything - especially - when you want something that you know is not right for you is when you get trouble - and the reason everyone does it - is because they honestly believe - life is giving them nothing - so their one-way aura forces them to go, STEAL and take from others.

However, when you stop wanting, stop desiring and stop taking things that aren't yours - you aura - gets the message - that you've changed - and so it can now ensure you get what you're destined to get. In fact when you take a day-off from TAKING from the world - and GIVE - OUT happiness, love and positive energies to the world - instead - that's when your aura will ensure you get everything you need.


One-Way relationship people want and want - it creates tensions, stress and anxiety in their aura - because they'll never get what they want' whereas Two-Way relationship people are happy with life - in love with all facets of life - appreciate and love everything about "life" - and hence life finds it much easier to make things happen. The aura of a Two-Way relationship person is open and then becomes enabled to be part of the "Creation of Life" - creating something from nothing.


Everything you have - has been given to you

Everything you have - everything you've ever had - everything you'll ever have - is all and has all - been given to you

You either believe this or you don't - but it is the truth - your health, body, life, good luck and destiny is all given to you


In fact - everything you've had since you've been born - has all been given to you - and - when you take a day-off to think of it all - you'll realize you've been very lucky. The thoughts of feeling you've been lucky because you've received so much in your life - will connect you to your "Tree of Life" - and that's when the flow of goodness can be taken to a new level of awareness. But to be ready to understand this - your aura has to realize - in humility and gratitude - how lucky you are.


Your own thoughts will set you free ...

Humility and Gratitude will unlock your aura

When you realize how lucky you are - and how much you're constantly receiving - it unlocks a blockage in your aura

Wisdom and knowledge - defined by your thoughts - makes you realize the truth - and will unlock your aura


Lies, deceit, nonsense, confusion and all the wrong attitudes - create a huge blockage - and huge clot in the flow of energy to your heart and into your aura and life - that needs clearing. People who believe they're receiving nothing - are totally 100% deluded into a make-believe world of negativity - because for every time your heart-beats you should be totally grateful, thankful and humbled - because if we missed ONE heartbeat - we'd be dead. The truth is - it is a miracle that your heart is beating and you're alive. But this truth is rarely spoken about and much less thought about - unless someone's just come out of heart surgery - then every heartbeat has great significance.


Your life is - FULL of MIRACLES - things and facets - everyone takes for granted - until the moment something goes wrong. When you realize this truth - when you THINK about it - your aura should immediately become humbled in gratitude to "life" for the gift of life - and everything you have in your life. It is YOUR OWN THOUGHTS that will unlock your future.


Change the way you think about life - change the persona you are from being a one-way person into a two-way person - and you'll see significant changes in your life within a very short time. Remember - one-way people - never appreciate life because they never "think" of what anyone has done for them - and they only think of taking - wanting more and never satisfied with anything.


If you ever find yourself thinking that life is giving you nothing - STOP yourself - as that's a lie - cleanse your mind and think - how lucky you are to be alive. Place your hand on your heart and feel the miracle of your own heartbeat. Your own thoughts can change your own destiny - your own thoughts will change the person you are - and your own thoughts will ensure you attract good TWO-WAY relationships into your life as you become a two-way loving person.


One-way people tell the world what they want

One-way people never listen nor accept "life"

When some people pray and tell "God" what they want - they're having a one-way relationship !

The best way to have a two-way relationship with "God" is to say thank you for everything you've got.


Two -Way Relationships

The only reason you're alive is to live for, endure and learn from all the relationships in your life especially and even from all the ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIPS - because even a ONE-WAY relationships is a TWO-WAY relationship that is teaching you lessons about "life" - hence when you realize the truth about ONE-WAY relationships - then you realize - it's your duty to learn from them - let them go - and stop attracting ONE-WAY relationships - because you yourself aren't a ONE-WAY person - as you're now a TWO-WAY person.



All life depends on two-way relationships with other people

Anyone who wants a one-way relationship with "life" is on a dead-end pathway

The only way to grow is through relationships with other people



Life can only be lived when you're in love with life - in love with other people - and when you want to be with people

People who want to be "alone" and live a one-way relationship for "themselves" are missing the whole point of "life"


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם