The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 12 - The Invisible World of Hate

Audio file is - [12] "Awakening to the Invisible World of Hate and Problems"


At the very least when you truly hate something or someone - defines that you're awake !


The inexplicable reasons why you hate someone or hate somewhere or hate something isn't logical - it's an emotional response to something gone-wrong in your life or something that is WRONG. Hate is an invisible illogical emotion you feel for a specific reason - Hate is an energy that defines a BLOCKAGES - and the reason is simply to AWAKEN you - that there's a BLOCKAGE in your life.


Indeed, the inexplicable karmic hatred you find you have often defines something which went wrong in a past life - that facet of your personality which went wrong in your past life - comes back again in this lifetime in the form of invisible "hatred" - to create problems and blockages - until you learn to eliminate the blockage by way of LOVE. The only way to heal the inexplicable invisible world of hate is by healing it through the invisible world of love.


The reasons of - "Why" you Hate - is the problem

Hate isn't logical - it's an emotional response to something gone-wrong in life - that sits as an invisible energy in your aura

Inexplicable karmic hatred defines something which went wrong in a past life - that is stuck in the aura of your soul


What do you hate in your life ? What makes you Angry ? Who do you hate ? Who makes you angry?

What makes you Sad ? What makes you Frightened ? What makes you Worried ? What are your frightened of doing?

"What" you hate - all are valid questions that defines the catalyst - but - the source of the problem is "why" do you hate


"Why" do you Hate ?

The answer is simple - you're frightened - your own insecurity - your own fears - you yourself makes you hate - because if you weren't frightened - if you felt loved, happy and secure from within - then you wouldn't hate anyone.


Do you Hate because someone hates you? The most stupid reason to hate anyone is because someone hates you - they've poisoned themselves and you want to be poisoned too? If people hate you - it's because they're missing something, they're frightened, and they're jealous of you - instead of hating them - turn-it-around and feel compassion that they're forced to hate because of their own insecurities.


Be wise - and don't let yourself be poisoned by their hatred. Hatred is karmic - so each person must learn to solve their own karma. No-one can solve your own life - no-one can magically make your life better - only YOU - and all you need to do is LOVE all. Dump the need to HATE anything or anyone.


Whatever you Hate about someone is something you probably identify with as you hate it in yourself. People who criticize the most - are always people who have the biggest faults - because in essence - the reason why they see the faults in others - is they know the faults so well in themselves. People with bad karma always hate other people - hence they use their life to complain, gossip and criticize others. Bloggers who spend their lives reporting negative facets - destructively criticizing others are indeed full of karmic hatred - for if they loved life - loved other people - they wouldn't never gossip about others.


Conversely, whatever you love about someone is something you probably identify with as you love it in yourself. People who love other people, always compliment, love and enjoy other people - will never criticize others as they accept everyone - as they accept themselves - so too they accept everything in life.


The bottom line is not WHAT you do - it's the deep rooted question of WHY you do it. Therefore - your awakened awareness should now ask - WHY do you HATE the things, people and places that you HATE. The only solution forward is to LOVE LIFE. Become a light in the darkness is the only way to survive in the darkness - because if you extinguish your own light to become dark too - then all you have is a world of darkness.


In times of Darkness - you can see the lights brighter than in the day

Darkness, hatred, dislikes, anger - all have a purpose - as "opposites" work to drive you towards the light and to love



Images thanks to NASA


Looking at Europe - MidEast - Asia & India - USA - at night - what the satellites see - is defined by the light in the darkness. Whilst it is "dark" - the manmade lights ensure there's light even in darkness. Likewise in your life - when you become "light" , "loving" and "positive" - you can shine in the darkness.


Lighting Candles where there's Fear and Darkness

Everyone everywhere in the world always light candles at times of sorrow and darkness to invite Light to eliminate darkness

Human instinct is to light candles whenever there's sorrow and grief and when peace, forgiveness and healing are needed



Inexplicable "Fears & Hatred" are catalysts to make you switch your light on - to make you love life. The moment you realize - that this world if full of paradoxical opposites that you've been made to become fearful and hateful is in order to awaken you to the real meaning of life is the moment when you begin to do OPPOSITES of what circumstances are doing to you - is to do OPPOSITES and awaken to a life of love as you switch your light on in the "darkness" around you.


Crying, Being Frightened and Scared

Are all good for you - as you will realize a karmic truth that you have no control of life


The reason people cry, become frightened and scared is - because they want something they want and have lost it - the reality they see is they've lost control of life - lost something they had - indeed the being frightened is because people falsely believed they were in "control" of life.

Losing something and becoming frightened makes people realize that life is fragile. When you honestly realize this - you should instinctively appreciate every moment of life - realizing life is so fragile that things can be taken from anyone at any time - defines - ACCEPTANCE. However, foolish people - instead of "accepting" life - dig themselves deeper into fears - until all they see is a "dead-end".


People who cry are people whom are frightened and scared - are in fact refusing to ACCEPT the reality of Life. In all my life - I've never met anyone who has cried about anything "spiritual" - all tears and fears - are always for something transient - physical and earthly - something that's limited by earthly "life" - something that will eventually end, die and pass-away.


Hence, I admit that "Crying" is good - as it defines that you've been broken to a point when you truthfully realize the futility of believing you can control "life" - "Crying" breaks-through an earthly negativity of being worried about something that you can do nothing about. After "crying" - you feel cleansed - and then - hopefully - you're ready to - ACCEPT life - and begin to do something constructive about your life. But until you ACCEPT life - you can't even begin to do anything positive - so please ACCEPT life.


Your Dead-boring Life - is dangerously Fragile

The fact is - that a dead-boring life is fragile - because at any moment - it can completely collapse and really "die"

Hence, when you feel "dead-bored" - then it's time - to wake-up and come-alive - before it's too late.

The only way to get through "The Gateway" at the "dead-end" is to wake-up, come alive through power of love.



It might be the prettiest cemetery in the world - but in reality it's still a cemetery - that defines a finite physical dead-end !


A Cemetery - is that the end of the journey !?!

The fact of life is "The End" for everyone is a cemetery - so why on Earth are people not enjoying the gift of life?!

Why is it - that everyone knows an "end" is coming - is instead of enjoying the remainder of life - people are doing nothing?


One of the reasons many people - dislike cemeteries - is because it reminds them of the truthful reality of life - that we will all eventually die - and yet some people behave as though in a delusional dream - that somehow they're going to be exempt - and will live forever on Earth.


Other's become people who Hate Life - are frightened as they realize they have no control over anything in their life - because they've awakened to realize the truth that no-one has "control" over life and death - they hate life because they see life as a cruel deception for which mankind has to suffer. They've distorted the truth - they've got it "wrong" - because of their fears.


Realizing the truth of that "death" is "the end" of physical life - coupled with real-life events of losing control makes people dig their dark-hole deeper in their own minds - created by their own invisible karmic fears and insecurities - limited by their own earthly limitations - which means even if they saw the truth - even if they met "Jesus" they'd still hate life and be grumpy!


People who Hate Life are wanting to contract their world - hating-life means wanting to arrive at the "dead-end" - wanting to feel life is a complete waste of time and a "dead-end". In fact hate, jealousy, anger - are emotions that define a selfish earthly individuality - theirs no good that can ever come from being worried about earthly-life because - the truth is everyone will die - there's no exemptions - it has been the rule for 1000's of years - it's not going to change now!


The "threat" of death is supposed to wake you up

instead many are sleeping-walking to "the end"

Momentarily - dramatic "breaking news" - wakes you up - but most people thereafter go back to sleep.

What will it take for you to wake-up? The karmic truth is some people will never be lucky enough to wake-up


Everyone remembers - 9/11 in 2001 - the shocking event that shook the world - and yet most of us went back-to-sleep. Momentarily we were all awakened and promised ourselves to live life to the fullest - and even since then - many catastrophic and dramatic world events have continually attempted to wake people up.


Each month - sometimes every week - there's always something NEW that makes dramatic "breaking news" - and all with the purpose to make you appreciate the gift of life - enjoy life and do something with your life - but - it's apparent - that many people will never be lucky enough to be karmically woken-up before "their end".


In fact - the daily "threat" of death - is supposed to wake you up and make you appreciate life - to make you love life and make you realize how precious the gift of life is and how lucky you are - but instead - many are still fast-asleep and sleeping-walking to "the end" - that too is their bad luck and bad karma. Learn from "them" - don't make the mistakes they've made - use the opportunities to awaken and become enlightened. Love the gift of life.


Everyone is sensing the "urgency" of "dead-ends"

& many seem to be doing anything about "it"

That's because - Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 => 2024 - defines that none of "us" can do anything about "it"


Astrologically - Pluto in Capricorn between 2008 => 2024 is set and fixed to force change - the karmic changes needed are from within - to change one's attitude to you - instead many people are using the events and inexplicable frustrations and problems to become scared, wanting to escape and run-away - whilst others are delusional pretending that the real things aren't happening.

Everything that everyone is either doing or not doing - is because they're reacting to negative situations their own fears and becoming more negative - as they see their own karmic dead-ends - instead - the karmic solution is to heal the bad karma - heal the negativity - heal the fears and become loving.

Instead of learning to LOVE - they're digging themselves deeper into bad karma - when sooner or later - it will become too much - that they will be forced to heal the karma - make the vital enlightened changes - and then realize - the only purpose of life is to LOVE.


However, the instinctive urgent change people do is - to escape and runaway - but in reality no-one can run away from oneself - you can ofcourse - go "home" to where you belong - to the place of your karmic roots - to the place your spiritual soul knows you belong - but people who run-away to somewhere where they don't belong - somewhere "new" - are only attempting to run away from themselves - not running towards anything positive nor spiritual.

The key to get through "The Gateway" at the frustrating "dead-end" - that specific "dead-end" place of your death and all your fears - both fears created in this life and invisible karmic fears created from past-lives - is to come alive - create life energy - with true spiritual enlightenment.


Coincidences - Nothing happens by "accident"

The metamorphic phase in life has ended - coincidences are happening - as now you're being awakened

The only "coincidences" that can happen when you're asleep - are "wake-up" alarm calls !


As I explain on the Moon Astrology website - there's always something that happens every moment of everyday - but if you're not awake - how on earth do you expect anything to happen? The only thing that can happen - when you're asleep - is a WAKE-UP call - which if you hear it and then go back to sleep - "life" has to try harder to wake-you-up - making the alarm louder, noisier, more annoying and more painful - UNTIL - you wake-up and stay awake !


Everyone is being woken-up - everyone has begin to be awakened - ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - but many - went back to sleep again until Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 - and even then - many again went back to sleep again until Neptune entered Pisces in January 2012 - and even then many went back to sleep again.


Between January => September 2015 - and again - even louder from January => September 2016 - and then even louder from January => September 2017 - the karmic alarm clock is awakening everyone on Earth - and this time - once you've been awakened - it will be almost impossible to go-back-to sleep again. That's because the "coincidences" of awakening will be sharp and getting stronger UNTIL everyone is awakened in 2020.


The 1st initial reaction - when you've been awakened - is SHOCK - with a sense of FEAR - that you must do something to avoid the "dead-end" - the inexplicable invisible FEAR - is karmic and within you - hence to overcome it - you can't run-away - you must deal with it from within yourself.


The only way to eliminate something you hate is - by accepting it, embracing and loving it - the only way to get the inexplicable karmic blockage removed from the "dead-end" phase of life - is when you accept it and love it. If you keep on hating it - it will poison all areas of your life and then block everything in your life.


Thanks to Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 => 2024 - means the only way to move forward - is to forgive the "past" and love life - accept everything and love all. Hence, if you're experiencing any seemingly unfair inexplicable painful blockage in your life - then the answer is - ACCEPTANCE - accepting the situation and "loving" it. Indeed - you might correctly assume that ACCEPTING something you really and honestly hate is like DOING OPPOSITES - but - ACCEPTANCE and DOING OPPOSITES works - because it works on shifting facets in your stagnant "dead" aura.


"I love being alone" - "I love my problems"

"I love being worried - I love being sad"

You might think this is sarcastic - and it is a bit sarcastic - because it's not the truth - when you say things that you don't want - as things that you love - it works - because ACCEPTANCE of what you have is the only way to eliminate the situations - because your aura is currently fighting the incoming negativity - and the ONLY SOLUTION is to stop fighting the negativity.


When you welcome the negativity - your immediately confuse your aura - and then it stops attacking you. When you welcome the truthful facts of your life - your aura finds peace - and can then begin work on changing your situation.


You haven't yet turned-it around - but initially - you'll feel good - because the attack stops - so say it "I love my problems - I love being broken - I love not having anything - I love being worried - I love being alone - I love having noone in my life" - and that's my favorite phrase "I love being worried" - because it includes all incoming negativity.


If you repeat over and over again - I love my problems - I love being alone - I love being broken - I love not having anything - I love being worried - within a few minutes instead of being worried - you'll begin smiling - even giggling to yourself - proving that your aura is working on repelling the negativity. Whenever you worry - that - you don't want something to happen - by law of attraction of opposites - it always happens - that's exactly what happens in your life.


Bad Luck has reason - and that's to teach you the OPPOSITE. We all know there are people who always seem to have good luck and others who always have bad luck. There are areas in your life which you have good luck - and other areas in your life where you have bad luck.

Once you've learnt the lesson - once you've cracked the mystery of your life - once you've learnt what you're doing wrong - then by way of OPPOSITES - embracing your problems - loving your problems - then you'll overcome them all. If you fear and hate your problems you're only compounding the negativity.


If you've experienced inexplicable Bad Luck means you'll inevitably experience inexplicable Good Luck - the same invisible forces that have created your BAD LUCK - will be same invisible forces that create your GOOD LUCK - when you get through the "Gateway" - when you get pass the "dead-end" - when you overcome the inexplicable karmic blockages - and when instead of thinking negatively with fear - you to think positive with love. Love is the key through the Gateway.



Are you Living in the World of Hate & Dead-Ends?

The World of Love & The World of Hate

When you're in a miserable mood you're probably living in the world of Hate

& when you're in a good mood you're probably living in the world of Love


When you categorize everything and everyone in your life - into one of two worlds - the [1] "Invisible World of Love" and [2] "the Invisible World of Hate" - you can see clearly - based on everyone and everything in your life - are you living MORE in the "Invisible World of Love" or living MORE in "the Invisible World of Hate"? You can't live in BOTH worlds - each moment of your day is defined by either LOVE or HATE. If you feel neither LOVE nor HATE - then you're actually "asleep" and "dead".



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם