The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 14 - Feeling Loved - Happy & Alive

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During each phase of your life - in fact by the very nature of each day and night of your life - as the daily yin-and-yang energies affect your aura - you oscillate from feeling positive to feeling negative - feeling BOTH POSITIVE and NEGATIVE is a normal way of a well-balanced life. That's why you go to sleep when you're tired and wake-up full of life-energy in the morning.


However feeling unloved and feeling loved, feeling happy and feeling unhappy, feeling alive with a flow of energy and feeling blocked to any "life" energy - is NOT related to yin and yang - it is related to your attitude to life - a CONSTANT state of your mind and soul - this is irrespective to your astrological chart or to your status in life - it is up to "YOU" to be "YOU".


When you are OPEN - then "you" are "you" - and you can receive more of the energies that are needed for "you" to be "you" - but when you are CLOSED - "you" are NOT "you" - and the flow of energy is blocked. The only defining fact to being "open" or "closed" is whether or not you are AWAKENED - and in reality OPEN and CLOSED - OPEN is often defined as being HAPPY, ALIVE and feeling LOVED - whereas CLOSED is defined as being SAD, UNHAPPY and feeling UNLOVED.


Life is an illusion ....

The key to living a happy life is having the right attitude to life. We've all experienced the "highs" and "lows" of life - as humans when we're in a BAD mood - when we're grumpy, depressed or angry we see life differently to when we're happy and in love with life - it's very difficult to be anything else - when you honestly feel the way you feel.


The truth is - the world is the same place - it's just your perception and illusion of life changes - and that's why when you're negative you see life differently to when you're positive - the secret is to learn to see life positively. It's the same world - and yet when you're "in love" the whole world becomes a very enjoyable, happy and good place - it doesn't have to begin by being in-love with someone or by being loved by someone - you can simply begin by being in-love with the gift of life.


Having "everything" & feeling you have "nothing"

Having "nothing" & feeling you have "everything"

Many enlightened and grateful people LOVE LIFE - not because they have "everything" - but because they feel they have "everything". Whereas many people who HATE LIFE - and have a bad attitude to life - even though they have "everything" - they HATE their lives because they feel they have "nothing".


As you're learning from "Book of Love ספר האהבה" - your feelings and attitude to life are defined by an invisible world of energies - which have great power over "you" - the truth is those energies are "you" - they are a HIGHER SPIRITUAL version of yourself - which is defining the destined course and pathway of your life.


Therefore if you're searching for answers - all your answers are WITHIN "you" - WITHIN the real version of yourself - as you have been programmed this way. This is inherent in all of nature - for example - a tree - has been programmed by the seasons of the year - when to bud, blossom and grow leaves - when to produce it's fruit and when to shed it's leaves - likewise you too - you've been programmed to do specific things at times when you're really ready.


The key to begin the process of living in SYNC with the real version of yourself and in SYNC with your destiny is to accept that you have everything you need today. Accept that everything in your life - is perfectly correct - with exactly everything you need TODAY. For the biggest BLOCKAGE that most people have is a negative attitude - of wanting something that isn't in one's life today. People who either live in the "past" or living in the "future" - are living in denial and avoidance of the value of the present moment - and that is to APPRECIATE and LOVE everything you have in your life today.


ACCEPTANCE of everything that you have in your life today - means you're actually living in the present moment - and when you embrace it all - means you're ACCEPTING everything. It doesn't matter if you hate it or love it - because until you ACCEPT it - you're fighting against the reality of the present moment - and therefore can't even begin to let life change it all for you. Hence, the 1st step is ACCEPTANCE - which sends a message to yourself - that you're now ready to SYNC yourself.


Can you honestly say .... "I love my life" ....


If you can't honestly say "I love my life" - then something is wrong with you. Do you see all the homeless refugees on the boats on the "news"? Or do you see - all the countless homeless people in every country on the Earth? Did you for one moment realize they're risking their lives - to have the life you've got - and all you do is complain about the life you have?


It's so easy to complain in this "spoilt" and "ungrateful" internet generation - but truly - you should be saying - "I love my life" - "I love my life" - "I love my life" - "I love my life" - and the more you say it - the more you will believe it - and then you will begin the process of changing your own aura - then life can do it's magic - and give you more reasons to say - "I love my life"....



Your Higher Self is doing it all to the Earthly "You"

"Why" you feel the way you feel is your higher self - communicating it's thoughts to "You"


Your attitude is doing it all to "you" - I'm sure that some of you have tried "doing positive thinking" - and it doesn't work - because in the same way when you feel good about life you can't complain about life - when you feel bad you can't be positive - you can't make yourself become positive when you're negative - indeed it appears that your attitude to life - appears to be FIXED - hence - being sad and unloved - appears to be something you can't change .... I explain the reasons for blockages in "Chapter 15 - Feeling UnLoved and Unhappy" - and how to remove the blockages when you change your attitude to loving every facet of your life.


In this chapter - you should realize that by ACCEPTING life and saying "I love my life" - it immediately puts you in a positively good mood - that's because saying "I love my life" means you're embracing all - even the "bad" bits too - when you can say "I love my life" and feel the words as you say them - that's when you're in SYNC with yourself. "I love my life" isn't working on "positive thinking" - the words "I love my life" - are working on the essence of who you are - for "you" are "you" - "you" were created by "love" and "you" exist through the energy of "love".


Unfortunately, most of us - especially single lonely people - rarely say "I love my life" - hence saying "I love my life" to yourself - needs to be said more often - every day - in fact every hour - even if you don't believe it works - just try saying "I love my life" - you'll either feel it or not - when you do - when you feel the words "I love my life" - it's because you're now appreciating what you have - it is connecting "you" to your reality - it's connecting "You" with the real "You".


When you say the words - "I love my life" - and look around you to what you have - it makes you realize that you are lucky and that you do LOVE life - as you become OPENED by the words "I love my life". Couples who stop telling each other they love each other - are blocking their own happiness - because hearing the words of "love" - helps to define what everyone needs to hear - as no-one can live without "love" - hence putting the words "I love my life" means you're living in the present - you're alive and you're happy to be alive - and it opens "you" to the real "you".


Positive Thinking needs "brains"

Love is instinctively natural to Everyone


Everyone knows how to "love" - as I will explain on - "Love & Sex" - everyone has the instinctive sexual urge to want to be with another human being - to want to sexually love another - because without even thinking - all humans are turned-on by seeing another human being - ofcourse - in different degrees of being excited and turned-on - and at different times - but being turned-on and excited by another person is instinctively natural - love touches everyone.


You don't even need to be "intelligent" to think about "Love & Sex" - in fact it is often the cleverest and most intelligent - who think too much - who are the worst lovers and find themselves unloveable - as they create their own blockages with their minds. Human instinct naturally loves and needs to feel loved - that's why when you repeat the words "I love my life" - "I love my life" - "I love my life" - it will work much quicker than doing any "positive thinking" exercises!


Even if you don't have "everything" .... still say it !

"I have everything I need - and therefore if I do not have it - it means I don't need it"


"I have everything I need - and therefore if I do not have it - it means I don't need it" - is an idealistic way of looking at life - and whilst it might be you don't have something you think you need - but complaining isn't going to change your aura - the only way you're going to change your aura is by changing the way you look at "life" - and thinking - even saying "I have everything I need - and therefore if I do not have it - it means I don't need it" will help you. And added to "I love the fact that I don't have it" means you're energizing your aura - to love your own life.


This hebrew text - ספר זרע קודש of Reb Naftoli Horowitz explains that anyone who desires something physical that they don't have or/and are dissatisfied with whatever they do have - are not living at peace with themselves and aren't truly spiritually minded souls.

For it is impossible for a spiritually minded person to ever desire anything that they don't have; because if one doesn't have something it means that YOUR higher self has decided that YOU do not need it.

Think of everything you don't have - as a wonderful blessing that you don't have it - and the reason is because you don't need it for the spiritual progression of your soul in this life life - so be HAPPY you don't have it.

Happiness is not having something nor is it thinking you have got something, nor is it knowing you're going to get something - Happiness is "knowing" that you have everything you need in your life today - and that you don't need anything more in your life today.


When "you" are "you" - you have "everything"

Happiness is "knowing" that you have everything you need in your life today


The main reasons as explained in "Chapter 15 - Feeling UnLoved and Unhappy" is that most people want to be someone they're not - want something that isn't theirs to have - and want to deny their own existence. Because telling yourself that you HATE your own life - means you don't want yourself to exist - this fact defines "you" don't want to be "you".


The solution to having a happy life is - wanting to be "you" - with a love of being "you" - that is when you find yourself. Because people who don't want to be themselves - and want to be someone else - are constantly running away from themselves as they "hate" themselves. But when you love your own life - then you're giving yourself - you're own existence. When you "love" being "you" - you're actually ensuring that life can "love" you too. Ask yourself - you don't "love" being "You" - how on earth do you expect anyone to love you?


When you love being "you" - you are sending a message to the Universe that - you AGREE, ACCEPT and LOVE everything you're experiencing in your life - you are LIVING the life you're supposed to live at this present moment - and you are loving it - means - your physical self and your higher spiritual self - are now at peace with each other. You're in SYNC with yourself.


Your Aura defines "Love of Life" and Happiness

When you're in sync with your "higher" self is - when you love your own life.

If you hate your own life - then you're not in sync with your "higher" self.


When you love your own life - is not just defining because you're in sync with your "higher" self - even if you don't believe in a "higher" spiritual version of yourself - simply - saying "I love my life" ensures - you become a happier person - because you're no longer HATING yourself and you're no longer HATING your own life - you're no longer looking to change anything about yourself - because you ACCEPT and love yourself.


When you're in a state of not wanting anything - you have found genuine happiness - through a energy that is WITHIN you. Indeed, the Tree of Life - defines that you have everything you need from WITHIN - but in this physical world - you need to go on a journey to want, desire and search for "something" - until - you realize that everything you're searching for is WITHIN you.


This pursuit of an illusion - is because no-one wants to be themselves - everyone wants to be someone else. The desire to want to be someone else - means you HATE yourself. Hence - to truly fix your life - is - when you LOVE yourself - when you LOVE being YOU - that's when your life will change.


When you Love being "You" - Your life will change

When you're in-love - you become a different person - open to all possibilities


Everyone has experienced moments of being in love - and you will agree - even for a few weeks at the beginning of any romance - when you're in love - you're in love with the whole world - everything changes - and yet in reality - the world is exactly the same place - it just appears to be a much happier world - when you're in love.


The truth is - it's not anything around you that has changed - it is YOU - something WITHIN you changes - when you're in-love - it is what we call your "aura" - your soul that is WITHIN you. Depressing moments when you hate life - you feel bad inside - because you don't want to be "you" - you're trying to detach yourself from yourself - that too is something WITHIN you - blocking your life energy and making you feel sad - as explained in Chapter 15.


Therefore, as you've become awakened - think of everything you do during your day - are you thinking "I love my life" - OR are you thinking "I hate my life" - anything you do that defines you want something that is not yours to have - or want to change something about yourself - are you doing it - because you "hate your life" or because you "love your life". The difference is in the way you do it - people who "love life" - do everything they do with an aura of happiness and enjoyment - whereas people who "hate life" do everything they do with an anxious, impatient and unsettled nervousness. When you do everything you do with a "love-of-life" - your aura changes - and automatically you begin to truly love every moment of your life and love everything you do.


"I love my life" ....

"I love my life" - are powerful words energize your aura - for all living life - needs "love"


It is in your nature - to either love your life - or not ; and often people who naturally hate their lives - follow a pathway of one mistake after another in the pursuit of wanting something NEW - because they feel getting something NEW will change their lives. This too is an illusion - as the same cycle will happen - of getting something and them becoming unhappy with it - losing it and then looking for something else NEW.


There's only ONE way to stop the cycle - and that's to begin now - to love your life - the more you love every facet of your life - the more you'll realize how lucky you are. Other people - especially the naturally jealous people - are always more aware of what they love about your life more than you are - because they want it - but you don't see yourself - so you don't always know what it is that others love about your life.


But let me say - that there's always someone in the world - that WANTS what you have - WANTS the life you have - WANTS and DESIRES facets of "you". Jealousy and desires are inherent in human nature - even if people don't say anything to you - when they look at you - they like and want something about "you" for themselves.


When someone TELLS you they love you - or tells you they love something you have - you "know" they do - because you sense the energy it creates - and yet - do you love your own life as much as someone else loves your life?


Feeling loved - means that you feel the positive energy in your aura - it is not something you can buy - it is an invisible energy that makes you realize who you are - as it makes you realize what is so special about "you". Feeling loved - because others love you or when you love your own life - means "you" love who "you" are - you're accepting the real "you" - because "you" see the real "you" and "you" love the real "you".


After you've had sex and loved each other - you feel happy and alive - because you're the best version of yourself - as you're feeling loved - at that moment - "you" are "you" and you're being loved because of "you" - you're being loved because you have brought love into someone else's life - you're being loved because you have made someone else feel loved.


The truth is you don't need anyone to feel loved - begin - by loving life - loving your own life that you have - and when you love your own life - that's when you'll become the real version of yourself - for "you" can only be "you" - "you" can only become the best version of yourself - when you love the life you've got.


You can only grow when you love life

Children instinctively grow - because they know they're loved - they feel loved - and they instinctively love life


I've been explaining astrology for many years - and the one facet that astrology explains is a person's individuality - the uniqueness of who you are - defined by your character - when you "know" who you are - you can work with yourself - and you can begin to love the facets of what you've been given.


The growth you achieve during each phase of your life of becoming the new "you" - is defined by the "love" in your life. All babies grow into children - who grow into young adults - encouraged, guided and energized by the "love" they feel from the people in their lives.


It doesn't matter what you are or where you are born in the world - but it does matter - who loves you and who you feel the love from - who and what you love - for all growth and expansion is defined by "LOVE". During your childhood you assume the whole world loves you - that's why you grow - but as you get older - you realize the whole world doesn't love you and that's when you get stunted growth - periods when things just don't happen in your life.


Let me explain - if people didn't love a product - the company would produce it - and they wouldn't even think of selling it for "export" - the reason a product is produced - the reason production is expanded is - because it is loved. Same with "You" - the reason you grow and the reason you can expand is because you are loved and you feel loved because of being "you". Therefore, the secret to continued expansion is to love the world - avoid and ignore anyone who doesn't love you - and simply to love life - all facets of life.


I've explained on SpiritualSecrets website that - your individuality is needed in the world - for if two people would think the same way - then there would be no need for one of them. You offer the world - your own unique energies to the world - whether those energies are of love or of hate - will define "you" and define who you attract in your life - and define what you do for the world. The next stage of life is GROWTH - and can only be done - when you LOVE the world - LOVE everyone - LOVE everything.


The more people you love - the more you grow

Whilst "tolerance" means accepting others - "love" means loving others - "love" means growth and expansion


The fundamental essence of "Love" - creates something from nothing - by an invisible energy of "love" that connects the invisible world with your physical reality - the whole world exists on this fact. Everything that is created, made and done in this world is done through an invisible energy of "love" - "love" makes "something from nothing".


There's always no logical reason why some businesses just "exist" or why some businesses collapse - or why some relationships end - but the invisible reason why a restaurant or shop will close - is because no-one LOVES going into that restaurant or shop. If people LOVED going in - it would be successful. If the atmosphere inside was good - if there was a LOVING energy present - it would be successful. LOVE sustains all life - LOVE ensures existence.


Indeed, we can see this from the popularity of internet websites - the more people who LOVE the website - the more popular it is - but there's an additional ingredient to existence - and that's whether - the LOVE is a TWO-WAY relationship [explained in Chapter 17] or a ONE-WAY relationship [explained in Chapter 18].


In the meantime - relevant to this chapter of feeling loved - feeling alive - feeling happy - the more you "love" life, the more people you "love" in the world and the more facets of life you "love" - the more you yourself will feel alive - "love" defines an expansion of "you" - learning about or merely accepting others isn't enough to make you expand - you need to truly "LOVE" others.


You can search your whole life for "Love"

then realize the truth it's within "you"


This is the ironic fact of life - [which I will explain fully on the Tree of Life] - that everyone of us - instinctively searches for answers and searches for "love" - some people will even attempt to buy happiness and buy "love" - until - the moment of enlightenment comes - when you realize that you can't buy "love" - it is an energy that you already have - it is WITHIN you - all you need to do is awaken it and use it wisely. Indeed, it is part of life's experiences - to search and then realize - the truth - that all the answers are WITHIN you - and everything that you're looking for is in "you".


When "you" love yourself - when "you" love your own life - when "you" love everything and everyone in your life - then - you're ready for true love - that's because at that moment - "you" become "you" - you become awakened and energized by everything and everyone in your life - not because it exists in your life - but because you feel the LOVE - the connectivity and bonds of love in your aura - that makes you feel the "life" energy from everything and from everyone.


The 5 Categories of "Love" in Your Aura


In Chapter 20 True Love is External to you I will explain that your apparent individuality in this physical life is so that you can feel the connections of love to everything and everyone in your life - because if it was part of you - you wouldn't feel the loving energy. Once it becomes part of your aura - you become more wholesome - as you feel it's all part of you.


The 5 categories - each of which contains an energy that needs to become part of "you" - can only become part of "you" - when you love each facet of each category.


[1] natural objects in the world - stones, mountains, rivers, oceans, planets and stars

[2] manufactured objects - that have changed their original created energy to become something else

[3] vegetation - fruit and vegetables, plants and trees that grow - seeds that grow - and have a cycle of "life and death"

[4] animals - that have life energy to move and procreate on their own - and have "life and death" cycle

[5] humans - everyone you see and meet - everyone you talk to and connect with - everyone who defines your character


Each category that you LOVE - creates a different energy in your life - when you love all facets of each of these 5 categories - the more wholesome you will become. The more you love - the more awakened and connected - you will become. Indeed, the DIVINE is everything - the DIVINE CREATOR of the UNIVERSE - is inclusive of everything and everyone - hence the more you love - the more spiritually enlightened you become - the more spiritual divine you too become. The pathway to Divinity is LOVE - the Tree of Life is LOVE.


The Pathway to Divinity is paved with obstacles

Those obstacles are moments and thoughts when you feel unloved, when you feel unhappy and sad

Unhappiness, sadness and hate are merely obstacles on the pathway - whilst Love is the Pathway to Divinity

When you remove the obstacles - you will see clearly that your whole life is life of love - an enlightened pathway of love



"You" are "You" - Love being "You"

It's useless attempting to be someone you're not - because sooner or later - destiny will enusre you realize the truth


In Chapter 15 Feeling Unloved, Unhappy & Sad - I explain that "you" can only be "You". Because when "you" truly are "you" - that's when you see the truth of how lucky you are to be "you" - you will see your own gifts - that's when you will love your life even more than you do - and that's when others will love you too. Chapter 15 explains that no-one is perfect - but the answer isn't to run-away from yourself or hate yourself - the answer is - to find the goodness that is WITHIN you - love yourself and love being "you".


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם