The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 15 - Feeling unLoved - unHappy & Sad

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It is a fact of life - when you feel loved - you feel happy and alive ; when you feel unloved you feel unhappy and sad

Feeling loved creates a flow of life vitality and energy - feeling unloved blocks the flow of life energy

But when you feel unLoved by a parasite or a mosquito - you don't feel sad - do you ?


Whilst in the "past" - prior to 2008 - you could easily have had success and happiness without truly loving anything or anyone. Everything has changed with Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 has and will continue to create inexplicably painful blockages to the flow of life-energy - until - you learn the specific karmic lesson - the essential need for love - to be loved - to feel loved.


Indeed Pluto in Capricorn - is orchestrating events in the world - that anyone who can't love-all is headed for a dead-end - we've already seen the collapse of systems that don't love all - and soon in 2016 and 2017 - Pluto in Capricorn - will ensure the karmic self-destruction, collapse and destined dead-ends for all who won't and can't love all.


Even in personal relationships - everyone is experiencing that if you've been with someone you don't love - it has ended - and lots more relationships that aren't based on true-love will be ending too. Additionally - all "single" people - are feeling and will be feeling - the need to be with someone in a loving relationship.

Even people who said "never-again" to relationships - from September 2015 => 2016 => 2017 - during Saturn in Sagittarius - will be once again - in destined relationships - relationships defined by LOVE - with the essential ingredient of a need to feel LOVED - because only when you FEEL LOVED - then you FEEL HAPPY - and FEEL the wholesomeness that life wants to FEEL.


Feeling loved and feeling unloved isn't something you can choose - you either feel it or you don't - but one thing is for sure - when you feel unloved - you feel unhappy and sad. In this chapter I explain how "you" are blocking your own happiness, your own success, your own destiny and what you can do to unblock it - to get your life moving forward again - with a love of life - with success and with happiness.


Loving and being Loved is instinctively normal

Love is instinctively natural to Everyone - Everyone knows how to love - and everyone knows what it feels like to be loved


Everyone knows how to "love" - as I will explain on - "Love & Sex" - everyone has the instinctive sexual urge - each and everyday - to want to be with another human being - to want to sexually love another. Without thinking - instinctively all humans are turned-on by seeing another human being - ofcourse in different degrees of being excited and turned-on, and at different times of the day or night - but being turned-on and excited by another person is instinctively natural - love excites, stimulates and energizes everyone.


People who use their minds to "think" too much - or people who aren't using their natural instincts wisely - are refusing to be natural and hence create their own blockages - but in this open "internet" generation without boundaries - there's an additional problem - and that's people are getting desires to want to be with someone who is NOT theirs.


Your "mind" is powerful - and when it imagines - you are with someone - because it sees images on the "internet" - you're being deceived - it falsely lets you believe that the image is "you" - and hence - the deception is DIVERTING "you" from being the real "you". The deception on the internet is one of the biggest blockages in the world - but as it is defined by Pluto in Capricorn - it means it is karmic lesson for all to learn in the search for TRUTH - and to ensure you control your mind to stop being deceived.


The truth is with so many distractions - life has become karmic TEST to think clearly and truthfully - hence it is even difficult to concentrate on being "you" - because not only are adverts telling you that you need things to improve your life - the current climate is even telling you that it's not good to be "you" - as "life" is bombarding you with messages, adverts and websites - of a need for "you" to become someone else.



The Biggest Karmic Problem for our internet Generation is no-one wants to be themselves

Everyone wants to be someone else


When you want to be someone you're not - it defines "you" hate yourself - even if you think - no-one knows - but everyone sees when someone is trying-too-hard to be someone they're not - because it looks so unnatural. Feeling unloved is the biggest challenge many experience in the illusion of life - instead of ACCEPTING and LOVING themselves - they make fatal mistake of becoming someone they're not - living a life that's not theirs - which makes them even more unhappy.


The self-destructive negative cycle can only be broken - when "you" become happy to be "you" - when "you" love who "you" are. Because - as explained on Chapter 14 - until "you" love yourself - how on earth do you expect anyone else to love the real "you". "You" can only be loved and be happy when - "you" are "you" & "you" love being "you" - hence the intrinsic reasons why you're unloved and unhappy lies in the answers to these questions :-


Why don't you love being you ? - Why don't you want to be "you" ? - Why do you "hate" yourself ?


Who gave you that bad idea to hate yourself? What habits and what things do you do that aren't really "you"? All the things you do - that aren't the real "you" - need to be dumped - discarded - deleted and eliminated from your life. That includes all the nonsense your parents, teachers and friends told you - now - is your time to be "you" - be the real "you".


To find yourself - you'll need to be honest with yourself - and along the journey to finding yourself - you'll realize - so many things you do - even things you eat and drink - are so unhealthy for you - that they caused and prevented "you" from being "you" - such as all addictive substances - which includes "normal" things people accept as "normal" - are BLOCKING "you" from being "you" especially as it takes control over your mind by altering the way you think.


Anything or anyone that prevents"you" from being "you" - means that they have DIVERTED you from being the real "you" - and hence the real "you" has gone on-hold - you've left yourself. And only when you read this website - or have realized the truth by yourself - that's when you STOP being someone you're not - and RECONNECT with the real version of yourself.


It is a moment of awakening when you realize that for so many years "you" have not been "you" - but - during Pluto in Capricorn between 2008 and 2024 - everyone will realize their own truth and find themselves - that indeed is why everyone is searching and what everyone is searching for.


Many people will travel far-away to search for themselves - but the secret is - all the answers are all within "you" - wherever you are - all you need to do is be "you" - by discarding everything that isn't the real "you" - and then love the real "you".


Lies and Deception creates Diversion and Blockages Truth and Clarity creates flow of life-energy


When you want to be someone you're not - it defines you're lying - because "you" hate yourself

When you want to be "you" - it defines you're being truthful - because you accept and love yourself


You might find that all your life - you've been living-in a complete deceptive lie - that too is karmic and destined. But in the same way - thanks to the power of the internet - many truths are being revealed - you too - will learn things you believed to be true - which are in fact complete lies. That's good - that's ok - to learn the TRUTH - and then change your life accordingly - but to carry-on living a lie once you've found the TRUTH is simply stupid.


Enlightenment will make you realize that "The internet is a miracle - a destined karmic tool" - a Divine instrument - that previous generations were not blessed to have - nor ready to have - but now - everyone is ready to be ENLIGHTENED by the TRUTH. Whereas in prior generations humanity was too fixed and too stubborn to accept the TRUTH - this internet generation is ready.


The more TRUTHS you realize and learn - the more you EXPAND your mind with wisdom and knowledge - the more the flow of energy through you - truth's liberate your mind to think with clarity. Whilst deception and lies - prevent you from thinking clearly.


And here is my point - that the reason you Why don't you love being you ? - Why don't you want to be "you" ? - Why do you "hate" yourself? - is because SOMEONE LIED to YOU - SOMEONE made you believe that "you" need to be someone else - and that "you" aren't good enough. It could be your abusive parents - teachers - schoolfriends - work colleagues - or "ex's" - but THEY LIED - because "you" are ok - "you" are loveable - everyone in the world is loveable.


Someone Lied and Deceived You

In a deceptive world where - "deception and lies" exist until truth is revealed - you have to expect that there's a lot of what exists in your life that is based on the deception and lies. The reason you are where you are today - is both because of "you" have deceived yourself and because other's have lied and deceived you.


One of the karmic reasons for the internet is - to reveal all "deception and lies" because - "deception and lies" are DEAD energies - they do nothing for anyone. Whereas TRUTH and CLARITY creates life energy. This internet generation will be ensuring all karmic garbage - all the dead-energies created by deception and lies will come to a dead-end.


Hence, now is the time to take control of yourself and become the real "you" - and to do this - you need is to control your own mind - anything that diverts and distracts "you" from being "you" - anything that is deceptive and wrong - needs "you" to avoid it and eliminate it from your life.


The Truth will set You Free

Whatever "you" do that isn't "you" creates blockages to your life


Turn back time and think - when you life was flowing smoothly - life was happening because "you" were "you". What have you done to DIVERT the flow of energies and BLOCK your own life? For many - I'd hazard a guess - and say PRIOR to getting internet - your life had much more stability - the "internet" whilst expanding your minding - it has filled your life with overwhelming amounts of energy - because of everything you read and see online.


You are where your thoughts are

It is a fact of the internet that it distracts your attention from real life - the internet addiction is diverting your energies

The unlimited boundaries of the "internet" means through online images other people want to be someone else's lover

Thoughts and sexual desires for someone who is not yours - DIVERTS - "you" from being "you"


Therefore in regaining control over the real "you" - attempt to stay offline for 7 days - at the very least - attempt to stay offline for 2 days see the difference it makes - because the internet is addictive - it has trapped you into it's net - staying offline for even 1 day - will show you the power the internet has over your whole life.


The same with any addiction - you don't realize you're addicted UNTIL you stop or change your habits - stop the addiction for 2 days - and you will see the change in "you" - as "you" become "you" again - this applies to eating and drinking habits - "things" you know are BAD for your health - withdraw, control and stop yourself from addiction for just 2 days - and you will realize - how much you have lost yourself.


All addictions are the same - addictions prevent "you" from being "you" - by altering your mind and thoughts to think deceptively - addictions control a person's mind to ensure "you" can't find yourself - to ensure you can't think with truthful clarity - addictions that control you are obstacles that divert "you" from being "you" and prevent you following the pathway of love. Even if you deceptively believe that these addictions make you happy - each addiction that prevents "you" from being "you" - is making you unhappy and sad.


Whatever addictions prevent "you" from being "you" - are addictions - and without listing any - by definition - if you can't stop the addiction for 2 days - then you have an addiction problem. It could be the addiction to money - for I've known many wealthy businessmen - who are miserably sad and unloved - because their addiction to sit in an office is controlling their existence. The cemeteries in the world are full of people who wasted their lives because they couldn't see clearly - the cemeteries are full of miserable unloved grumpy people who never found themselves.


Until you STOP - you don't realize what the addictions are doing to you - and the 1st effect of withdrawal is you feel empty and flat - a sense of nothingness - a somber clarity - well that clarity is finally "you" finding "yourself" - and realizing the truth that you haven't been "you" for a long time.


A word of advice - addictions - whether it be internet, coffee or chocolate ice-cream - you can prove to yourself that you can stop for 2 days - but dealing with addictions - needs you to be strong and control mind-over-matter. The 1st step I'm explaining is to be aware that you have addictions - at least admit the truth to yourself.


Because being HONEST and TRUTHFUL with yourself - that's a BIG step in dealing with diverted and lost energies that are being taken from "you" - thereafter you can slowly find a way to deal with the dysfunctional need to be attached to something that doesn't do you any good - and bring all the energies intended for "you" back to yourself - to make you become the real "you".


You're searching for yourself ....

Everything that goes wrong in your life is Your Higher Self is doing it all to the Earthly "You"

"Why" you feel the way you feel is your higher self communicating to "You"


The truth is you're searching for yourself - every BAD event - every nuisance - every pain - every blockage - everything that upsets you in your life - is "you" talking to "yourself" - it is "you" manifesting things in your own life - it is "you" making you feel the way you do - because "you" are trying to tell yourself to stop whatever you're doing, change the direction in your life and become the real "you".


Having "everything" & feeling you have "nothing" - is because - "you" are not "you" - the inner version of yourself knows you're not living the life you should be living - hence you feel completely disconnected with your world - which creates a sense of having "nothing".


People who HATE life - hate their own lives because they're living a "life" that isn't truly theirs. When you feel unloved - it is because "you" are not "you" - feeling unloved means "you" are someone you're not. Feeling unloved, unhappy and sad - should ensure you search for "yourself". The 1st stage in searching for yourself is to DETACH yourself from wanting anything, desires and addictions that are preventing "you" from being "you" - and then to love your life.


Affirm that you love not having "everything"

"I have everything I need - and therefore if I do not have it - it means I don't need it" - "I love having everything I need"

Stop looking at whatever you don't have in your life - stop looking at things that aren't yours to have - stop wanting new things

Focus your attention on everything you do have and affirm "I love my life" - "I love having everything I need"


Invisible feelings that make you feel "Blocked"

Every blockage you feel is "real" to you - you sense something bad - feel you can't live properly and it hurts you ...

Your Higher Self defines Happiness - Your Earthly reality is Sad - Something is not in sync - blocked and hurts you


Unblocking Blockages is easy ...

Constantly Say & Think - "I love my life"

"I love my life" - defines you are wanting to be you - "I love my life" - means you will now get the real "You"

"I love my life" - defines you don't want anything that's not yours - "I love my life" - means you're happy being "you"

Until you feel your life is unblocked - constantly say and think to yourself - "I love my life" - "I love being me"


How to make yourself feel the goodness coming into your life is simple ..... say "I love my life" x 100 times. Stop being someone you're not and stop addictions that prevent "you" from being "you". Being unhappy - is because - you're not happy being "you".


Desires, wants and greed creates the constant addictive need for something "new" - which defines ignoring the reality, ignoring the truth of your life, with an ingratitude and lack of love for whatever you do have - and for who you are - in fact it always automatically leads many people to HATE what they have - so they become "ill" and depressed - then hate "life" itself.


Whilst "new" things might give the illusion of being exciting - if the "new" isn't yours - it creates confusion and instability - searching for something new - defines you're unhappy with your own life - that you hate your own life. Therefore the solution is simple - LOVE YOUR LIFE - look at every facet of your own life - and love it all.


When you love your life - you become a new person

It's a fact of life - when you're in love - when you love your life - you feel a completely different person


When you're in love with life and when you love your own life - the whole world becomes a much happier place to live in. Indeed - and in reality - it might be the same place - but as soon as you love your life - your life becomes happier, luckier and kinder to you. Automatically it will make you see the TRUTH about everything and everyone - enabling you to make positively good decisions.


People who are depressed and negative - make bad decisions - because they're not seeing life clearly. The best way to see life honestly and clearly is to see the TRUTH about your own life - and then love who you are.


It is a destined fact that "you" are "you" - the only failure is not accepting yourself - not living your own life - not loving who you are and thereby not accomplishing the life you are destined to be living. I hope you're feeling it - as you're reading this chapter - become "you" - become the person you're destined to be - love yourself - love your life - love being you - and you'll see - as you love yourself - the whole world will love you too.


Don't listen to "others" - they're liars !

One of the reasons many people don't love themselves is because they believe others.

When other people LIE and tell you - you're not good - you're not loveable - don't listen to them.


In this modern world - the biggest mistake - we all make - is believing LIARS. People who are often sad, grumpy, nasty and mean - often people who have their own problems - are always the ones to create problems for others. They are LIARS - don't believe them.


Don't believe anything they say or have said to you - they aren't good for you - their words are like poison. You'll see - that even if your "ex" hates you - that will turn to your advantage - because destiny will bring someone into your life who will love you - but first - you need to love yourself - love being you - and forget all the lies you've heard others saying about you.



The following few paragraphs are from my Book of Changes Sefer Shinuyim ...

עיכובי נשמה - Blocks from Your own Soul


The basic spiritual principle and intrinsic foundation, belief and knowledge in your "life on earth" is that your physical existence is merely a way to transport your spiritual soul. Your soul needs to be able to learn the lessons and experiences in this physical life on planet earth, and hence the soul needs to travel on earth in a physical body.


You have been pre-programmed before you arrived on earth with certain situations and experiences that you "know" you have to find, meet and experience - some of which are to teach your soul by personal and sometimes painful experiences. Once you've accomplished successfully a particular aspect of your souls - then a block is removed, a release of energy is dissolved and doors "magically" open up in ones life.


It is well known in many peoples lives that after disconnection from an ADDICTION or an abusive parent, relative, freeloading "friend", and especially after a divorce, or when a person leaves any draining situation, a spiritual release and block is removed from a person's soul which "magically" enables goodness to come into ones life. That's because the BADNESS and ADDICTION represented LIES and DECEPTION - hence disconnecting you from LIES - has defined the TRUTH HAS SET YOU FREE.


Everyone is constantly receiving energy, but if one is in the "wrong place" or connected with the "wrong people", then a safety mechanism of עיכובי נשמה - "Blocks" from your own Soul, comes to protect oneself. "Blocks" are created by things that are WRONG for you.


Hence if you feel you've got "bad luck", feeling drained, or any type of loss or sadness, these are all signs that one is connected to the wrong situation. If there are repetitive signs of destructive loss, in any situation this should NOT be ignored. One needs to look at the signs and daily events in ones life, and take immediate ACTION, otherwise it will get worse, until one does "WAKE UP" and change.



Your Abundance is Where Your Heart REALLY is !

Your success is wherever you love and with whoever you love


Let me share with you one more clincher from my Book of Changes Sefer Shinuyim for convincing you to get heart connected to Life on Earth and to become happy to live in this present moment in time - the Universe, the great provider of all things, is like the "Postal Service" only more efficient. It will only deliver your mail/abundance to your mailbox.  Your mailbox is where your heart is, and your heart is where you passion is - defined by whatever and whoever you love. If your heart is in another dimension or realm that is where the universe will deliver your abundance. 


You see, even if your prayers are being answered - but your abundance is not being delivered to your mailbox on Earth.  This means that your true soulmate, good health, children, new house, new car, etc has been delivered to your mailbox in the place of time and space - where you heart is located.  So if you want your abundance to be delivered to the realm in which you currently reside, place your mailbox and your heart there. Be connected to the REAL "you".


"Signs of Blockages"

Do you hate living or do you love living? Is your life dead-boring or do you feel alive and happy to be alive?


So when you and I resist being connected to Earth, our Soul believes that we are resisting being here.  They interpret our actions as abandonment. When this occurs the soul will take steps to prevent us from leaving, just like a physical child afraid of a parent leaving will block the door or throw a "temper-tantrum" to keep the parent with him/her.  We experience this blocking in several ways: 

  1. Our bodies develop illnesses or pain preventing us from having the health to energetically and physically sustain a higher level of abundance.
  2. We don’t recognize financial opportunities because our Soul blocks and blinds us to them as a way to keep us from focusing on the things that abundance creates.
  3. Our efforts to manifest come to nothing because our Soul has placed a wall around us blocking the money from getting to us.

The Soul makes no differentiation between money, meditation, or people.  To the Soul anything or anyone that prevents "you" from being "you" is diverting and taking energy - and needs to be blocked - until you recognize this - awaken to do something about claiming your own life - inexplicable blockages will appear.


When you realize that you've been blocked to ensure you meet your true destiny - then you realize that all the inexplicable failures and problems you've had - have been protecting you from making MISTAKES. When you realize this fact - you will then appreciate every failure and every blockage in your life has been a BLESSING. The result of which is now - a time when you can be trusted with your own destiny - a time for "you" to be "You" - and instead of making MISTAKES you will now be able to make good decisions.


Can you honestly say .... "I love my life" ....

If you can't honestly say "I love my life" - then something is wrong with you. Do you see all the homeless refugees on the boats on the "news"? Did you for one moment realize they're risking their lives - to have the life you've got - and all you do is complain about the life you have?


Everyone can complain about something - it's so easy to complain in this "spoilt" and "ungrateful" internet world - but truly - you should be saying - "I love my life" - "I love my life" - "I love my life" - "I love my life" - it will help to change your aura - then Venus & Jupiter in Leo can do it's magic - and give you more reasons to say - "I love my life"....


Love your life - like it's your last day ...

Loving Your Life is Your self-healing process

It's impossible to feel loved and feel happy when you don't love your own life - therefore in your self-healing process of finding yourself - and become the real version of yourself - all you need to do is love your own life - love your life - as if each day is the last day of your life - open your eyes and enjoy the gift of life.


When you're on-holiday - you don't waste time - you use every moment to enjoy yourself - seeing new places - walking and enjoying the reality of life - the same should be everyday of your life - don't waste the time - enjoy the moments of life - love life - love every moment of life. Then you'll feel loved, happy and happy to be alive.



In the next 3 chapters - I explain "you" and your relationships - with everyone in your life



Conclusion for Chapter 15


The Biggest Karmic Problem for our internet Generation is no-one wants to be themselves

Everyone wants to be someone else


Hence the Karmic solution for our internet Generation is - to want to be you and love being "you"

"I want to be me - I love being me"

"I only want what is mine - for me to have - I don't want anything that's not mine to have"

"I don't want nor desire anything or anyone - that's not mine"


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם