The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 13 - The Gateway

Audio file is - [13] "The Gateway of Your Aura - the dead-end"


To Your Own Invisible World of Love

"The Gateway" is your own individual Gateway which is opened when you're fired-up and excited from within you by your emotions


The invisible world of love is a world full of life-giving energies that is running concurrently to this real physical world - and even though it's totally invisible - it's results are REAL - because it defines the choices you're constantly making. These choices are your emotions talking to you.

And to prove this fact - next time you want to do something that is illogical - especially if it's something you love doing - try stopping yourself - it's almost impossible - because your emotions are controlling your physical body and controlling your life.


The facets of "You" that are "you" are defined in your relationships with other people - which invariably you constantly repeat the same patterns with all the people in your life - because you react in SYNC with and in accordance with what "you" are.


Without the invisible world that is defining the way "you" react and the way your life is - "you" would be the same as everyone else - but you're not. Logic would define that every person in the world would look the same and react the same - but illogical invisible emotions - especially negative karmic emotions which create invisible blockages preventing people from "living" life - are in fact controlling events in this world - and hence everyone is different - everyone has their own set of relationship energies and own way they live life.


Although most people are simply "existing" and not "living" each and everyone has something inexplicable happening - a facet of life which has come to an inexplicable dead-end stagnation of "existing" and you don't feel like you're living - this is simply a manifestation of a BLOCKAGE from the invisible world.


So next time - you're sad because you're alone - if you're alone and have no one - OR - next time you're sad because you're with someone but don't feel that you're in a loving relationship - OR next time you're sad because you're simply sad and not in the mood for "life" - tell yourself - that your feelings are illogical - and see if that changes anything - ofcourse it won't because EMOTIONS are more powerful than LOGIC - and that applies for every human being with a soul inside them.


Therefore - the BIG question is how to get in touch with your EMOTIONS - not the stupid silly emotions and worries of earthly nonsense that drain you - but the real truthful higher spiritual emotions that are given to you - which give you all the positive energy and power - to make BIG things happen in your life.

The truthful answer is you are already connected - but like a bundle of wires and cables where there are only be TWO wires in a whole bundle that are connected to the source of power - all the others use the power provided by the TWO power lines - but without the TWO wires that carry the power - nothing will work. You too - are connected - but you need to find what truly gives you - your power and energy.



In your life too - you already have the power - but - there's such much in your life that's creating CONFUSION that you don't even know what's the most important facets of your life anymore - you can't even see which connections are the connections that carries all the power - and which ones really connects YOU to the invisible world of emotional energies.


At the "Gateway" - you become awakened to realize what specific facets of "You" - the parts of "YOU" that carries all your power and hence enables your connectivity to the invisible world - the world of infinite power - the world of love that makes everything happen in this physical world.


"I'm going-away to find myself"

How many times have you heard that expression - the need to go-away and find oneself?


The truth is - all you need is to disconnect yourself from all the distractions and draining facets of your life - then by switching-off to all the things you're not supposed to be connected to - you will find the SOURCE of your power and energy - and - FIND yourself.


The truth you can "find" yourself anytime anywhere - you don't need to run-away in order to find yourself - the real "You" in within "You" - all you need to do is realize that the vast majority of your thoughts are like wires that take and use energy from the source of your life-energy - and that all you need to do - is find the source - find the wires that connect "you" to YOUR SOURCE of energy - and then stay connected to your source.


Those wires that energize your life - that makes your life worth living for - that creates positive energy - are all the LOVE connections in all the relationships in your life. The problem in life is DECEPTION - because until you arrive at the "Dead-End Gateway" of your life - you're being and you've been deceived by many things and many people you loved - but in-the-end they turned out to be dead-ends - with no residual love energy.


You thought your "love" was real, trusting, dependable and loyal - and yet - just like your childhood dreams and fantasies - it was all nonsense. You loved the chocolate ice-cream - but once eaten - it's gone. Facing the truthful reality - that NOTHING you love - does anything meaningful for you - and will lead you to feel life is a "Dead-End" - at which point the only thing you're waiting for is - to die. When you feel like this - it is a GOOD sign - because it means - you're ready to read this chapter - and get yourself past the "Dead-End Gateway" of your life - into the invisible world which is always present - which is always available to you and which contains all your life-energy that gives you the power to live life - and to want to live life.


The best facet of finding yourself - is the realization that you have had the potential WITHIN you all your life - all you needed to do was realize what "it" was - and what you need to do - to see "it" and feel it's energy - and realize it is the desire of LOVE that keeps you alive. Loving something you love - energizes you to live life.


When you stop loving it OR when it vanishes from your life - you believe your world has ended - the truth is - you life now has the potential to begin - because you will become awakened to realize - what the TRUE SOURCE of your life energy is. Especially - when you begin to question - every facet of your life - don't question life too much - just ask yourself - What do you love? What is it that you love so much - you couldn't live without? All your relationships should have shown you ONE thing - that you can't live without LOVE. Whilst you can live without all of your "ex's" - you can't live without LOVE. Because it is "LOVE" - when you're "in love" and in a loving relationship that OPENS your aura to the invisible world of love.


Deceptions create illusions of "love"

Life is a journey - and from the moment you're born until you become "awakened" - you're being constantly deceived by illusions. But there's one illusion you know is TRUE - and that is there is a power in "LOVE". It begins with love of something physical - something you want - then during adolescence and all of adulthood - it becomes love of sexual relationships. All the physical facets are simply manifestations of your inner invisible desires to feel ALIVE - and you can only be ALIVE - if you're "in love".


When you become awakened to realize the truth - that whatever and whoever you thought was source of life energy isn't really the source. When you realize that you've been attached to a "dead-end" - makes you feel you've arrived at a "dead-end" - in reality - the only thing you can expect at a "dead-end" is a "dead-end".


However - this "dead-end" is defined by an INVISIBLE world of emotions - arriving at a "dead-end" in your thoughts - is actually an illusion too - because with ONE LOVING THOUGHT can eliminate all the "dead-end" feelings and you can make it into the Gateway to your future - all you need to do - is OPEN your mind - EXPAND your mind beyond it's dead-end boundaries - to find what you're truly looking for - the source and power of your energy. The real source of LOVE in your life.


The Gateway is always at the "Dead-End"

We've all been there at specific times in our lives - arrived at a dead-end point of give-up, can't take it anymore, too much negativity and everything going wrong - that makes it feel like it is "end-of-the-world". Most of you instinctively will search the internet for answers - and read something positive - but it does nothing for you. Well here's a proven method - that will immediately shift your aura - because after just 5 mins - you will feel the shift in yourself.


When you realize the threads, the connections, the facets of your life - that you believed connected you to something positive - have nothing at the end of them - then you've arrived at a "dead-end" - it will make you feel disillusioned with the deceptions that life has done to you - and will make you feel EMPTY - that you have no energy.


But the truth is - that too is an INVISIBLE DECEPTION - you believed in something and you were deceived that is was giving you energy - but it was "dead" - it was always "dead". The invisible world allowed you to be deceived in order to bring you to the "Dead-End Gateway" of your life.


What is "the Gateway"

A place where "you" are "you" - a place where you can find yourself

Not a physical place - but a place defined in your mind and by your emotions

The Gateway is what the invisible world wants you to love in order to make you want to live

The Gateway is the place in your mind where all the invisible love energies exist


The reason I call "Gateway" the "Dead-End Gateway" is that it defines a specific END of a phase of your life and a beginning of a NEW phase when you EXPAND and GROW. The DEAD-END is defined by no-more energy, it's exhausted, tired, drained and dead which automatically means - it has no intrinsic use in your life other than to awaken you to the need for a NEW beginning - to find something NEW that will energize you.


When you OPEN your mind to realize a TRUTH about life - that all of your life is defined by stages of LOVE. Constantly, you adapt, change, do things, go places and have goals in your life driven by desires and energies of LOVE. It might have been totally illusionary LOVE - but the invisible world of love gave you loving desires - to bring you to the next "Gateway" of your life. Then when you've "done-it-all" - you'll then arrive at the REAL "Gateway" when you will OPEN your mind, EXPAND and GROW.


Indeed - I've defined "The Gateway" - what the invisible world wants you to love in order to make you want to live life - loving whatever you love is the reason you become energized. "It" is the source of your power. At the end of all dead-end relationships - often people CLOSE and become DEAD inside - the truth is they've arrived at a DEAD-END - hence understanding that you've arrived at "Dead-End Gateway" - now defines - you're ready to find the source of all life - real love.



You can always sense the light - you can always feel "something" inside you

Provided you're on the tracks of your life - you will find always find the light

The light you're feeling is the invisible light of love


Whichever route you take in "life"

You will always arrive at "The Gateway"

The desire to love is what keeps you alive - loving something you love energizes you to live life


The source of your power - is Love - Love makes you Alive - if you didn't love anything about life - if you weren't given desires of love for anything - you wouldn't be energized nor motivated to do anything - and in reality you wouldn't have the energy to do anything - your life is energized by something you're made to love by the invisible world.


Let's be honest - everyone in the world loves money - whoever is alive loves money - because money buys you things that make you enjoy life - money is seen as an answer to all problems and all pain - and yet "money" is an illusion too - but the best illusion as it "works" to make everyone feel "alive". There's no denying it - winning $1000 - would make everyone love life. But the "love" of anything in this world - doesn't always mean you're always energized by "it".


That's because "you" consist of life-energizing threads - cords - connections to lots of facets in your life - and most importantly you have the connection to the real source of your life-energy - and whilst the love of something physical is important and useful - it does NOT replace the love of something INVISIBLE and ETERNAL. The love of money is merely a physical manifestation of the invisible love for something you can't see and don't know what it is - but it's the love energy that sustains "YOU" and makes you feel ALIVE.


Whichever route you take in your life - whether it be a problematic negative lonely pathway or whether it be a positively busy pathway full of distractions - you will arrive at an enlightened moment of the "dead-end" - when you realize that - your life is defined by something INVISIBLE - something that gives you ENERGY - something that without it - is making you feel dead - and yet you still don't know what "it" is.


Arriving at the "dead-end" means you don't know what "it" is - you know you're looking for "it" and yet you don't know how to find "it" - and even if you think you've found it sometimes - you don't know if you've really found it - and then you want to know how to keep the constant connection to "it" to make you always feel alive. Hopefully by the end of this chapter - you will know more of what you'll never really know - all you need to know is that - it is INVISIBLE and it is LOVE that gives you - your life energy. What is it that you really love ? That energizes your life ?


"You" consists of invisible threads of Love

that connect "You" to "You"

You consist of threads of emotional energies - definitive facets that define the real "you" that connects "You" to "You"

When you connect strongly to "one" - automatically it connects you to "all" - strengthening "one" - strengthens all

The connections are all the facets in your life that you love - everything and everyone you love gives you energy


Everyday of your life has defined experiences - energies and connections that sit in your aura that define "you" - if you're doing something that you HATE doing - or if nothing is happening in your life and you're DEAD-BORED - then you're not going to remember that dead-boring day.


The connections you've totally forgotten - were connections that were meaningless in your life - they were facets - that weren't really "you" - and hence you can't even remember them - they might have been desires of love - but because it wasn't relevant to your soul - you've totally forgotten them as if they never existed.

In Chapter 10 - I explained that - You only remember moments that you're "awake". That's because - you're only awake for moments of life that are true for you - truly destined for you to experience. When "you" are "you" - that's when you're awake - and when "you" are "you" that's when you're "in love" with life. When "You" are "you" - that's when today's transcending invisible energies of love can manifest into something REAL in your life today.


Therefore - the secret to "finding" yourself - is to know what you remember in your life - who you remember in your life - what you loved and who you loved - because everything and everyone you've ever loved - everything and everyone you can remember loving - is a manifestation of what the SOURCE of energy of your life wanted you to love.

Hence connecting with ONE real-life manifestation of the source of your life-energy will ensure you connect with every manifestation of the source of your life-energies - and will then CONNECT you completely to your SOURCE.


At the Gateway - you can always "find" yourself

Many of us "lose" ourselves - and "lose" direction in life - at the "Gateway" - you can always Find yourself

The Gateway is the place - where all the invisible love energies exist, and manifest to create "love" in your real life

Everything and everyone you've ever loved are positive loving energies at "Your Gateway"

Love energies exist even after the object of your desires and love has faded - because Love lasts forever.


Everything and Everyone you've loved

Are manifestations of the invisible energies

The invisible world of love - is constantly creating energies - for everyone - even for people who are "closed" - experiences of "love" for something or someone in their lives. Close your eyes - and think - what have you loved and who have you loved - who do you love and what do you love. It should come to you immediately - as no-one forgets who they truly have loved. Often grandparents are the easiest people to remember - as you always remember the unforgettable bonds of love - other relationships - you might easily forget - because the truth is they're not even important to you anymore. [Indeed I will explain in Chapter 16 Relationships past present and future - the importance of each of your loving relationships].


The purpose of THINKING for you at The Gateway is to be connected to EVERY facet in your life that you've loved and that you love. - vivid experiences that you can't forget - because they were strong moments - manifestations of invisible love into real life. When you THINK of everything and everyone you've loved - your mind is OPENED - as you're at the entrance to the "The Gateway of the invisible world of love" - at the source of your life-giving energy.


The invisible energies of LOVE for whatever and whoever it is that you love and have loved - are the manifestations of the transcending invisible energies. None of the negative facets matter and it doesn't matter why the relationship ended - what matters is the fact that the INVISIBLE WORLD of LOVE created a MANIFESTATION - of something and someone for you to love in real life. What you LOVE today - might be different what you LOVED yesterday - so constantly - THINK everyday - what it is you LOVE today.


The reason for "dead-end" at the Gateway

The reason most people arrive at the "dead-end" is because people "think" negatively - instead of remembering the manifestation of LOVE in real life in the relationships you've had - people think of how bad those relationships turned out to be - and therefore the "dead-end" is a self-imposed delusional "dead-end" as people who don't want to THINK of LOVE - prefer to think of HATE - and hence create their own "dead-end".


The purpose of all your loving relationships is to show you that the invisible world of love has the potential to manifest something in real life - and if not for being CLOSED - it would be constantly manifesting something in real life - but most people are "CLOSED" to it - either because they're not thinking of LOVE or because they're asleep - hence it can't manifest anything.


This is the importance to THINK of all your loving relationships - THINK of everything and everyone you LOVED in your life - as reconnecting in your mind to all the energies of LOVE - connects you to your gateway - to your source of love - and then by keeping your Gateway open - you will - from now onwards be able to convert all the invisible energies of love into real manifestations of something good in your life.


Hence, you can open-up your "dead-end" anytime anyday - all you need to do is THINK of everyone and everything you've loved in your life - they came into your life because they were manifestations of LOVE from the invisible world of love. Countless times I've heard people LIE and say they never really loved someone - but the truth is even for a moment or two at the beginning of every relationship - there was an invisible energy of LOVE - otherwise you wouldn't have been attracted to the relationship - so don't lie - be HONEST with yourself - sift out the positive energies of love from all your relationships - and let those energies reconnect you to your SOURCE of life energy.


Crying at the Gateway is a Breakthrough

What is the most remarkable facet of humans is the ability that invisible EMOTIONS can create reactions in your physical body. Whether you're happy or sad - when you cry tears of joy or tears of sadness - these are physical results of emotional breakthrough. The reason why your physical body will cry - is a breakthrough - out of happiness is - in finding yourself - feeling alive again. However, to get the breakthrough - your body might need to be brought to tears in order to get your breakthrough.


The reason why your mind will OPEN-UP and become positive is because you're feeling all the energy at the Gateway coming back to you - even energies you lost - will return - as you're thinking of the "love" means feeling the "love" - which means you're really alive.


When You're in love - you become totally energized - and that's why you always remember the moments during your loving relationships much more than all the daily boring routine. The contrast between being "in love "and being "alone" with no-one to love is like the contrast between life & death. Now you know this - it is your job to reconnect yourself to all the memories of things and people you've loved - and use the energy to get your life moving forward again.


Prior to having your breakthrough at the dead-end Gateway - you will feel depressed and empty - but as soon as you've had the breakthrough - as soon as your mind has become OPENED to everything and everyone you've ever loved in your life - then it will be an overwhelming experience - that you will know - exactly what I'm referring to.


Then you will realize - throughout all your life - you've had lots of exciting moments - as you will begin to remember them all - as every positive energy sits at "Your Gateway" to your invisible world of love - each has the same common factor - and that's each are a manifestation in REAL life of an invisible energy from the invisible world of love.


When you Truly Understand the Power of Love

It will open Your Gateway to Your Secret of Life

Understanding that the Power of Love is Within You is the Key to your Karmic Gateway

All facets of Love in your life are at your Gateway - and contain the Secrets and Meaning of Your Life


Everyone on earth has their own individual Karmic Gateway - with Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2024 - the karmic Sync of Higher Self & Reality - means that everyone will feel it - everyone will feel what you really love. Because if your destiny doesn't want you to love it - you won't be able to love it - conversely - every facet that you should love will be easy to love - as it will be STRONG.


Remember these karmic facets of "love" are only so that can ACCESSS your Gateway to the invisible world of love - it might not be for you to have in your life today - even though it was in your life yesterday. Invisible emotions of love - don't understand boundaries - therefore if it was part of your destiny - because you loved it - you will always love it - and it will always be part of your soul's identity.


The karmic reason for a DEAD-END is when far too many mistakes have been made - a major correction needs to be made - but in order to make the BIG correction - inexplicable blockages have to be created - in order to wake a person up - to make a person realize that the BLOCKAGES have been caused because you've forgotten to LOVE LIFE - and need a MAJOR correction to your existence.



In these 1st 5 chapters of this online "Book of Love" I explained that you can find facets to LOVE - every moment of everyday of your life - when you LOVE these facets - you can constantly be in SYNC with and be at "Your Gateway" to the invisible world of love - and therefore you can constantly manifest something from nothing in your life. No-one else can do it for you - it is up-to-you to OPEN your mind to the invisible world.


Once you're OPENED - once you've found the place in your mind that is FULL OF POSITIVE ENERGY then you've found your secret to being the real "You" - all the other nonsense in life is meaningless - and you'll realize that all the negative stuff has been a waste of time and a total distraction to being the real "you".


The positive vibrant version of "you" that is truly your destiny is - the version of your life that you remember vividly in your mind - the events that constantly energize you as you think of each memory - and collectively every memory energizes you at "Your Gateway". It might be that out of your whole life - you can only remember a few strong moments - and that too proves all the other stuff was meaningless nonsense.


I'd correctly assume that every time you got "drunk" or "stoned" or weren't you - you can't even remember - as all the meaningless stuff that wasn't the real you has vanished from your memory as if it never existed - because in truth - "you" - the real "you" wasn't even present when it was happening.

The importance of memory isn't the same as intelligence - as intelligent people might remember facts - but the facts have no energy - so it becomes meaningless. Whereas - everyone remembers positive memories - as they are stored in a HIGHER version of yourself - a version that is the true version of your life - the destined reasons why you were born and are alive today - to "find" yourself and to be yourself.


The Gateway - Sync of Higher Self & Reality

At the gateway - you should be in sync with yourself - that is - the real version of you and higher destined version of you

Everything and everyone you've loved should be vivid energies and memories in your mind


Everything and everyone that should be in your life - should be in your life at the "SYNC" - if they're not then the Gateway will ensure changes happen to make you in sync with your destiny. The purity, clarity, excitement, wholesomeness and peace you'll feel at "The Gateway" ensures you're sync'd with the real version of you.


When you're at that place in your mind - you'll see facets of your life with clarity - you'll realize how much of your life has been "garbage" - how much of your life has been a total waste of time - and how many years have simply vanished as if they never existed. Seeing this clarity can be SHOCKING and SURPRISING - but now that you're awakened - from now onwards - be the person you're supposed to be.


Stability is when you are you - when you're living the life you're destined to live - instability is when "you" aren't "you" - instability is when you've got something that's not yours - instability is when you're living a life that are meaningless to the real version of "you" - and everything meaningless you've ever done is always forgotten.


TEST yourself - can you remember what you did on 22nd March 2012 ? Can you remember what you did on 8th August 2011 ? Can you remember what you did on 14th September 2010 ? The answer for most people - will be you'll vaguely remember what you were doing around those dates - but unless you did something BIG on those dates - you'll have completely forgotten them - "it" will all be a complete "blur". In the same way - "dreams" are forgotten - "dreams" are a blur - so too - most of people's lives are one complete dreamy blur - the only events you truly remember - are the events you were AWAKE for.


You've been asleep - that's ok - most people are asleep even when they think they're awake - in fact when I look at many people I see a world that's asleep - only very few are awake - only very few have a sparkle of life inside them that indicates they're awake - the rest are asleep - waiting to be awakened.

Have you been to crowded place - how many people truly look as though they're alive - how many people do you see - have the awakened sparkle of life inside them? Well thanks to the sharp and powerful astrological aspects in the next few years 2015 => 2017 - everyone will be waking-up sooner or later - hopefully - now that you're awakened - you too - will be able to sense - who is awake and who is asleep.


When you become AWAKENED - when you have the CLARITY - you will realize that most of your life isn't the real "you" - even where you are now and what you're doing with your life right now - might then appear to be a complete mistake. That's OK too - because when you're awakened - life can FIX "you" to become the real "you" - but to FIX you - you need to be AWAKE and THINKING - you need to be at "The Gateway" - full of positive emotions - realizing that there have been many moments in your life - when "you" were "you" - when you loved life - and this will be the secret to FIXING your life - by reconnecting "you" with the real "you".


Now that you've become AWAKENED - all you need to do is STAY AWAKE - and then "life" will rearrange everything and everyone in your life. From my own experiences - the period just after you've AWAKENED - will be exciting - and full of clarity - you'll have many moments of "how on earth did I get here" - "how on earth am I going to get out of where I am" - "what on earth am I doing with my life" etc., You'll even have "oh shit" moments - as you realize the truth that you've been living the wrong life - and that you need to RESET your life - prior to the big mistakes you've made - that too is normal and ok - because realizing MISTAKES - means you're now completely awakened - because no-one in the world - get's it perfectly right.


The truth is life will show you - all you need to do is REMEMBER all the positive energies of "Your Gateway" - REMEMBER all the events by the positive energies they've created in your mind - REMEMBER all the loving moments when you were excited to be ALIVE - REMEMBER all the moments when you were ALIVE - and these memories - will ensure - you get connected in SYNC with the real "you" - and then automatically - destiny will do the rest.


When you PLUG your iPad, iPod or iPhone into your computer to SYNC it - it does it itself - it might ask you if you want to SYNC it - thereafter - it does it - itself - automatically. REMEMBERING all the moments of your life - is your way of beginning the SYNC - thereafter - as you connect yourself with your higher destined self - destiny will check to see if you have everything you're supposed to have in your life. If not - it will ensure you get it - all you need to do to get it is STAY AWAKE and THINKING of all the moments of your life.


After you've become awakened - you might realize that lots of things in your life - aren't "you" - and the SYNC will act to disconnect you from all these facets - it does this by disconnecting you emotionally - so that you no longer have feelings for the meaningless nonsense. Remember - your life can only move-forward and change - when your Gateway is opened - when you're fired-up and excited from within you by the energies of "love" - by memories of everything good in your life and by loving feelings you feel today. If you're not feeling anything - then you're not "opened" up .... and nothing will happen.


I should add that the use of "Kabala Magic" - does have short-term materialistic results - as the "magical" boost of positive energy of someone else's power can Sync you with someone you're not - and manifest something in the short-term. But People who use kabala, black magic and other mysterious prayers to "cheat" and "get" something that's not theirs to have - eventually end up loosing it all.

So if you've got something that's not you - when the real sync is made - you will get a sudden shock - when things go wrong - it might help a short-term gain - but will never be permanent. Therefore - be honest - be you - be the real you. Conversely - when you make the REAL SYNC - you will suddenly - get back and get everything that has been your destiny to have. It "all" comes to you - as "you" are "you".


You Expand and Grow when you Love

You Contract and Die when you Hate

Arriving at a "dead-end" means you've arrived at The Gateway To the Invisible World of Karmic Emotions

Life will feel like a "dead-end" until you realize the need to eliminate the limitation beliefs and fixed boundaries

Getting through the "The Gateway" means expansion of mind and thoughts - through the power of love.


Awakened means You're at Your Gateway

For the rest of your living life - each and every moment of everyday - that you're awakened - you'll be at "Your Gateway" - the stronger you become - the more you'll feel it's energies. Each moment of everyday - has potential to do great things with your life. The invisible world of love can manifest something from nothing - anytime anyday. The invisible world of love is constantly transcending it's energies - it is up-to-you to be OPEN to let the invisible energies into your life to manifest into something real in your real life.


When "You" are "You" - You're Awake

& You're constantly at Your Gateway

You'll be faced with challenges and choices of being unhappy or being happy - depending on all of life's events

Feeling loved or feeling unloved - being in one-way relationships or being in two-way relationships

However when you're awake you'll realize how simple it is to understand "life" - as everything in your life becomes clear

Everything has a reason - Everyone has a purpose - Nothing happens by Coincidence when you're awake




"The Gateway"

Better to be overwhelmed than "dead"

As you've learnt from the above - it works - as you ONLY think of all the memories that you remember - you see you can only remember the emotionally powerful and strong moments - everything else - you've forgotten as if you never did it. However, many readers - as soon as you OPEN up and feel it all - you might become overwhelmed - even dizzy - that there's so much to "think" about - it's like you're living all the positive moments of your life together - which is quite an unusually powerful feeling - and will come like a SURGE of energy. I say - better to be overwhelmed and better to feel it all - than be numb and dead - and whatever you do - don't numb the feelings by having a "alcoholic drink" - as that will CLOSE you up again - and you'll forget it all again!


And for the purpose of arriving at "Your Gateway" - it doesn't matter "what" your strongest memory is - it doesn't matter if it's Haagen Daas Chocolate IceCream or a place you went to on holiday - indeed you might remember the place more than you remember the people you were with - that too - is OK - because destiny ensures you only remember the important parts of your life. I should add - "if" you have lots of bad memories and feel negative then please heal the karma - read Sefer GilGulim - Book of Reincarnations - especially the Chapter - Three Keys of Reincarnation.


The Gateway referred to in this chapter - is the Gateway of all positive moments of your life - because from "heaven-above" - only transcends goodness - that goodness is converted at "Your Gateway" and manifests into loving moments in your life. Everything you love about life is at "Your Gateway" .

Even if you haven't been awake nor appreciative to realize how much goodness has transcended and is constantly transcending into your life - even if you currently feel nothing - that doesn't mean it's not coming - it merely means you don't feel it. That's why the next chapter is about "Feeling unLoved, Feeling Sad and unhappy" - How to make yourself FEEL the goodness coming into your life.


Chapter 13 - The Gateway

Truths & Realizations

After you've read and understood this chapter - it will take you on a journey - when over a few weeks and months - you'll realize many things you've done in your life - are totally FORGOTTEN - and totally MEANINGLESS - as you feel nothing - you have no memory nor emotions at "The Gateway".


Don't panic nor worry - that is perfectly normal - as "you" weren't the real "you" - when you were doing what you did. You were probably living someone else's life or "switched-off" - because deep inside you - you realized the experiences weren't true to your soul. This is why many children - don't remember their childhood - as it's totally irrelevant to the rest of life - you only BEGIN to remember - when you BEGIN to live. You only remember the moments when you were ALIVE.


In fact, you might find - if you went on holiday with your "ex" - you might remember the place, the food, the chocolate icecream more than you remember your "ex" - as the place and events were more important than the relationship! The key is whatever you REMEMBER and it has GOOD memories - that energize you today - defines that those were destined moments in your life - and sit at your "Gateway".


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם