The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 17 - Two-Way Relationships

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You're constantly having a two-way relationship with everything and everyone in this world

Every breathe you breathe - you take-in 21% oxygen and give-out 16% oxygen & 5% Carbon dioxide


Every breathe you breathe - you take-in 21% oxygen and give-out 16% oxygen & 5% Carbon dioxide. The Carbon dioxide you breath-out is then used by plants, leaves and trees in photosynthesis. Even if you wanted to be totally selfish - you can't be - even if you don't want to help the world grow - you are part of the process of growth and life on the planet - everyone in the world is part of the world - and is constantly engaged in a TWO-WAY relationship with the world.


There's a paradox - which I will explain - and that is some people who seem to the most selfish - living a one-way life and thinking only of themselves - are in fact - part of Earthly cycle - the cycle of earthly energies of birth, death and growth for the world. Hence, every moment whilst you're alive - every breath you take is producing carbon-dioxide for the trees to grow - isn't it ironic that we "humans" are being of service to the "nature"!


The illusion that "humans" are the most important entity on Earth and that every "individual" is living for themselves is NONSENSE. Everyone on earth is living to interact with everything and everyone else on Earth. The facts speak for themselves - as everyone on earth is going to die - no-one lives forever on Earth - therefore even though you know many selfish idiots that only appear to love themselves and believe they'll live forever - are in fact - all part of cycle of life and death on earth - and are living in SYNC with what destiny has defined for everyone - to breathe, to exist, to live and then to die - however to get people to do anything - EVERYONE is given an illusion to get you to do what your destiny wants and needs you to do.


"Illusions" are created to "live" life

Generational Wisdom and Understanding of Life - ensures we all follow the destined pathway


Until Mid-15th Century - everyone believed the earth was flat and that the Sun moved around the world. No-one questioned - no-one dreamed anything else was possible. If you would have told anyone that Earth spins on it's axis and planet Earth moves around the Sun - "they" would have said you're crazy!


The current wisdom and information we now know - makes all previous generations appear to be stupid and ignorant - but the truth is they needed the ILLUSION to live their lives - and - we need the TRUTH in order to live our lives. Until now, the world wasn't ready for the karmic gift of the internet and to hear the TRUTH - indeed - the power of "internet" makes previous generations appear "stupid and ignorant".


Each stage of life and every illusion is valid - UNTIL - destiny defines that - the illusion is no longer necessary - the illusion becomes invalid when it is time for clarity and truth to be revealed.


ILLUSIONS are replaced by TRUTH and WISDOM.


All Illusions are replaced by Truth and Wisdom

Your illusion of life is why you've done anything and why you've had all your relationships


As you've matured and grown-up - you've probably realized that all your illusions - desires - fantasies and dreams - have in fact - turned out to be nonsense, lies and deceit. Everything you've done - you've done because your mind gave you the illusions and desire to want to do it - but after you've done it - OR - after many years - when you wake-up - you realize that it's nonsense.


During each phase of your life, during each relationship and during each karmic lesson you've needed to learn - "life" has given you the illusion - in order to ensure you've done what you did - otherwise you'd never have done anything. The purpose of the illusions - was to make mistakes in order to find the TRUTH - the illusions weren't to give you any pain nor anguish - the illusions were necessary - otherwise you wouldn't do anything and you wouldn't have found the TRUTH or wouldn't be searching on the internet for answers to find TRUTH.


Therefore, as you've about to read this important Chapter 17 - Two-Way Relationships and Chapter 18 - One-Way Relationships - don't let yourself become upset as you realize the TRUTH about many of your relationships. Accept the karmic TRUTH - that now - you're spiritually ready and mature to ACCEPT the truth - and by definition of "all ILLUSIONS always get replaced by - TRUTH and WISDOM" - means the inevitability of having many of your illusions shattered!


Realizing the Truth - "Two-Way Relationships"

Most of the relationships in your life - you're in and been in - aren't really two-way loving relationships !


When you begin any relationship - you're in love - love makes you blind to the truth - because an illusion are clouded your vision. You've been given the illusion in order to get you into the relationship. As I will explain on "Love & Sex" - your 1st sexual experience is never as good as the illusion - but is a necessary 1st step into the world of relationships.


As you've learnt through your own relationships experiences - you've realized that just because you loved someone - doesn't mean you love them forever - and just because someone told you they love you - doesn't mean they really love you. The defining factor is - to finding the TRUTH - is - is your relationship a TWO-WAY relationship or a ONE-WAY relationship ?


Most adolescent relationships are always ONE-WAY - as youthful hormones desires, needs and want sex - in fact any sex with anyone will do - it's not about "love" or falling in love - it's about selfishly wanting sex to satisfy the illusion - it is a ONE-WAY relationship. When you realize - THE TRUTH - that you've been in or in a ONE-WAY relationship - it shatters an illusion - but shouldn't shatter the TRUTH that you should continue to search for TWO-WAY loving relationship.


Indeed, many of you - might even have married someone - because your illusion "deceived you" to believe it was "love" - only when you realized the TRUTH and you realized that you're in a selfish ONE-WAY relationship is why you ended it or it ended.


If you don't have a TWO-WAY relationship it's because you don't want - OR - didn't want a TWO-WAY relationship - OR - you weren't aware of what you really wanted - so you got what your illusions wanted you to get - a ONE-WAY relationship - someone you could walk-away from because it wasn't true love.


Like breathing - you appear to be living life - not realizing that you're just an automated part in the earthly energies - your physical body is breathing in and out - to provide the atmosphere with Carbon dioxide for the plants to grow - similarly - your physical entity is providing someone else - with a physical entity to "love" - but do they really LOVE you in a TWO-WAY relationship or is it a ONE-WAY relationship - and if you weren't available - they'd not miss you - and find someone else to satisfy their own sexual hormones ?


Therefore along the journey to understand TWO-WAY relationships - you need to understand what it is your looking for - what it is that you do - when you interact with other people - and - why you react the way you do. Do you breathe in and breathe out - THINKING "WOW" - that you're having a TWO-WAY relationship with Mother Earth - OR - do you breathe in and out without even thinking of the conversion of Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide that your body does automatically?


Everyone living on the Earth breathes in and out - yet how many - THINK of what they're doing for the plants, trees and for everything on the planet that needs CO2 when they breathe in and out ? Most people are conditioned NOT TO THINK - instead the animal instinct in humans - makes them do what they do and live life - in a delusional self-centred ONE-WAY relationship.


You will realize - before and after you read this chapter - your world is the same world - EXCEPT - you will realize how much of your life has been in a ONE-WAY relationship because you've not been thinking - you've not realized the TRUTH about yourself and about the people in your life - but from now onwards - the more you think - the more you will have a TWO-WAY relationship with life and value the power of TWO-WAY relationships with everyone in your life.


The Foundation of Your Life is Relationships


Even if you don't know - THE TRUTH - "yet" - and even if think you're not searching for anything - the foundation to all life on Earth - is a journey whose destination is TRUTH - TRUTH that is acquired as you learn from all your relationships. Your specific journey to find what you're looking for - began the day you're born - and for most people - the destination of TRUTH is at the end - "at death".


The journey you make during your lifetime - is FULL of energy - but the only real energy that is created is - by your RELATIONSHIPS with other people - everything else is illusionary nonsense you do that fills the time. To prove this fact is simple - you can remember conversations and meetings with people - all your relationships - even from 10 - 20 - 30 years ago - more than you can remember what you did and ate last week - can't you ? In fact you can remember someone clearer than you can remember what you did 2 hours ago ?!?


Thanks to the karma of the generation - especially the power of the internet - you have more opportunities for relationships with other people and know more truths that all prior generations - you don't have to wait until the end - to arrive at THE TRUTH. You don't have to ACCEPT anything that is WRONG anymore - because the karma of the internet means - everyone can see and learn the TRUTH.


When illusions are shattered you can rearrange your life in sync with what destiny wants - there's no longer a necessity to "hold-onto" lies, illusions and nonsense. But you can't do "it" alone - you need interaction with OTHER PEOPLE to grow and through OTHER PEOPLE - [and websites] - you can find the answers you're looking for.


Even someone living alone in the middle of nowhere - can email - and connect with other people via the internet - and this is why humanity is collectively growing - because of experiences and interactions with OTHER PEOPLE. Even email relationships with people from New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Dubai, Europe and Americas - expands your mind to learn about "life" - and can OPEN your good luck - to find what you're looking for.


Even your email relationships are TWO-WAY relationships - as you're conveying energy between each other. When you communicate - are you realizing the movement of energy - OR - are you communicating - in the same way you breathe - without THINKING.


And one of the facts to prove this - I will explain fully on "Love & Sex" - is the truthful fact that you can't even remember most of the times you have "sex" - defines - you weren't even having a TWO-WAY sexual relationship - you could just as well have been having meaningless sex with anyone !


Your life is defined by Your Relationships

"You" are truly defined by all the people you know and have known in your life.

The more people you've known - the healthier your life - and the more fulfilling your life has been and will be.

You can remember moments in your relationship from 20 - 30 years - more than you remember yesterday !


Until you realize this fact - your life objectives might be focused on things YOU want in YOUR life ; whereas what you're about to realize is that what you should want in your life is OTHER PEOPLE - REAL PEOPLE who create energy in your life.


The formula for life is love - and whilst the 1st 6 introductory chapters on this Book of Love - just like the introductory years of your own life - defined you to have emotions for physical earthly facets - the true success, progress and growth in your life is defined - by your relationships with other people - even BAD relationships are better than NO relationships.


The karma of life in being created as a human being is in order to be able to have relationships with OTHER people. It doesn't mean that every person you know, meet and talk to - are all specifically destined facets of your life - but THEY energize through your relationship with them - awakens and energizes facets that are dormant, asleep and locked within you - YOU NEED OTHER PEOPLE - to awaken your aura.


The Chapter on Creation of Life explains the Tree of Life - that you can't do anything meaningful on your own. Relationships with other people - especially connections to all your karmic relationships - puts you on the "Tree of Life" and ensures you do what you were born to do.


Understanding The Tree of Your Life עץ החיים

There is a moment - when ascending and transcending energies meet - where the Tree of Your Life Begins to have meaning


Until you've arrived at this chapter - you can say that "The Book of Love" - as been defining an earthly existence - the invisible energies of love that define "you" and your earthly life - however - as I will explain fully on the "Tree of Life" - everything important that you experience in this physical world - is a mirror, a facsimile and an energy defined by something HIGHER in the spiritual realms.


In fact - your physical existence is like a TREE - who's branches and leaves - enable you to live, absorb and connect with life - whilst your roots firmly embedded defined your karma and your destiny. As in the photo - you can't see the ROOTS of the tree - you can see lots of trees, branches and green leaves - but you can NEVER see the ROOTS.


Likewise - The Tree of Your Life עץ החיים - defines you only KNOW what is right for you - when you experience it and connect to "it" in real life - as the real life physical energy you feel in the real events - sends a signal to your roots and then you become energized - because you feel the connection to the right place, right people and to do what is destined for you to do.


The Tree of Your Life עץ החיים is like being connected to the electricity of life energy. When you're connected you FEEL ALIVE - when you're disconnected you FEEL DEAD. The connections to the RIGHT people is what makes you come ALIVE. Hence - even when you THINK of the RIGHT people - it stimulates and awakens your mind - the electric feeling is what you need to be ALIVE. Even when you feel depressed - you're still alive - because the energies of life from your Tree of Life are still there - faint and weak - but are always there.



When you look at the green leaves - think of everyone in your life as a green leaf in the picture of your life

Collectively - everyone you know - creates the full picture of your life - but WHO is it that truly makes you feel alive?


All the destined moments of your life are

defined by Your Two-Way Relationships

The destined pieces in the puzzle of your life consists of "people" - all the different kinds of people you've met in your life


There's a reason for everyone in your life - as explained in - "Chapter 19 Everyone in your life" - especially the rotten ones - even the people who've been your worst enemies, the most awful and abusive people - are the reason why you are who you are today - hence they've been a vitally necessary part of your life.


Unfortunately - what we all do - is "bury" the bad memories - instead of understanding what "life" wanted to teach us from each person we've known and met. Therefore to begin to understand the difference between TWO-WAY and ONE-WAY relationships - and to complete the full puzzle of your life - you need to lay-out all the pieces - and then put the puzzle together. That means beginning by defining ALL the pieces - all the people - everyone you've known in your life - make a list of them all.


Make a list of at least 30 names ... everyone ..

Who are the people that makes you feel alive?

Make a list the people who make you come alive - and - don't miss out the annoyingly "bad" ones either !


When you're connected you FEEL ALIVE - when you're disconnected you FEEL DEAD.

When you THINK of them - it will make you feel alive. Write a list of at least 30 names of people in your life.


Anyone who makes you come alive and feel alive - include them all in your list - even the BAD people in your life too !

Because even someone who has been BAD to you - is destined too - they create energy and made you come alive - don't they?





The World is a beautiful place but it's even more beautiful with people in it

"People" are what makes your life worth living - People energize your life - Everyone you've ever known


Everyone You've Known contains Energy

The energy of all your relationships is - always present within you - defined by everyone you've known ....

When you "accept" everyone you've known in your life has reason - then you become wholesome

If you deny their existence, avoid or block anyone you've known in your life - then you're missing pieces of your puzzle


How many times have you heard - the feel-sorry-for-me types saying "I'm such a good person - I don't deserve to keep on having bad people coming into my life". The truth is we all get what we deserve - each and everyone has an aura of energies and until we deal with what we've got in our aura - we will keep on repeating patterns.


As your aura and your inherent nature - defines repeat-patterns in all your relationships - you will keep on attracting the same types of people who will repeat the same patterns and experiences - UNTIL - you face the karmic truth, learn about your relationships with others and then either ACCEPT who you are - OR - change the way you are by dealing with root cause of WHY you attract those types of people into your life and WHY you keep repeating those lessons.


If you want to change the type of relationships in your life - you have to get to the root of why your aura is emitting it's energies and why you're constantly attracting the same kind of relationships. That's easy to do - but first - you have to make your list of ALL the BAD people in your life. When you think of them - it should pain you - when you remember what they did to you - it should hurt you - even after many years - because that proves the BAD relationship energy still sits in your aura - until you eliminate the ROOT cause of it.


When I think of my ex's - I thank them for being horrible - because they ensured I am who I am today - in fact it is with great karmic thanks to my 1st ex who ensured I found Jesus Christ by showing me that the Jewish life wasn't for me. Thereafter - each relationship - refined my character to be a better version of myself - by learning from OPPOSITES - you too - can grow. Whenever, I was tempted to slip back into the "old" ways - life reminded me of my pathway - by bringing-in argumentative "opposites" to ensure I stay on the correct pathway.


If, however, you continue to stay of the WRONG pathway and continue to attract the same type of relationships - you're trapping yourself into a cycle of the same "type" of two-way relationship. Anyone who has done you BAD - instead of being angry with them - THANK THEM for being horrible - for they are showing you the right pathway for you. When you EMIT "thanks" and "appreciation" for the BAD people - then your aura STOPS attracting them into your life.


Emit "THANKS" to all the BAD relationships

When you look at grumpy, negative and miserable people - their aura is emitting negativity because of BAD relationships


Everyone in the world - who you see and everyone who sees you - takes in and gives out energy - just like breathing in and out - when you look at someone - you sense a positive or a negative energy - and depending on what your aura needs - you attract them into your life or not.


Personally, I love Poland - I love the people - the energy of the people - profoundly respectful for Christianity - is a relationship energy that a person's aura - defines you either love or hate. Same in any country you live in or visit - you either LOVE it - OR - HATE it - but it's NOT the country you love or hate - it is the people and your two-way experiences with the people in that country - that you LOVE or HATE.


You can't explain it - other than it is a "sign" that is life talking to you - likewise all your BAD relationships have been talking to you - "they" are defining something that you need to hear - as "life" is teaching you lessons. When you look at "sad" lonely grumpy people - you know - they have a sad story of loneliness and lack of love in their lives - whereas someone who looks "alive" - you know - they have a happy story of lots of love in their lives.


But to transform your life - from being "sad" to "happy" - the only way is to emit THANKS to all you've known in your life - to work-down the list of BAD people in your life. To emit THANKS for the lessons you've learnt and that you're away from them all - and then constantly EMIT THANKS in your aura - for all the people you've known - because if you don't you're likely to attract another "repeat" into your life!


Indeed - I always give thanks to Jesus Christ - everytime I go to Basilica - for all the people I've known especially the abusive "religious" Rabbis - because if they'd been nice to me - I'd never have found my way to Jesus Christ. By writing this message online - for "them" to read - makes me giggle too - as I know when "they" read this - it will make them angry - proving that I've triggered their emotions in a two-way relationship - and proving that relationships are happening even at moments when you think you're not even connected to someone. Because the relationship energies constantly sit in your aura. Their hatred for me is constant until they choose to heal it - whilst my thanks for their guidance - pushing me away from Judaism and to Christianity is constantly in my aura too.


I'm sure - you too - when you've done the above exercise - you'll come ALIVE - just by thinking of all the BAD people in your life as - "they" trigger and "they" awaken an emotional response - even though "they" aren't even in your life. Have you ever asked someone about their "ex's" - and suddenly they get all flustered and irritable - it's a sign - they haven't healed their aura.


When someone asks me about my "ex's" - I always have a naughty smile - as I remember the good moments - the fun moments - the times I had sex with them - and then I emit THANKS for the relationship to the ether and into my aura - as I explain on Chapter of "Love & Sex" - the sexual union in a relationship is the one indisputable fact - that there is LOVE even in a BAD relationship.


As explained at the beginning of this chapter - you're given ILLUSIONS, LIES and DECEIT in your life in order to find the TRUTH - it is part of the journey of life - when you realize that the "love" relationship isn't what you thought it was - you were deceived to learn a karmic lesson about relationships.

Just because you've had 1, 2, 3 or even 4 BAD relationships - it doesn't mean that ALL relationships are BAD - it means you should say THANK YOU for the experience and move-on forward with your life - and embrace the next relationship - heal the facet of relationships in your aura.


You're constantly having a two-way relationship

Is it a good one or is it a bad one?

Every moment you're awake - you're having a two-way relationship with life - is it a loving good one or a bad one


Even if no-one is in your life - you're still have a two-way relationship - your aura is still full of relationship energies - but if you're stuck in the negativity of the last relationship - or switched-off to the whole idea of relationships - then your life is going to be miserable and stagnant. To get your life moving forward - means to get your aura awakened - you have to do something you love doing with your life - otherwise - you're going to be stuck for long time.


Astrological predictions are useless if you're not responding to anything - and hence that's why astrological squares and oppositions are powerful moments to wake-people-up - when life challenges and when you get oppositions - you become awakened to do something. When you're all placid and lazy - you do nothing - and nothing happens. That's why you get BAD relationships - to awaken you. The secret to success is to turn-around your need for BAD and hateful TWO-WAY relationships into GOOD and loving TWO-WAY relationships.


In fact - every moment of every day - you're having a TWO-WAY relationship with "life" - the problem arises - when you have more BAD moments than than you have GOOD moments - when you have more HATE than LOVE - means that something is WRONG - and something in your aura that defines attracting BAD moments and BAD relationships - needs to be eliminated from your life.


Whenever you have an argument

you lie and say "ok" - I agree - just to end it ...

Human instinct knows how to deal with arguments and argumentative people - just to shut-them up - you lie and say "ok"


We've all done it - when someone gets so annoying - to close and end the argumentative energy - you lie and say "ok" - I agree with you - but deep-inside you - you don't agree at all - and yet it works for that moment - because your words and your aura is emitting ACCEPTANCE. The problem will arise again - because truthfully deep inside you - you've NOT ACCEPTED the situation and you're forgetting to emit acceptance in your aura.


It's the same - after a "Divorce" - just because you've got a certificate of "Divorce" doesn't mean that you've ACCEPTED that you needed a BAD relationship - and doesn't mean the relationship is "over" as - it's negative energies will continue to create "problems" with repeat cycles - until - the relationships energies are completely healed and "dealt" with in your aura.


I should add - that all "older" people like me - after you've had so many experiences of different relationships - you become more ACCEPTING of others - because the energy of ACCEPTANCE grows in your aura as you learn from each of your relationships - means from now onwards you'll only attract the RIGHT people into your life - you won't waste your time attracting the wrong ones anymore.


When your aura has been healed with ACCEPTANCE - you won't attract negative relationships into your life - defines you're both protected and you've become the real wholesome version of yourself. And if you do attract any negativity - you know it is a lesson for "you" to learn - so you don't get upset or bothered anymore.


When you become awakened and when "you are yourself" - and when you've stopped the cycles of attracting bad experiences in the form of BAD people into your life - you then realize the truth - it is up-to-you to emit energy to the world - and see how the world responds to you.


Emit "THANKS" and "LOVE" to the World

The reason why you're optimistic and why you live-in-hope is knowing there's something good out there for you

The KEY to getting "it" - is LOVE which is found WITHIN YOU - all you need to do is - UNBLOCK and UNLOCK it ...


Everyone in the world - however old or young - is living for something - invisible and inexplicable - you're given a reason to want to live for the future - with a desire for something that you've not yet got in your life - but you want "it" - you don't even know what "it" is - but your emotions - especially when you're negative and depressed - are telling you - that there is something to live for.


However, and so long as you're grumpy, sad, negative and miserable - it's impossible to get it to you - even at a stressful full Moon and even at a New Moon - if you're being so "closed" and "negative" - you'll never get "it".


Whatever "it" is - the key to getting "it" is- love - life wants you to love life - wants you to be excited to live life - and when you do - you begin to LOVE the world - it could be stimulated by a LOVE for chocolate icecream or LOVE for delicious KFC meal - but the bottom line is - everyone lives for and needs to "LOVE" something everyday of your life. However, if it's something that lasts for a few minutes like chocolate - then the LOVE for "it" - vanishes quickly - but LOVE for people in your life - should be on-your-mind all the time.


That "list" of names I suggested you write - how much time in the day - do you THINK of them - how much time in your busy day - do you LOVE them - does you AURA exude lots of energy of love and happiness - because you're so in-love with life and so in-love with the people in your life - OR - do you not even THINK of "life". The irony of life - is most people only love others when they've died or lost the love - but why wait until you've lost someone before you realize the need to LOVE them.


When you constantly emit - "thanks" and "love" to the world - do you feel the world loves you back ? Do you feel anything? Or do you feel nothing? When you emit THANKS and LOVE to the world - it is meditative process of energizing your aura - something you can do on your own - because it is your THOUGHTS that need to be awakened before you can feel any response from the world. So take some time - THINK how much you love your life - and how much you love the people in your life.


Everyone has RELATIONSHIP energies that sits in your aura - but it needs you to be clear and honest with yourself - if you LOVE facets of someone but HATE other things about them then the result is a BLOCKAGE. You can't LOVE and HATE the same person - you can't LOVE and HATE life at the same time - You either LOVE or HATE - the question you need to answer for yourself is - are you LOVING more than you're HATING - and is your aura overwhelmingly OPEN and LOVING than it is grumpy and hateful.


When you're LOVING life - when you LOVE the people in your life - you become OPEN to goodness - you become OPEN to success ; but when you hate life - what you hate people in your life - you become closed to anything good happening in your life - and your life becomes stagnant.


I've known many people who "lie" and say they love life - or love the people in their lives - but if they did - they'd be happy. The fact they're not happy is a sign of "illness" - the "illness" that needs healing with plenty of "LOVE". Love is the only cure you need to fix every facet of your life - Love is the secret to the Creation of Life - Love makes everything happen - Love solves all the problems in the world.


In that LIST of names - of everyone you've known in your life - how many of them do you really "LOVE" - how many of them - still disturb you - because you've got them in your aura - but you've not solved the mystery of why they had to come into your life. Think of them - and let them go - they were only manifestations of negative karmic energies you needed in order to teach you a lesson of love, compassion and forgiveness.


What do others feel when they look at you

What do you feel when you look at other people

Human nature is to constantly be looking at other people - What type of energy do you sense in the world from others?

When you look at other people what do you feel? When other people look a you - what do they sense from you ?


Human instinct is the same as animal instinct - constantly OPEN and LOOKING at "others" - to sense and detect danger in form of negative energies or sense happiness and love in the form of positive energies. This is instinctively why "women" - who I have to say - are generally far more sensitive than men - often go-out window-shopping in the search for something positive.


When you go-out amongst people - do you sense - a BRIGHT and HAPPY world - OR - do you sense a negative and grumpy world ? Do you LOVE going-out for a walk amongst other people OR do you hate being amongst others? The truth is - it is the same world - it is up to you - defined by your aura, your destiny and your character - whether you sense a BRIGHT and HAPPY world - or you sense the opposite.


There is ONE important fact of human relationships and that is you always get energy from seeing OTHER PEOPLE as other people get energy from YOU - simply by seeing them - sensing them - sensing their aura - feeling their warmth - this is specific to when you see them in REAL life - [as "internet" or photos are truly illusions].

When a man sits next to a woman or a woman sits next to man - or shake hands, hug or kiss - you instinctively feel a warmth - especially if you think they're attractive, beautiful or handsome as their aura WARMS you even more - and turns you "on".


The truth is they're emitting the same energy in their aura - it is merely your willingness to be OPEN to their warmth - that WARMS you and energizes you. Whereas someone you're not interested in - won't do anything for you. Defining the TRUTH - that it is up to YOU - to choose to live in your BRIGHT and HAPPY world - or - to live in your closed, depressed and negative world.


Everyday - everyone is instinctively - SEARCHING for energy from people in the world - as you interact with everyone in your daily life - you feel both the positive and negative energies. But to truly understand life - you need to understand what OTHER people feel from you - when people look at you - when people try and sense what's going on with you - what do they see and what do they sense about "you"? Are they receiving a flow of positive energies OR are they wishing you weren't alive and they never saw you !


When you live in your BRIGHT and HAPPY world then - everyone who sees you senses your BRIGHT and HAPPY world - you will only connect with BRIGHT and HAPPY people when you're living in your BRIGHT and HAPPY world. This state is when you're having a positive TWO-WAY relationship with the world - everything you emit is coming back to you - everyone you smile at - smiles back ; everyone you talk to - talks back ; everyone you like - likes you too ; everyone you love - loves you too - the exchange of energies are equal and energizing - that is exactly what you're SEARCHING for - from all the people in your life.


The TWO-WAY relationship becomes a problem when you emit love to the world and you don't feel loved back - when you feel nothing from the relationships in your life - when they all feel DEAD - because you honestly feel nothing is coming back to you.


The truth is - if you feel DEAD - then that's what other people feel from you - they feel NOTHING from you - because if you honestly feel nothing - it is not "other" people in your life - it is "you" - "you" have attracted "dead" relationships - because that's what you want - in order to awaken you to change yourself - to become a TRUE TWO-WAY relationship person.


Love and Two-Way Relationships

All life depends on two-way relationships of giving out energy to the world and receiving energy from the world

Anyone who wants a one-way relationship with "life" - that just wants to take and give nothing - are prematurely dying


Defining One-Way & Two-Way Relationships


Everyone is alive to be in "relationships" and that you only live life when you're in a relationship - the problem is in understanding the meaning difference between ONE-WAY relationships and TWO-WAY relationships. Everyone has had relationship - where the relationship - the connection - the bond - does more for you than it did for the other person - or - when it did more for them - that it did for you.


Relationships that are totally meaningless - that you can't even remember "them" and when you try to remember "them" - you don't feel anything - defines "you" weren't in a TWO-WAY relationship - it was a ONE-WAY relationship.


By definition - if the experience you had in a relationship - could have been with "anyone" - and wasn't specific to the person - then it was a ONE-WAY relationship - someone you attracted into your life to teach you something about "life". And the fact that you remember NOTHING significant means it was a ONE-WAY relationship OR - the fact that all you remember are BAD experiences - and wished you'd never met the person - also defines facets that it was a ONE-WAY relationship - life could have chosen anyone to give you the BAD experience - hence you don't really have a connection with the person - that's probably when you don't LOVE them anymore.


However, as I explain above - even the ONE-WAY relationships - you should THANK them - emit in your aura THANKS for all your relationships - especially the ones who gave you the BAD experiences in order to teach you important lesson and give your life direction. Because by doing this - you're repelling the need for any more BAD ONE-WAY relationships to come into your life.


When you need "help" is there anyone who helps

Or when you need "help" - are you on-your-own

The proof to know you're in a ONE-WAY relationship is when you need "help" - there's no-one as no-one is sensing your pain

However, when you're in a TWO-WAY relationships - whenever you need "help" - there's always someone who senses your pain


When you look at a complete stranger and think "I love you" - it probably won't do anything to create a relationship with them - but it will help you in becoming a loving person - as you have love and compassion for all - as you exude positive energies into the ether.


In every relationships your in - you probably "know" the people you can rely on - when you need "help" - they are there for you - just like you're there for them. When you give them something - they give you something. When you ask about them about their life - they ask about you about your life. The relationship and conversations are always TWO-WAY.


But people with whom - it's all about "them" - people who don't even know your name - people who never care to ask you - and people who never HEAR your aura - especially when you need "help" who don't "help" - are all ONE-WAY relationships. From my experiences - people who are TWO-WAY will always be TWO-WAY and people who are ONE-WAY will always be ONE-WAY - as people who pursue a selfish life - a life which all about "them" are following a one-way dead-end pathway until the day they die - and then they're gone - totally forgotten about - as if they never existed.


Realizing you're in a one-way relationship

Shattering the illusions - Truth will set you free

When you realize the truth about relationships - your illusions will be shattered - so eliminate the "garbage" from your life

Deal with root cause of why you attract "one-way" relationship into your life - are you a one-way person or two-way person?


From birth everyone is instinctively ONE-WAY - because - we all needed to be ONE-WAY to survive. Everyone needed to receive love, energy, protection and support at young age - but - many adults - haven't grown-up to become adults - and still want a ONE-WAY relationship with life. They want their partners, their friends, spouse, lovers and every in the world to GIVE them everything - without doing anything in return.


Most people are ONE-WAY will always be ONE-WAY until - you awaken to realize the need to be TWO-WAY - or until you're taught by "life", by example of others, by teachers, parents or friends - that life is TWO-WAY - of working together, of sharing and of living together.


Even if you've learnt to manipulate your relationships - like all children manipulate their parents - by lying - by telling them you "love" them - in order to get to do something for yourself - you're still living a ONE-WAY as manipulations are just another way of getting something for yourself. Indeed - you all know - men and women - who marry for "money" - tell someone they love them - to get something from them. It's just an extinction of a ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIP.


The karmic gift of the internet is powerful - as it magnifies what most people are - selfish ONE-WAY - as the vast majority download - take - copy and use hard work from "others" - without even saying THANK YOU - they don't even feel they're doing anything wrong - as everyone else is doing it too - but that existence is ONE-WAY.


The ONE-WAY dead-end existence is the karmic reason why so many people are feeling the karmic pain of living a ONE-WAY life with ONE-WAY relationships - because you aren't interacting with anyone - you're living with illusions - and nothing is lasting in your life. Hence, you're reading this chapter.

Now that's the blunt truth - which has probably shattered your illusions about many of your relationships and many people you know - as you realize most are ONE-WAY - selfish - horrible and only thinking of themselves - indeed they were part of the lessons you needed to learn about relationships - and all meaningless for the purpose of your future - so let me now explain - how to become a TWO-WAY relationship person ....


Do you think - it's a miracle that you're ALIVE?

Do you constantly think you're lucky to be alive - OR - Do you wait to complain about life when something goes wrong?

When you look at other people - do you think - it's a miracle that everyone is alive, healthy and well ?


Everyone is intrinsically as TWO-WAY relationship person - but it is often an unused facet in almost everyone's lives - whilst you breathe-in and breathe-out every second of your life - and whilst your heart constantly heartbeats with vibrancy - pumping all the oxygen you've breathed-in around your body in the blood through your veins and arteries - you rarely THINK of these facts - you rarely think it's a MIRACLE - until you either read them OR until something goes wrong OR until someone you know has had a heart-attack and died !


The fact of your life is - you're living a constant miracle - it's a miracle you're alive - and yet vast majority of humans - don't think - WOW - what a MIRACLE - in fact most get very annoyed and angry when things go-wrong because "they" expect life to keep-on giving them - and they want to keep-on taking forever in a one-way relationship.


So when life stops giving - they're DEAD - when life comes to a stagnant halt because they can't find anyone to give them anything anymore - or everyone is fed-up giving them - "they" can't function - they might attempt to steal from others - but even if "they" do - they will always end-up doing nothing with their lives - that's the definition of DEAD-END ONE-WAY relationships - if it was up-to-them nothing would happen - nothing would ever get done - everything would END for they treat life a ONE-WAY relationship.


Indeed - the "karma" of the world is proving this - as humanity steals and takes from mother Earth more than it gives to the Earth - is ensuring the END comes quicker than previously planned - that too is destined. For when the whole world lives in a ONE-WAY relationship - when everyone is looking to take from others - what they want for themselves without giving anything - inevitably the END will come quicker.


However, lucky for humanity that enlightened wise people are realizing this truth - understanding the need to live in a TWO-WAY sustainable relationship with mother Earth. Indeed - this is the key to a meaningful life with continuity by having a TWO-WAY relationship with everyone and everything in your life.


Often, people complain and say - I've tried being nice to everyone - but no-one notices me and no-one is nice to me in return. The truth is - it doesn't matter - because during your transformation from being a ONE-WAY person to becoming a TWO-WAY person - there will be people who won't understand you - that's ok - because if you're amongst people - who don't like you - don't change who you are - still be "you" and life will ensure you find yourself amongst people who will like you.


TWO-WAY relationship "Loves and Accepts"

One-Way Relationship people always tell the world what "they" want - like a spoilt immature child

Two-Way Relationships ACCEPTS the world for what it is - ACCEPTS everyone for who they are - and will let "you" be "you"


If you're a one-way relationship person you want to change "others" - hence you attract people into your life - who want to change you too. If you're a two-way relationship person - you want others to be themselves - you accept everyone for who they are - hence you attract into your life - people who love and accept you for the person you are.


The Holocaust happened - because one-way relationship autocratic people wanted the world they wanted - and it all ended in a dead-end. Whereas the phase of spiritual enlightenment the world is experiencing and will continue to experience is ACCEPTING everyone for whoever they are - whatever their nature - whatever their "religion" - ACCEPTANCE means ACCEPTANCE - it does not means saying you accept - and then excluding people from your life - or fighting against them - it means ACCEPTANCE - and - ACCEPTANCE will mean WORLD PEACE.


How to become a TWO-WAY relationship person


It's easy and simple to become a TWO-WAY relationship person and that's defined by ....


Acceptance of Everyone - Love of Everyone


One-Way Relationship people always tell the world what "they" want - like a spoilt child

Two-Way Relationships ACCEPTS everyone in the world for whoever they are

Two-Way Relationships - wants "you" to be "you" - will let "you" be "you" - will love "you" for being "you"


All one-way relationship people are never happy with life - they always want "others" to do what they want and want to change "others". If you're a two-way relationship person - you want others to be themselves - you accept and love everyone for whom they are.


Acceptance means everyone has a right to exist - Acceptance means you want them to have their own life - with lots of love and happiness - Acceptance means you're happy - when they're happy. Acceptance means you want everyone to have the life they're destined to have and you don't want to interfere with their life - in the same way - you wouldn't want them to interfere with your life. Acceptance defines karmic boundaries.


When you THINK of what ACCEPTANCE means - you'll realize that if you're fighting with someone - if you're arguing with someone - if you're jealous of someone - if you hate someone - then you're emitting a negative energy into your own aura - you're poisoning yourself - you won't be at peace - because your aura is disturbed by your own thoughts.


Therefore, to eliminate these negative energies that sit in your aura - you need to ACCEPT and LOVE all - especially people you hate and have done you BAD in your life - it's fundamental to getting them out of your aura - the only way is to THANK them for the BAD experiences they gave you - as they've made you learn about "life".


"You" - Your Face & Smile Belongs to Others

The purpose of Your face, Your Smile and Your Aura is to Energize Others - do you feel that "you" belong to others ?

Do you feel that your life is to make others happy ? Do you realize - your face and your smile enlivens others ?


Your Face isn't Yours - Your Smile belongs to others

Your Appearance belongs to other people


Two-way relationship means that life isn't about "you" - it's about being involved with other people - it's all about what energy you generate in the world and be in the flow of life-energy in the service of mother Earth. As explained above - all humans breath - if they didn't the air wouldn't have the carbon dioxide for plants and trees to grow - even though most people don't even realize "they" are of service to mother Earth - "everyone" is!


Likewise - even though most people - think "looking" good is for themselves - to promote themselves - "they" are actually being of service to others - because when you look at a handsome man or beautiful woman - you get energized. Everyone gets more excited and energized by - looking at someone else - more than they get energized looking at themselves. Other people contain the energy you need to live - and you contain the energy other people need to live.


You can't see your own smile - you can't see your own eyes - and yet when you smile and twinkle your eyes at someone - you know they feel an energy - because most times they reflect an energy back to you - even complete strangers - that's because - instinctively THEY NEED your energy to live - THEY NEED to see you in real life - to become energized. Even if you never have a "relationship" with them - even if they don't smile back - merely your existence in their world - the warmth and energy of your aura - and the SMILE you smile - is energizing their lives.


You're at your happiest moments when ...

You're energizing others the most

Your happiness is defined by how much your energizing other people

The BEST and HAPPIEST moment of "relationships" is when you're having "sex"


Indeed - the BEST and HAPPIEST moments of "relationships" is when you're having "sex" - when you're loving someone you're at your peak of physical love - [which I explain on the Chapter of Love & Sex] - and as you energize someone with your love - you're actually energizing yourself.

BUT - do you think of "Love & Sex" - as something you're doing for yourself - or - something you're doing for the other person? If it is something you're doing for yourself - then technically "anyone" will do and you're not in-love with them - it's a selfish ONE-WAY relationship - as you don't really love them and they don't really love you either.


The next BEST and next HAPPIEST moment of "relationships" is when you're thinking of "love" & "sex" with them - even before you embark on a NEW relationship - you're energized by "someone" new - with THOUGHTS of loving them and having sex with them. The fact that you're turned-on, excited, warmed and made to feel "hot and bothered" - when you see and meet them - is a sign - they're doing something for you. Their aura is exuding it's energy - that you sense and want - because it is energizing your life.


Everyone you see and meet - there's an interaction of energy - two-way energy - that they are receiving energy from you - like you receive energy from them - when you realize how important "other" people are - instead of avoiding "others" - you'll want to be amongst "other" people.


You're actually most alive when you're amongst lots of people - hence airports, concerts, public transport, weddings, funerals - even queues in supermarkets have plenty of energy - unfortunately - many SELFISH ONE-WAY people hate other people - so they hate being amongst other people.

They attempt to keep their own energy to themselves - but - they're failing to realize - that an individual on their own - has no energy - you only received a flow of energy when you're amongst and through OTHER people - life gives you more energy - the more people you see, meet and know in REAL life.


I add the words REAL LIFE - due to the fact that "internet" energies - aren't even 5% of REAL life energies - that's because you can't feel the strength and truth of someone's aura - as an image over the internet is usually an illusion - rarely is it a TWO-WAY relationship - as there's no real electric warmth of feelings that you get when you see someone in REAL LIFE.


When you realize that OTHERS need your energy - they need to see and meet you in REAL life - because your aura contains energy they need - then instead of avoiding people - you'll realize the power of being amongst others. If you think of other people's energies like pieces of your jigsaw puzzle of your life - and you too have energies which are important pieces of other people's live - then when you go-out your aura - can acquire and pick up the pieces you need - whilst delivering and giving energies to those that need your energy - to make your life FULL and ENERGIZED - as it makes other people's lives FULL and ENERGIZED.


Do you realize what you do to "others"?

You've probably no idea what you do to "other" people - especially when you smile at them - say "good-morning" to them


Many years ago - accidentally and unexpected - I let my bath towel slip - and my girlfriend at the time - said that it was one of the happiest moments of our affair - as it excited her so much. The truth is NONE of us know what we do to others - it could be the T-shirt you wear - it could be a twinkle in your eye - it could be your smile - it could be absolutely ANYTHING - that suddenly does "it" for someone - making their day a much happier day - an unforgettable moment in their boring lives.


When you realize - how powerful it is to look at anyone and wish them lots of love, happiness and success - you'll want to meet and see lots more people than you see. Whilst people "think" facebook means lots of friends - astrologically - defined by the 7 Planetary Relationships - if you don't meet, connect with and see at least 7 types of people a day - then you're missing important pieces of your life.


TWO-WAY relationship means understand that YOU are as important to other people - as they are to you. Could you imagine a shopkeeper - being grumpy and telling everyone - "GO AWAY - I don't want you to come into my life" - their business would fail - and yet many people fail to realize that if your aura is emitting "GO AWAY - leave me alone" - then - you're failing at "life".


So be a SUCCESS - be HAPPY with life - smile and exude an aura of warmth - energize others - and then you'll see "life" energizing you. Just one word of advice - of how to put a smile on your own face - THINK of SEX - if you want your aura to glow full of positive energy and excitement - then think of times when you've made love - had sex - loved someone - because the energy of LOVE and SEX is always strong and forever present in your aura - and it's the best energy if you want to energize your aura - your "naughty" smile and twinkle in your eye - will automatically attract people into your life.


It's the truth - the next BEST and next HAPPIEST moment of all "relationships" is when you're thinking of "love" & "sex". The next BEST and HAPPIEST moments of your life - are all your FUNNY moments - life events and experiences - that you've had with other people.


How many times has someone looked at you and said what on earth are you thinking of with that BIG smile on your face - you can always sense - when someone's been "naughty" and when someone's in love - the energy exudes in their aura - it's something you sense - and it makes you become HAPPY too. Through the power of emitting positive energies of love and happiness to the world - your world becomes an even happier place to live in.


Everyone You meet Everyday Has Energy

The energy of all living things in the world is always present within you every moment of every day

Who did you meet and greet today - who did you smile at today - whose lives have you made happier today ?


The more energy you give-out to the world

The more energy flows through you

The flow of energy is defined by your love for others - if you don't love other people - nothing will flow through



Happiness is your beauty wear your Happiness always


In July 2012 - I received a phonecall and text message from Tamara Al Gabbani from Dubai - it was a defining karmic moment - a totally unexpected surprise from someone with insight to dealing with the "people". Have you realized that ONE phonecall or ONE text message or ONE email you send or receive can change someone's life and can change your life too?


She used her power and identity - to teach me and make an impression on me - the connection and contact that was made - wasn't about "her" - it was about energizing me to energize other people - to be in the flow of life-energy. Have you ever used your power to be of SERVICE to others ? To uplift others? To put a smile on others ? To make other people's lives happier. "Happiness is your beauty - wear your Happiness always" ...


The Karmic internet taught me about "life"


The internet is the same as real life except much more powerful - as you receive messages from all over the world - "someone" out there can sense something in your aura and sends you the message you need to hear. In the past - when I hadn't learn lessons of "relationships" - I attracted all kinds of complainers, moaners and hate-mail - UNTIL - July 2012 - when I decided to delete everything - detach completely from the internet - and live a real life - in fact Summer 2012 - was the best Summer holidays ever - being completely offline and away from internet.


A few special people - found a way to contact me - and encouraged me - to find a solution to the way forward. These people - defined a TWO-WAY relationship - they wanted the websites in their lives - and hence during 2013 & 2014 - people donated to have access to the Astrology website - this showed me - the essence of a TWO-WAY relationship. A TWO-WAY exchange of energy between people - they gave money and I gave access to the information. The internet taught me this lesson.


There was an even more important lesson I learnt and that was - the "internet" was a reflection of people in my own real life - where I lived and where I worked - once I changed to be the real version of myself - life moved me away from those people and life now is completely different to what it was in 2012. So listen to what I'm writing - "it" works!


Hence, I have to say to all on the "internet" - if you can't find someone in real life to love - then you're not going to find anyone on the internet - if you have no-one in real life - then the internet isn't going to help you - if you've got problems in real life - then you've probably got problems on the internet too. But when you FIX your real life - then - your "internet" life gets fixed - AND - when you fix your "internet" life - then real life gets fixed too.


The advantage of the internet is that it will magnify what you need to learn - hence the internet will teach you brutal karmic lessons of BAD relationships and also give you huge reward for learning the lessons - that's because the "internet" connects to "everyone" out there - the incoming energies are magnified - both - for good and for bad !


Although I must add an important point - astrologically - everyone born after 1973 - due to Pluto in Libra at the time of your birth - you have an inherent addiction problem with the "internet" - and to prove it - you can't stay offline for 24 hours can you? If you can - then you're winning the addiction - and if you can stay offline for 7 days - I'd be very surprised - but when you face this TRUTH - you will realize that at times - the "internet" is draining you - and it's afflicting your real life - especially when the communicative addiction to the internet - squares and opposes - your Moon each and every month. Shatter the illusions that you need the "internet" in your life everyday - when you realize this TRUTH - that the internet isn't giving you a GOOD TWO-WAY relationship and it's hurting you at times - then you can be FREE to have a REAL life - full of happiness and love with REAL people.


Life is Love - Love is Relationships with People

Acceptance of Everyone - Love of Everyone

Summary of This Chapter 17 - Two-Way Relationships


- When you put energy into a relationship and nothing is produced it's a bad relationship - indicates something wrong in your aura

- Life is about relationships with other people - so avoiding other people is creating a "dead" and "stagnant" aura

- Even "bad" relationships - help cleanse your aura - and liberate you from the need for repeating "bad" relationships

- In learning the lessons about relationship - you can only learn - from "bad" relationships - so say thank you for the bad ones !

- Once you've learnt to ACCEPT everyone for whoever they are - you begin to enjoy "people"

- Any "Blocks" in your life are created by not having Two-Way Relationships

- Accepting and loving everyone for whoever they are - removes the blocks from your aura

- It's the attraction of opposites - that everyone must experience "bad" relationships - people who lie and don't love you

- When someone inexplicably hates you - they are manifesting something your aura is emitting

- Your aura wants them to hate you in order to ensure you're guided away from them.

- Don't take it personal .... When anyone rejects you - they don't even know you - they are rejecting something in your aura

- And when anyone loves you - they're loving something in your aura

- Love is illogical - why some people have loving relationships and others have no-one is defined by one's aura

- When anyone hates you - they don't really hate or dislike "you" - they hate and dislike something in your aura

- Conversely - when someone loves you - they love something invisible in your aura - that makes you attractive



Chapter 18 - One -Way Relationships

The only reason you're alive is to live for, endure and learn from all the relationships in your life

Especially and even from all the ONE-WAY RELATIONSHIPS - there's a reason for everyone in your life



3 Types of Loving Two-Way Relationships

All of which I will explain on the Chapter of Love & Sex



[1] When You Say "I Love You" and Someone Reacts and says "I Love "You" back to you.

[2] When You Emit Feelings of "I Love You" and then you feel the heat, the warmth and the "Love" from someone

[3] When You have "sex" and you feel the strength of physical energies of the person loving you



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם