The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 11 - The Invisible World of Love

Audio file is - [11] "Awakening to the Invisible World of Love"


Your world that you love so much - is defined by truth you feel - "I love that place - I love that person - I love that food"

Simultaneously someone else might truthfully feel they hate life - "I hate that place - I hate that person - I hate that food"


Neither are lying - both people are telling the truth - totally contradicting each other - and yet each honestly believes because that's what they truthfully feel. If you hate "garlic" - when someone you know eats "garlic" and loves "garlic" - it disgusts you - your opinion of them changes - and you certainly won't want to kiss them after they've eaten "garlic" !


It's not that anything has truly changed in the physical reality - except your emotions you create with every event in your life - triggers energies of either positive loving or negative hate thoughts in your head - each of which redefines your life. It's not logical why you let your feelings control your life - and yet it's your illogical emotional feelings which constantly defines your world.


Your positive emotions of desire and love will ensure you become connected to whatever life wants you to become connected to - whilst - your negative emotions of hate will ensure you avoid and become disconnected from whatever your destiny wants you to become disconnected from.


Although as I explain on Chapter 12 - The Invisible World of Hate - has purpose too - to awaken you to something your destiny wants you to see. Indeed, in the same way there's day and night - there's always "love" and "hate" in the world. There's always going to be something you hate - equally - there's always something you love.


Therefore, technically and logically - to be balanced - half your day should be full of love and the other half your day should be full of hate. But in reality - that's not so - because most of the day - most people are "dead" and "asleep" - not even fully awakened. So "life" becomes mediocre - with very few moments during the day when you really love and very few moments during the day when you hate. As explained in Chapter 10 - if you were truly awake - you'd remember everything you do - every moment of everyday - because it's a fact of life - you only remember moments which are filled with either positive or negative emotions.


Until you arrive at the "dead-end" - life will consist of moments of love and hate - it won't be continuous nor sustained - until you pass through "The Gateway of Life - explained on Chapter 13 - a time in your life when you wake-up and feel everything - both love and hate - even when you initially feel lots of ANGER and HATE - that too is better than being asleep and feeling nothing - because emotions of fear, anger, jealousy and hate will eventually be replaced by and create positive emotions of LOVE.


Are You "Existing" or Are You "Living"?

Unless your emotions are awakened - you're existing - not living ...

You're only alive - when you're emotions are "switched-on" - otherwise you're just "existing" in boring forgettable nonsense


You might indeed be doing something you believe to be important today - but that "something" - unless it's accompanied by your emotions of excitement, love - even emotions of anger and hate - you will forget what you do - because it is a simply a facet of existence and not a facet of living.


People who are "existing" - are merely waiting for something to happen - when they can begin to live - but the truth is - you don't need to wait for something to come along - you can begin to live any moment of any day of your life. All you need to do is wake-up and love life - love what you have in your life - love who you have in your life - love being alive.


Have you ever wondered - why is it - when you go shopping - you're feeling alive, interested and stimulated by things you're looking at - even momentarily excited by whatever you buy - but a few days after your shopping experience - you've totally forgotten what you bought - and the items you've bought mean nothing to you? That's because you have no truth in your feelings towards whatever you've bought.


Everything in your life - even books - is meaningless

Without feelings and emotions towards them

My entire book collection is made up of hebrew books that Jewish people threw-away - they discarded them because they had no love for them - nor did they have any love for the history of them. Whereas their parents and grandparents - loved the books - the next generation - discarded them. Because if they loved them they would have kept them - if destiny wanted them to keep them - destiny would have made them love them.


This is going to be relevant fact for Chapter 16 Relationships, Past, Present and Future - and that is - if destiny wants you to keep your relationships - destiny would have made you love them - but the karmic fact is - in this generation - destiny wants many people to experience all their karmic relationships - so destiny defines when you love them and when you don't - what you love and who you love - in order for you to find the real reasons of why you love who and what you love. Hence, life will define why you get excited for some things and some people - whilst you feel nothing towards others things and other people.



Indeed, before getting the books I have - I already had emotional and positive feelings towards the authors - hence when I got the books - I began to cherish the books more - reading them - learning about the authors who wrote them - and the history of the books. Hence, I'd never throw any of them away - because I've got an invisible inexplicable respect and love for these books.


It is the emotions I have towards each of the books that - not only defines I keep hold of them - but defines why I memorize and remember the contents, the authors and love them so much. Likewise - everything you all have - in your lives - if you truly love it - you'll be attached to it - with an energy that makes you feel excited to have it in your life.


Another "proof" and "sign" to honestly know if you love something - is you know exactly where it is - and when you think of "it" - you become enlivened by it's energy.


Do you feel your life is "DEAD-boring"?

Your world only comes alive - when you have feelings

Without feeling anything - the physical world your living in - is "dead"


When you've bought something - especially clothes - shoes - furniture - and any objects - if the date you bought it meant something to you, or the place you bought it from means something to you, or the person you were with when you bought it - you cherish it much more than had you bought it from your local supermarket. I'd hazard a guess - that any "bargains" you bought - would also do much more for you - because you got so excited it was such a bargain.


Your actions don't define you - it is the emotional energy of excitement and aliveness - associated with it - that defines everything in your life. Remember - it's not the logical fact of whatever you do that defines it's importance to you - it is the quality and strength of your awakened emotional energies that creates your feelings towards whatever you have in your life.

Everything in your life - even people in your life - won't do anything for you - and life will be a total void in an existence of meaningless nothingness - if you don't love life - and don't feel the excitement of love. This is reason why many wealthy people are so unhappy - as they feel nothing for the things they have.


It's not just those bored wealthy people - but if you've got something in your life that you don't LOVE - and if you've got things and people in your life that you feel nothing towards them - and especially - if you're feeling your life is dead-boring - because nothing excites you - then you won't remember anything you're doing in your life - because you're not actually alive at this moment - you're merely existing - and as Sri Bhagwan says on YouTube "You're actually dead".


Indeed - I love the truthful expression "dead-boring" - because when someone says it - that is exactly what they're saying about their life - that it's "DEAD". Hence, if you ever feel "dead-bored" - then it's time - to wake-up and come-alive. And the only way to wake-up is to begin to love-life.


If you're not loving life - then you're not "living"

& if you're not "living" - then nothing can happen


In the introductory chapters - I explained that through your 5 physical senses of [1] Eating & Drinking, [2] Seeing, [3] Hearing & Speech, [4] Feeling & Touch, and [5] Your Living Space. - you can find something to love life with - immediately - anytime of anyday - you should be able to look at everything in your life and feel the invisible bond of love between you and "it" - and "it" should excite you.


You can only LOVE something if you're AWAKE - and you can only be AWAKE if you're LOVING life. The world you're living in - can be exactly the same - unchanged from one minute to the next - but when you decide to AWAKE - when you decide to LOVE - then you're "living" - the moment you decide to WAKE-UP and LOVE - is the moment your world changes - the aura of your true presence descends into your physical world - which not only awakens you - but awakens the aura of the world you're living in.


You all understand that when you're fast asleep - nothing can happen - because you're not awake - so too - defined by your emotions - if you're not feeling anything - you won't remember anything - and if you're not truly living in the moment - you're merely existing - awaiting for a moment to be woken-up - only when you "wake-up" that's when something can happen.


Until you decide to "wake-up" & "love life" then ...

You don't get to choose the moments you remember

Have you noticed - that however much you want to remember some moments - you end up forgetting them? That's because unless you're fully awaken and loving life - you're not 100% present in your reality - your wholesome spiritual essence isn't present in your real physical essence. Therefore, until you fully LOVE LIFE - you won't remember everything.


The only moments you can remember are those moments that your destiny needs you to remember - for the purpose of awakening you today - as you've arrived - at the dead-end - dead boring phase prior to opening up at "The Gateway of Life". Everything and everyone that karmic destiny doesn't need you to remember - because it wasn't truly part of your destined journey of life - you've forgotten and will completely forget as if it never existed and never happened.


What reminds you and makes you feel alive?

When and where were you loving and "living" life?

What place in the world - where and when - did you feel 100% alive and remember everything?

What, when and where - were you awakened - because you were loving life so much ?

Who and with whom - do you remember everything - because you were so much in love?



Swimming in the pure water of the Thermal Lake Heviz Hungary

One the best places I've been to - [in Summer 2008 after Pluto entered Capricorn] - when I felt completely awakened and alive.


Simultaneously - you and other people - can live in different worlds

Your physical world might be "dead" - whilst for others it will be "alive"


We've all heard people - contradict each other - whether it be the same meal you ate - the same movie you watched - the same place you visited - in fact any same "experience" - will be defined differently for everyone. You might LOVE it so much that you can't forget it - whilst it meant nothing for the other person - that they've forgotten the whole experience.


"Don't you remember that?" - how many times have you said that to someone and they've completely forgotten - only - in hindsight - you can realize the truth - they were not "present" - "dead" - not emotionally "alive" - because the experience meant nothing to them. Discussing something in "hindsight" - remembering something or forgetting something - can only be defined in "hindsight" - and if you've forgotten it all - then you should know - it wasn't important.


Astrologically - depending on your age and astrological chart - there will be long periods of GAPS - where you've forgotten almost everything - and these years seem a complete "blur" of nothingness. [1] anything you experienced prior to Pluto entering Capricorn in January 2008 - or [2] anything you experienced during Neptune in Aquarius between 1997 => January 2012 - or [3] anything you experienced during Uranus in Aquarius between 1995 => 2003 - or [4] anything you experienced during Uranus in Pisces between 2003 => 2011 - will have been forgotten. Astrologically - this defines that you either woke-up after January 2008, after January 2012, after 2003 or after March 2011.


So don't be surprised - when you realize - that you've been "dead" - were "dead" - or still a bit "dead" - it was a metamorphic phase in life - that everyone had to experience - of being dead in order to be awakened to come-back to life. You can only realize an awakening - when you acknowledge and realize that- you've been "dead".


Coincidences - Nothing happens by "accident"

The metamorphic phase in life has ended - coincidence are happening - as now you're being awakened

The only "Coincidences" that can happen when you're asleep - are "wake-up" alarm calls !


As I explain on the Moon Astrology website - there's always something that happens every moment of everyday - but if you're not awake - how on earth do you expect anything to happen? The only thing that can happen - when you're asleep - is a WAKE-UP call - which if you hear it and then go back to sleep - "life" has to try harder to wake-you-up - making the alarm louder, noisier, more annoying and more painful - UNTIL - you wake-up and stay awake !


Everyone is being woken-up - everyone has begin to be awakened - ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - but many - went back to sleep again until Uranus entered Aries in March 2011 - and even then - many again went back to sleep again until Neptune entered Pisces in January 2012 - and even then many went back to sleep again.


Between January => September 2015 - the karmic alarm clock is awakening everyone on Earth - and this time it will be almost impossible to go-back-to sleep again. That's because the "coincidences" of awakening will be sharp and getting stronger UNTIL everyone is awakened.



The photo of a river and pink-sky sunset should act as a "trigger" to your mind - to remind of you of "love"


Memories of Love & Loving Life

The karmic alarm-clock of life - awakens by opening your mind to the invisible world of love


I've been puzzled by the "liberalism" of our generation and realized that sexuality, advertising and internet - which have collectively conspired to awaken everyone - to energies of "love". Because - whatever your current status in life - everyone has a sexual loving energy - probably defined by a sexual partner - if not in this lifetime - certainly in every other lifetime.

In fact - anyone who lived in the form of an animal in any prior lifetime - 100% had a sexual partner - the BAD karma and blockages of "LOVE" are only created by "humans" - who create their own barriers to "love". The blockages created by HATE is an avoidance of LOVE - therefore all of technology has conspired to awaken - even the most "dead" - to sexual energies of LOVE. To ensure everyone pursues and wants to LOVE.


Therefore the "liberalism" of sexuality in this generation is indeed an AWAKENING all facets of "love", all memories of "love" from all relationships and from all lifetimes - in order to ensure - people become enlightened to find the "The Gateway of Life" - indeed - this is the way forward as the World of Love - Accepts and Loves - Everyone & Everything - like the Divine Creator of the World - Accepts and Loves - Everyone & Everything.

Until - you realize - that the secret of life is LOVE - then every possible inexplicable event will happen in your life - to create a dead-end - in order for you to get frustrated, angry, annoyed and dead-bored - to the point when you feel you must BREAK-FREE and realize that the only way forward is to LOVE.


When You Love You Expand and Grow

When Your Hate You Contract and Die

In Chapter 13 "The Gateway of Life" - I explain that you can only grow, change, move-forward when you love life


The "password" through the Gateway is "love" - but you can't just say the words - your emotions must feel the LOVE - and be loving - you must feel love from deep within you - for all facets of life - living life to the fullest means loving every facet of life. One of the fundamental reasons people aren't living life - is because they're not even thinking "love".


People who are ignorant are ignoring the truth about the gift of life - people who hate are ignoring the right for everyone to be alive - people who hate always want others to die - likewise people who want to restrict the growth of life - are wanting others to die. The only positive way forward is - to want others to live - to want others to grow - and you can only attain a positive attitude towards life - when you yourself love life - love others and love the karmic gift of life.


Are you living in the World of Love?

The World of Love & The World of Hate

When you're in a miserable mood you're probably living in the world of Hate

& when you're in a good mood you're probably living in the world of Love


When you categorize everything and everyone in your life - into one of two worlds - the [1] "Invisible World of Love" and [2] "the Invisible World of Hate" - you can see clearly - based on everyone and everything in your life - are you living MORE in the "Invisible World of Love" or living MORE in "the Invisible World of Hate"? You can't live in BOTH worlds - each moment of your day is defined by either LOVE or HATE. If you feel neither LOVE nor HATE - then you're actually "asleep" and "dead".


World of Love - Accepts - Everyone & Everything

When you love everyone - then you're living in World of Love - and that's when you accept everyone and everything

When you're living in the World of Love - you remember and love everyone and everything because you're alive

In the World of Love You Can Find the Good in Everyone & Everything - you can find reasons to Love Everyone


Contracting into Physical individuality

Whenever you're grumpy, spiteful, jealous and hateful is when you contract into selfish World of Hate

When you live in the World of Hate - nothing good can happen - life is dead-boring and everything you do - comes to a dead-end


Have a Loving Relationship with Life

Have a loving relationship with everything in your life. There's goodness in everything and everyone on Earth

Love your iPhone - your computer - your home - Love everyone you see, meet and know - at the very least "like" them !


In a world of opposites and in a world of complicated karmic negative attitudes - often people only love something when they've lost it. They never really love it when they have it. So before "destiny" awakens you by making you loose something - become awakened whilst you still have it. Focus now - on something you have - appreciate it and LOVE it.

You'll sense, feel and realize - there's an invisible energy that is created everytime you say "I love it - I love it" - that will awaken you to an invisible world of love. A world that runs concurrently to the "real" world you live in - except - the invisible world of love is much more alive and powerful.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם