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Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by יהונתן וואקסמאן

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Chapter 16 Relationships, Past, Present & Future

Audio file is - [16] "Relationships, Past and Present sit in your aura"


When you realize that everyone whom you've ever met, whoever you know and whoever you will meet

sits as an energy in your aura then you'll realize exactly - who you are and how you define your own life ...


Let me begin to explain this important chapter - with a comparison to "FOOD" you've eaten - everything you've ever eaten has become part of you - your eating habits - foods you like to eat - became part of "you" - because not only you need these foods - but your body accepts these foods and emits a feeling of acceptance into your mind.

If there's any food you hate or that's bad for you - your physical body rejects it - and sends your brain a message - "don't eat it again - it's bad for you" - it could be a filthy bakery you bought from - a restaurant or take-away sandwich you've eaten "by mistake" - if it made you sick or didn't taste right - then you've got a message instilled in your head that says "don't eat it again - it's bad for you".

Conversely - foods which you love - which makes you feel good, satisfied inside and tasty - sends messages - "please eat it again - it's very good for you". Even sugary, sweet and "technically" unhealthy foods - if you enjoy them and if they're sweet - then you'll get the same message "please eat it again". Habit and routine - means instinctively without even thinking or deciding - you know what to buy, what to eat and where to eat.


Your early childhood experiences with "food" - such as hating garlic or onions - or being "sick" after eating peanuts or fish - can be such strong memories that you grow-up with thoughts - "please NEVER eat it again" - your own mind might manifest this as an allergy in your physical body - to block you from making the mistake you made as a child.

It's a fact of life that "You" are defined by what, when and how much you eat - and hopefully the people you meet in your life and live with, your family and your loving partners have similar tastes - which defines stability and knowing - that "you" are "you" - that "you" can continue being "you" - without changing your nature.

Whilst eating habits vary from country to country - there's a common factor in wherever you go - and that's what "suits" you - hence - when you travel from country to country - you're influenced - positively and negatively by the foods of that country. Wanting what you regularly eat in your "home" country even when you're on holiday in a foreign country - defines "you" are wanting to have the stability of being "you" - wherever "you" are. And wanting whatever you want when you're very hungry and thirsty - defines what essential and vital foods you need to EXIST.


And here is my main point to introduce this - Chapter 16 - Relationships - Past, Present & Future - everything you've ever eaten in your life has become a part of your body - likewise - everyone you've ever met, known, interacted with - has become a part of your aura - the relationship energies - both positive and negative - created by your experiences with other people - have defined the INVISIBLE version of "you" that the world senses and the version of yourself that "you" are comfortable with.


The INVISIBLE relationship energies that define "you" - that others sense and become attracted to or avoid defines both the essential people you need in your life and the types of people you can't have in your life. The invisible energies in your aura defines the way you interact with other people, what types of people you attract into your life who brings out the BEST in your nature and which types brings out the WORST in you, who makes you become the best loveable, successful and happy version of yourself and who makes you become ill, sad and sick.


"You" are "you" - and whilst some facets you can change about yourself - the intrinsic nature of who you are - and who you need in your life - is defined by an INVISIBLE world of energies that sits in your aura. Your aura and everyone else's aura - defines what happens in your life - who comes in your life, who is attracted to you and who you're attracted to.


A "Memory" is an energy in Your Aura


Whilst scientists might believe that a "memory" is a document stored in your brain - the reality is your brain is the connectivity to every invisible energy that sits in your aura. For example - when you THINK back to last time you had sex - it isn't a retrievable document - it is a memory full of energy that sits in your aura.

And as I will explain on Chapter 18 - One-Way relationships - you might not even remember the last time you had sex - because it was meaningless to you - but you will remember the last GREAT time you had sex with someone you really loved and connected with.


When you THINK of the really HAPPY moment in your life - you can feel it's energy in the "glow"of warmth and excitement from within you - usually you feel it in your head, eyes and face or in your hands - as you feel the ALIVENESS that the MEMORY has. That "memory" is part of "you" and will always be a part of "you".


I suggest you THINK of the really FUNNY and NAUGHTY moments in your life - because as humans - we always SMILE from within when we remember naughty moments - as they contain so much energy. Do you sense the "glow" of happiness from the memory? Conversely when you THINK of the really SAD moment in your life - do you feel the shift in emotions? Every important memory you think of - is ever present in your aura and that is what is sensed by "others" - it doesn't need words to convey the message - as it sits in your aura.


"Memories" are like screensavers ...

You can choose what photo you want on your screensaver - likewise you can choose what you want others to sense about you


When you go for a job interview - you convey an aura - "please give me this job" ; your aura could convey this message as "I'm desperate - please give it to me" - OR - "I'm the best person for this job, I will kiss-your-arse everyday and never give you any trouble" - OR - "If you give me this job - I will make your life happy and successful" - OR - "If you give me this job - I will make your life a misery" !


Whatever you're thinking is ENERGY that sits in your aura - and is what other people sense about you. That's why other people don't make their decisions based on logic - they make their decisions based on the INVISIBLE feelings they receive from your aura. Whilst your parents always told you to be confident and at your best for job interviews - I tell you - to be "you" - be OPEN and let everyone sense the positive energies from you - let everyone feel you're a good person and will make their lives happier.


When you go dating - you don't convey negative messages that you're a depressing boring person - or just been "dumped" - instead you should convey the positive energies that "I can show you a good time" and "I will love you a lot" or "try me out and you'll see how much fun we can have" !

Likewise, if you've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend - OR - if you've had bad relationships and a lonely loser - that "emptiness" will sit in your aura - instinctively, other people will sense this from your aura and won't be attracted to you and keep away from you. Hence, when you go-out and are amongst other people - EMIT an IMAGE in your aura - that you want others to sense.


If you emit nothing - then others will instinctively pick up - what your aura is emitting a dead-boring "emptiness". That indeed is the reason why you sense such constant negativity from so many people - as all they're emitting an aura of failures, bad relationships and meaningless worries. That's why you will instinctively AVOID most people you see - because something looks "wrong" with them.


One of my suggestions is THINK of the funniest moment of your life - THINK of the happiest moment of your life - THINK of the naughtiest moment of your life - THINK of the best "sex" you've ever had - THINK of the best "loving" moment of your life - and let it fill your aura with energy - let that become your Auric screensaver - do this every day - and let your aura come ALIVE - and then you'll see how people will become "attracted" to you.


You sense Everyone's invisible aura

& Everyone senses your invisible aura

You instinctively sense "something" whenever you meet and see anyone in real life

What and who they are, and what they mean to you as you sense their "invisible" messages in their aura


Whoever you see - you instinctively know and sense something from everyone - defined by an energy of what they mean to you and what they do to you - you don't even have to hear what they say - because seeing them in real life - you sense their aura and the invisible energies that are communicating to your invisible aura.


Everyone senses something from everything and everyone in the world. In fact every moment of everyday your aura is sensing something. Even on a day when you think you're switched-off, "dead" and sensing nothing - your aura is still sensing something. Even if you say you don't believe in the "invisible" energies - it is a FACT OF LIFE that - "you" are constantly sensing and receiving energies and each these invisible energies are communicating with your aura - the invisible energies that sit in your aura - will define what you do with your life.


When you go to sleep and inexplicably wake-up feeling refreshed - your aura has been recharged - to ensure you have a good day; conversely if you wake-up feeling drained and grumpy - it is because your aura has received messages that is making you feel uncomfortable - in order for you to ask yourself WHY and then do something about changing your life.


Until you become "awakened" you don't realize the immense power of the invisible - but now that you're reading this website you're understanding the truth that you're constantly receiving and sensing lots of energies - some of which will be stronger than others. Each of which - especially the destined karmic energies are all being stacked-up in your aura - until you use them in the way destiny wants you to use them.


The more you AVOID using the relationship energies - the more will keep being stacked-up in your aura - until it starts to annoy you and forces you to deal with them - because the invisible energies sitting in your aura - will ensure you must do what your life needs you to do. If it is something that must happen in your life - then it will grow in strength in your aura and will create an inexplicable blockage to other facets of your life until you do what life wants you to do.


I've always said that life is about "relationships" - the fact you either feel alive or feel dead is because of having people or having no-one in your life. You could have "it" all - but if you don't have the right people in your life - you'll feel you have nothing. Hence, if something is BLOCKED or something isn't right in your life - then you'll find the solution here - in understanding that your own aura is making things happen or blocking things - because "relationships" energies need to be sorted out.


Everyone you've known sits in your Aura

You can't choose who has been in your life - but you can choose what type of energy that their memory sits in your aura


When you look at someone who is sad, lonely and "closed" - you sense they've been hurt - you can't see the person who has hurt them in their aura - but you can sense the negativity in their aura. Conversely when you look at a happy loving person - you can sense the loveable aura - it feels so liberated and free of negativity - with a love of life and love of people - and yet you can't see WHO and WHAT is making so happy and loveable - but you "know" there's something in their aura that is being emitted and speaking to you - and to the world.


Even many years after your divorce - even after the final divorce court settlement - even after many years of not talking to people who were and are destined to be in your life - the relationship energies are still alive and present in your aura. The big picture and story of your life - is defined by all the PEOPLE who've been in your life - everyone has contributed to being "you" - as you've contributed to them being them. Indeed, this is the real reason why many people - can't move-on to a new relationships - because they've not completed all the relationship energies that sits in their aura.


Even if you move-on - "repeat" patterns emerge in your relationships - to show you that something about "you" needs to be changed - so that you stop attracting the same type of situation or people into your life. That "something" that needs changing is NOT the other person - that "something" is "something" in your aura.


Then - there is your 1st lover - the 1st one who opened you up to the world of love - their energies will always sit in your aura - and every relationship you've ever had sits in your aura too - the good ones and the bad ones too. Hence your aura becomes a collection of STRONG collection of relationship memories - some of which you'll attempt to hide - but everyone of them will be sensed by "others" - which will make new people either WANT a relationship with you or will make them AVOID getting too close to you.


I will explain on Chapter of Love & Sex - that everyone has "sexual" relationship in their lives everyday - it is natural human instinct - but people who've never had "sex" in real life - are MISSING the manifestation - the vital connection between "destiny" sitting in their aura and "reality" of real life - hence "life" doesn't happen for them] - that's why the saying "better to have loved and lost - than never to have loved at all" is so true.


The level of relationship anyone wants with you is defined by your auric energies and likewise the relationship you want with others is defined what you SENSE in their aura. When you meet most people - instinctively you don't even want to speak to them - but some people you meet - you love talking to and being respectively pleasant to - whilst others you could talk to for hours are the "special" ones who you really love in your life.


It never makes sense WHY - there's never any logic WHY you want relationship with some people and others you want to avoid - and there's never any reason WHY - you wake-up and decide it's over - but the invisible energies - defined from your "soul" and from the "astrological" configuration of your identity with the astrological energies that are constantly changing - defines what level of relationship you want with other people, who you want in your life and when it is time to begin and to end relationships.


But even when you've ended the relationships - the energies are still present in your aura - if it was a BAD experience - you will get the message in your head - "don't do it again - it's bad for you"; whereas if it was a GOOD experience you'll put the message in your head "please do it again - it's very good for you" - it might not be that specific person you want to do again - but LOVE defines you want to do the loving experience again - because LOVE is good for you.


However - and this is the important point - to be explained in Chapter 19 - your AURA will emit an energy to the world - to create "Repeat patterns of the same types of people in your life" - until you learn the specific lessons you need to learn about "relationships" - so - even if you've ended a bad relationship - your aura will continually attract the same types of people into your life - until you realize what you're doing to attract them and make the changes to your aura.


All your loving relationships sit in your aura

During every phase of your life and every relationship is defined as - a Giver, a Taker or Becomes a part of "You"


Instinctively, in human nature, everyone is looking for someone they can connect with. It's ironic, that most people give-off and emit a message - "leave me alone" - and yet the same people will then complain why they've no luck, no happiness and no-one in their lives. Even if you think you're ok alone - your human nature is constantly looking for someone to connect you with and until you have the connection - even if it just a communicative relationship of friendship - you will continue to feel the VOID and EMPTINESS.


During every phase of your life - your aura shifts - according to WHO you have in your life - AND - your interaction with the world. And as you get older - you should be using all the collective POSITIVE e energies of all the people you've known in your life to become a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday.

Unfortunately, some people NEGLECT to use the positive facets - instead - they use the collective NEGATIVE facets to become more lonely, grumpy and miserable instead of being happier and more loving. When you use all the collective POSITIVE energies and emit a happiness of love in your aura - out of gratitude for all the people you've known in your life - then the world will sense the BEST version of yourself.


The BEST version of "you" - is when you are at "MAXIMUM LOVE" - moments when you've been totally 100% in love with someone - then the whole world changes in your eyes - those moments still exist in your aura. They're still "live" energies - as I explain in Chapter of Love & Sex - you can never forget anyone you've made love to - and even if you didn't get pregnant to produce a new life in the world - the sexual union together - means you've created "some" unique positive energy together - an energy that exists forever in your aura.


When you THINK of all the positive moments - it will make you realize - that loving energies are still "alive" - and that's what other people sense about "you" - but equally so - all your negative moments will sit in your aura and others will sense those energies too. Now you realize this - it is time to cleanse your aura from all the negative relationship garbage - and that's easily done - simply by concentrating on the POSITIVE moments of every relationship.


Because you can't LOVE and HATE the same person - when you're thinking LOVE towards anyone in your life -you can't think HATE towards them - and conversely when you're thinking HATE towards anyone you can't think LOVE. So the way to clear the emotional relationship garbage is to think LOVE towards them all. Even people you've hated or hate you - because energies of HATE are affecting your aura - therefore THINK LOVE and the LOVE that existed will help cleanse your aura of all the baggage and garbage.


When you originally fell-in-love with someone - when you were in-love - the real YOU was being the real YOU - and you were feeling LOVE in your aura - LOVE for the whole world and LOVE for the gift of life - feeling the energy of LOVE made your life good. Thereafter destined and karmic lessons - reinvented the relationship in order to TEST you and to ensure the lessons of LOVE & HATE.


The secret to success in your life is to only remember the POSITIVE facets - focus on the pure LOVE from all your relationships - take the GOOD out of all relationships and forget the garbage - then your aura will constantly emit LOVE and you'll become a much happier person. When you do this - you're changing what you will attract into your life - because your aura will understand that you've learnt the lessons you needed to learn - and will now ensure you attract "new" types of people into your life.


Redefine your past - will - define your future

Everyone you've ever known - every relationship in your life - sits as an energy in your aura

When you change your perception of the "past" and love all - you'll change your "future" - because you've healed your aura


The INVISIBLE relationship energies that define "you" - means you have to get-it-right and fix the damage in your own aura - otherwise you'll be stuck in a cycle of relationships that always end and go-wrong. Your karmic goal is to break the cycle - and to make "bad" become "good" - that means - the "bad" that sits in your aura - to become a "good" energy in your aura.


That you can do - by yourself - as you LOVE ALL - LOVE everyone you've ever known in your life - and forget all the badness. It's that simple - when you change your thoughts, your feelings, your attitude and your perception of the "past" and love all - then you'll change your "future" - because you've healed your own aura - it's really that simple.


If you have HATRED for anyone in your life - that means you have a problem - it is your aura that needs repairing and fixing. When I say forgive and love all - it doesn't mean invite the "trouble" back into your life - it simply means HEALING YOUR OWN AURA - healing you for you to feel good - to feel pure, wholesome and loving - to be perfect as your aura should be - full of love for all.


Two Types of Relationships

[1] One-way & [2] Two-Way

Every relationship in your aura - is either - Loving or Hateful - Positive or Negative - Two-Way or One-Way


It can't be both loving and hateful - it is one or the other - because the invisible bond of each relationship in your life - is connected through threads of either LOVE or HATE - hence when the bonds connecting you are loving the hate can't get through - and conversely when the connections are hateful the love can't get through.


When you have more loving relationships in your aura - it heals all the hateful and negative relationships - and hence life goes smoothly - but when you've got more negative relationship energies sitting in your aura - it will BLOCK your aura - and prevent good things from happening. That's why LOVE is so important - LOVE will heal - LOVE will make everything happen in your life - LOVE will make you feel alive.


The next two chapters Chapter 17 Two-Way Relationships and Chapter 18 One-Way Relationships will explain how at each stage of maturity from the moment you're born as a baby you begin life in a ONE-WAY relationship of receiving from your parents - thereafter - you transform from being in ONE-WAY relationships into TWO-WAY relationships. The blockages in life come when people FAIL to get involved with other people and with life in TWO-WAY relationships - and choose to go-backwards to wanting ONE-WAY relationships.


GOOD two-way relationships are where there's two-way interaction - when you are GIVING and RECEIVING from and to each other - but BAD one-way relationships is when you are GIVING and you are NOT RECEIVING any energy - and hence it creates blockages in your aura.


I will explain that with every facet of your life and with everyone in your life and in your world - you are either in a ONE-WAY or TWO-WAY relationship with everyone. Even reading this website - you're in a ONE-WAY relationship with me - and I'm in a ONE-WAY relationship with you - unless you know me and are in a TWO-WAY relationship with me !



Keep Your Aura alive with Positive Energies


Now that you understand that your aura is constantly emitting energies that other people immediately sense - everytime they look at you - which makes them make decisions to either ignore you and want to have a relationship with you - it is your duty - to make sure you emit energies that define the real "you".


Likewise - now you understand - when you look at other people and feel something isn't right with them - you realize that it is the invisible "relationship" energies that sits in their aura - that defines what you're feeling. Hence, if you don't get the right feeling from them - detach yourself from their aura. You're getting the feelings for a reason.


Most importantly - when you go-out - instead of just putting the right clothes on to "look good" - fix your aura - to put the right auric image you want the world to sense from you when others see you. Put the image of FUN, LOVE and HAPPINESS in your aura - don't put the image of pain, misery and worry - the world has plenty of grumpy people - it doesn't need you to be grumpy too !


Indeed, this is one of the reasons I always advise people to GO-OUT for 15 min walk - especially when NOTHING is happening in your life - so your aura interacts with other people - and thereby it actually energizes your aura to come alive.



In Understanding relationships as energies in your aura - I explained on the Astrology Website ....

[ Access to astrology website - is - Login Jesus Password Christ - capital J and capital C ]

And I've added this here - so you understand more about your aura in terms of planetary energies


Your 7 Planetary Relationships

I explained on the Astrology Website that having studied many people and understanding the astrological energies - I'm clear when I say that everyone has someone in your life which is defined by a planet.


Mercury ensures you communicate and talk to people - Mars gives you strength and determination to survive - Venus gives you love and desires - Jupiter brings success into your life - Uranus will stimulate and create unexpected breakthrough's to make good things happen - Saturn will ensure you meet your destiny - and when you're missing any one of your 7 planetary relationships - then you're missing something essential in your life.


Hence if you're NOT talking to someone you should be talking to - and if you're not in a loving relationship - then - something is BLOCKED - and your aura will feel BLOCKED until you unblock it. LOVE is the remedy to fix and unblock all the blockages in your aura - instead of thinking negative towards them - you'll realize that immediately you think LOVE you'll feel your aura being healed.


The problem that so many people have is - once a relationships becomes NEGATIVE - it remains negative forever - and no-one repairs the auric energies of bad relationships - instead it sits as a negativity in one's aura - until - you find websites like this one - and repair your aura - with your own repair tool - of - LOVE.




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"You" exist at the center of Your Universe

All the people in your life - define "your life"

Do you know yourself - do you know what you do to others - do you know when you're the best version of yourself?

You're the best version of yourself - when you're in love - when you love the world - and when feel others love you


Astrological energies help to define all the important facets of your life - and when you understand yourself - when you know yourself - then you realize WHY you react the way you do towards some people and why you react differently towards others. Why instinctively you LOVE some people and why you HATE others. Why some people bring out the BEST in your nature and whilst others bring out the WORST in you.


When you compare people in your life - to your food and drink - then you know eating a healthy tasty meal nourishes you and ensures you're a stronger person - whilst if you drink alcohol and eat junk-food you know it will bring out the worst in you nature.


Likewise - everyone has people who bring out the BEST in your nature - as you have others who bring out the WORST in you - don't get involved in anyone who brings out the worst in you - and constantly focus on the people who bring out the BEST in your - this I will explain fully in Chapter 19 Loving Everyone in your life. - how to ensure "you" are "you" and always be the best version of yourself.


The Universe is "at peace" - you too should be "at peace"

The universe is at peace - with all the movement of all the planets defined - each defined with boundaries


Astrologically - the Universe is at peace - you too should be "at peace" - nothing should be disrupting your stability or inner peace - and therefore if you're not feeling the sense of stability, peace and happiness in your life - then it's time to change - to heal your aura - and to be "at peace" - the only secret ingredient you need is LOVE.


Because with love - you will redefine everything and everyone in your life - no-one and nothing will disrupt your aura - because through the power of love your aura will find it's own peace and stability in your world - and your aura will attract all the right people in your life that will ensure you have peace and stability in your life.


You carry everything around with you ...

Everything sits in your aura - people & places

It is likely you remember the places you've been to more than the people - as places too have energies that sit in your aura


Hopefully - as you've read this chapter - you're now aware that your aura distinctly contains every experience in your life - you "carry" everything and everyone around with you in your aura. When you have lots of good experiences - especially current experiences or when you concentrate on good experiences - then these energies "Light" up your aura with positive energies.


Conversely, if you've BAD karma with someone or have unfinished unresolved karmic issues - these negative energies will sit in your aura UNTIL - you cleanse your aura. The only way you can cleanse your aura is by converting the energies that sit in your aura - by forgiving - by healing - by letting go of all the karmic garbage. Otherwise it will "sit" in your aura - and you'll carry it with you - wherever you go - as heavy baggage. Everyone you meet will sense this in your aura - so if you want to redefine your destined future - cleanse your aura from the negativity and garbage.


To conclude this chapter - I must mention - PLACES - everywhere you've been to in REAL LIFE - sits as an energy in your aura. You went there and you acquired an energy from every place you've been to. Even years after - being to a place - your memory can remember "it" - that's because "it" has created an energy in your aura. Can you remember the BEST places you've been to ? When you "think" of them - you're lighting-up the energy in your aura - and will make you feel like you're still there and connected to the energy "it" has done for you.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם