The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Sefer Ahava The Book of Love ספר האהבה

The 4th Book of Spiritual Writings - written, intuited and explained by

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Chapter 10 - Awakening to the Invisible World

Audio file is - [10] "Awakening to the Invisible World of Energies"


During each specific phase of your life - you "grow-up" and become a better version of yourself - because your mind grows-up. Whilst some people think it's cool to be ignorant and know-nothing - it's actually spiritual-suicide - as a closed mind is killing itself - leading to premature DEATH. Someone who thinks they know-it-all - in reality - knows nothing. Anyone who is thinking beyond the boundaries and pursues new knowledge is truly living and is alive.


Whatever anyone likes to believe - this current karmic phase is the "final" phase of normal life for humanity in the current version as we know it - and the conclusion of "normal" life is indicated by the vast amount of knowledge that is available on the karmic gift of the internet. Destiny is enabling everyone to expand your minds, find truth, transform and become wise - to find the answers and understanding to what you're truly looking for.


Ironically - as you "go searching" for answers - everyone of you - wherever you are in the world - will arrive at the same conclusion - that all the answers are WITHIN you. Your own mind, own thoughts, positive thinking mood and willingness to THINK for yourself - will define the new "you" - by what "you" conclude from all that you read on all the different websites. Your mind goes searching - but it is up to you - to THINK for yourself - and decide what's true to your soul.


At this stage of humanity - "Growing-up" - both individually and collectively - means developing your own mind to think - beyond the boundaries originally set for you by your own culture, teachers and parents. That's the purpose of all the information on the internet - to break boundaries - and to liberate your life by liberating your mind.


Wisdom & Knowledge is Invisible

When you look at someone - you can't tell - what they're thinking - and whilst you might sense a "sparkle" of aliveness - you don't know anyone because - everyone's thoughts, feelings, knowledge and wisdom are INVISIBLE. Concurrently and simultaneously - to being a REAL visible of you - there's another version of you - which is totally invisible.


Emotionally too - your emotions are INVISIBLE to the world - no-one truly knows how you're honestly feeling or what you're thinking except YOU. Likewise - you too - have no idea what other people are thinking or feeling. But the factor that defines "you" - everything you do in your life and everything you're going to do - how strong your character is and how wise you are - is - INVISIBLE to you and INVISIBLE to the world too.


Everyone's wondered why is it - some people are lucky and others unlucky - in fact - almost everything that happens in life - doesn't make logical sense - because everything is defined by something INVISIBLE. The 1st step to understanding this mysterious fact of life - is - to accept that there is something INVISIBLE.


Then the 2nd step is to categorize everything and everyone in your life - into one of two worlds - the [1] "Invisible World of Love" and [2] "the Invisible World of Hate" - because whilst - it deceptively appears to be all one world of emotional energies that are controlling everything - there's actually two worlds of emotions.


Then decide - based on everyone and everything in your life - are you living MORE in the "Invisible World of Love" or living MORE in "the Invisible World of Hate"? You can't live in BOTH worlds - each moment of your day is defined by LOVE or HATE. If you feel neither LOVE nor HATE - then you're actually "asleep" and "dead".



The Purpose of Life is to be Alive

Paramahansa Yogananda

I want to quote from a brilliant soul - Paramahansa Yogananda

source of Self-Realization-Fellowship in Los Angeles USA


"You are walking on the earth as in a dream. Our world is a dream within a dream; you must realize that to find God is the only goal, the only purpose, for which you are here. For Him alone you exist. Him you must find." from the book The Divine Romance Paramahansa Yogananda .


Hence - all the earthly excitements - all your earthly activity - all the catalysts of excitement - are merely KEYS to open your heart and soul to something BIGGER than you can imagine. "Love, sex and money" are energies that OPEN your aura. You know - the way you feel after "sex" - makes you feel BIGGER than yourself. The way you feel after you've earned a bonus of money - had a breakthrough and being connected to someone you love a lot - all make you feel BIGGER than yourself.


When you awaken to the invisible world of love is when you begin to OPEN your aura - all I can say - is let yourself become OPENED and then receive it's fullness of it's positive energies - all of which - will create breathtaking unexpected events.


You only remember moments when you're Alive?

Whether good or bad moments - you only remember the moments you're alive - anything else you can't remember and won't be able to remember - that's because - you were actually "dead" - switched-off - not connected. Even though right now - you might be doing things that you believe you're alive - in a few days - in hindsight - you will know if you were alive or not - by the fact whether or not you remember them. And before - you think - it's to do with intelligence, IQ or retentive memory - it isn't - it is whether you were ALIVE or not at that moment in time.


Proof is that from your childhood and throughout your life - there's things you remember aren't there? Whilst everything until a certain age is a complete BLANK - and then - at a certain age and point in your life - you can remember a lot more - that specific age was when you AWAKENED - when you became ALIVE.


Unfortunately - in-between moments of being AWAKE - you went back to sleep. Periods of years - which are a complete BLANK - don't worry - we've all done it. Being BLANK, asleep and detached was normal especially between 1997 => 2011 when Neptune was in Aquarius - but briefly from April 2011 and then strongly from February 2012 when Neptune entered Pisces - you became awakened.


All you have to do is remain AWAKE. The problem is - if your life is so DULL and BORING - how on earth are you expected to remain AWAKE? If your job or relationship is DEAD-BORING then you will become DEAD again. So how can you be expected to be AWAKE and stay AWAKE?


Think back to Moments you were "awake"

You only remember moments that you're "awake"

Whilst you might think you're alive and awake - you're actually "dead" most of the time ...


The proof is simple - how much can you remember since February 2012 when Neptune entered Pisces? What events do you remember since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008? And then let me ask you - how much of your life do you remember in the past 20 - 30 - 40 years.


I'll admit the truth - no-one remembers everyday - but everyone should remember something - at least something from EACH YEAR - those days you remember something - were the days - you were "awake" and "alive" - the rest of the time - you were indeed "dead" and "asleep"!


When you THINK of the moments in your life which you remember - you're actually awakening yourself - as your reconnection in your thoughts to the days when you were AWAKE - will make you AWAKE today.


If NOTHING is happening in your life - then it means you're SWITCHED-OFF - therefore immediately you need a REBOOT - and power surge to turn you on - do this by THINKING of strong moments when you were SWITCHED ON and felt really ALIVE - especially anyday since March 2012 - will have significant power to SWITCH you ON today.


Anything that blocks, suppresses, numbs or alters you from feeing your true feelings and true emotions is killing "You". That includes all mind-altering drugs, alcohol and anything addictive "controls" your mind - all of which are blocking you from being the real version of you - and hence making you "dead". And it includes all the fake man-made religions and rules - in fact any restrictions that creates boundaries - blocking you from "thinking" as you should be "thinking" - are in fact killing you too.


The key to understanding the INVISIBLE world is to know that your destiny and your life is controlled by your ability to THINK. If you can THINK clearly and remember what you've experienced in your life - then you're FREE - if you can't THINK clearly and can't remember anything - then you're asleep - wake up - there must be something you can remember?


Remembering is the Key to Awakening

Thinking clearly and remembering what you've experienced in your life is the Key to access the INVISIBLE world




St Peter's Basilica - Vatican City, Rome, Italy.




The River Danube in Budapest, Hungary & The Alps from Salzburg, Austria ..........

What are the places you've been to that have been unforgettable ?


When You Go "On Holiday"

You Never Forget the Sights

"Holidays" are excellent opportunities to wake-up, feel alive and live life. Even overnight away from home - helps - as any change from your dull and boring routine will awaken your mind and soul to record and remember everything "new" you see. You'll rarely FORGET what you saw and experienced on "holiday".


Whether it be St Peters in Rome, Budapest or the Alps - once you've visited a place of profound energy once in your life - then you can easily awaken yourself by THINKING of the place - because that place is not only in your physical memory but on your spiritual memory too.


For me - a life changing unforgettable journey was to France - visiting the American Military Cemetery where 9,387 soldiers who died on D-Day 6th June 1944 are buried at Omaha Beach Colleville-sur-mer Normandy France - an unforgettable place of intense emotional energies - once visited - never forgotten. Likewise every place in the world - has the ability to awaken you - some more than others.


Whatever "it" is and wherever "it" is that when immediately when you look at photos of and THINK of - that AWAKENS you - well that's "it" - the place your SOUL resonates with the energy - because it AWAKENS you.


So whenever you'll feeling dull and bored - LOOK at and THINK of places and people that AWAKEN you - specifically all the places and people you've been to and known in your life - whom you can remember - have an energy that can AWAKEN you anytime anyday - even if and especially if you're having a really dull and boring day. Because light is always strongest when it's dark.


Everyone and everywhere - which was truly destined to be part of you - you can always remember - your mind NEVER FORGETS the destined events of your life. Therefore by the fact that you can remember what you've experienced in your life is the Key to connecting with the INVISIBLE world - which I will be explaining fully in Chapter 13 - The Gateway.



American Military Cemetery of 9,387 soldiers at Omaha Beach Colleville-sur-mer Normandy France

An unforgettable place of intense emotional energies - once visited - never forgotten

Every place in the world - has the ability to awaken you - some more than others


The Invisible World is Awakened by

Seeing, Desiring, Wanting & Connecting

Your HIGHER self - the true destined version of the pathway of your life is waiting for "you" to be awake - and when you're awake that's when your life can change - because when you're awake your eyes see and you sense the reality of your life - both for good and bad - and that's when your awakened self - can make the changes it needs to make.


The beginning of creating real changes in your life is to see where you are, what you're doing with your life and who you're with - but seeing isn't enough - it is feeling the emotional energies associated with "it" - LOVING it or HATING it. You can't begin to create change in your life - until you either HATE whatever you're currently seeing and experiencing - AND - until you get the LOVE, DESIRE and WANT for something new in your life.


You'll soon sense, feel and realize - there's an invisible energy that is in your mind - and when you're connected with this invisible energy that's when you're awakened. It is a world that runs concurrently to the "real" world you live in - except - the invisible world of love [and hate] is much more alive and powerful.


However, in a world of deception and confusion - [especially on the open internet with lots of images and photos] - you might see, desire and want something that's NOT your destiny to have - in which case - as I will explain on Chapter 18 One-Way Relationships - however much you see and want it - it will NEVER happen.


Whereas - as explained on Chapter 17 Two-Way Relationships - when you are IN SYNC with what is yours and with what is destined to become yours - when you look at it, see it, desire and want it - you'll receive the energy back and it will energize you from "within" to ensure you get it.


The truth is you can only become energized from what is in SYNC with your destiny. The invisible world - only connects you with what life wants you to be connected with. That's why some people and things will do nothing for you. Hence, I suggest you reconnect with the strong memories of the "past" - those destined unforgettable moments that define your life - in order to awaken you in the "present" moment - in order to guide you forward to your "future" - along your destined pathway.


It helps to think of the pathway of everything you've forgotten - as being the side-track - whilst everything you remember - the main track of your life pathway - then you should get back on track easily.


Awakening to the Invisible World

From understanding Moon Astrology - you too can understand that there's an invisible world of energies - every New Moon and every Full Moon creates something - that is technically illogical and yet very real - even though it's totally invisible - the transcending astrological energies from the outer ether - have impact on everyone's lives.


Likewise - not just astrologically - but spiritually too - it is a fact of life - that there is an invisible world of energies that you can't see which are constantly making an impression and influencing your life - both positively and negatively. Hence - that's why inexplicable and unpredictable things happen - that's why relationships are created and broken - and that's why you're reading this - as you will soon learn - the power of LOVE - will ensure you too - can participate in living life - both in the real world and simultaneously in the invisible spiritual world - as soon as you comprehend "The Gateway" - between both the real and invisible worlds - as explained in Chapter 13.


Space is Real and Infinity Exists

Look at the Stars at Night

Awakening to Universal Truths - "The Infinite Ether" is an understatement


The main reason I wrote this online Sefer Ahava - Book of Love was driven by an invisible energy - to help expand your mind and thoughts to THINK bigger than you are thinking - and as I've explained on the astrology website - Space is so vast - that distances have to be calculated in terms of "Light Years".


It's all so infinitely vast - and is proven to be so vast - that the numbers can make anyone dizzy. Speed of Light is 186,000 miles per second [300,000 km per second] - "1 Light Year" is actually a distance of 6 trillion miles - [10 trillion km]. And there's 26,000 light years to the centre of our Galaxy. That's truly "BIG".


Add to this - the infinite vastness of space and the stars beyond the Galactic center - and you realize that everything altogether is something BIGGER than all of us could possibly imagine. And yet how often - do you think of the infinitum of infinity ? How often do you think of the Universe and our solar system? Think for a few mins - as you look-up at the stars at night or the sunshine in the day - and realize the truth. Then you can honestly say - now - you're beginning to THINK BIG - your mind will EXPAND when you think of something BIGGER than yourself!





Photo taken from Wikipedia Article on the "Milky Way"

The Star Sign of Sagittarius is the direction towards the Galactic Center of the Milky Way

[It's worth reading the Full Article on]


Awakening to the Invisible World

In this chapter - I hope you've had some brilliantly enlightening thoughts - and realized that it is YOU - it is up to you - to connect with the invisible world - by THINKING. You don't need to go anywhere - all you need to do is THINK - and from WITHIN you - you're beginning the process to unlock the door to the "The Gateway" to your future.


I'd normally say EVEN if you think your life is a DEAD-END - in fact - the truth is - ESPECIALLY if you think you've arrived at a DEAD-END - you should now be realizing that it isn't a DEAD-END - in fact it's just the beginning of a whole new enlightened phase of your life. All you need to do is BE AWAKE - REMEMBER what you experience - and THINK BIG - outside the "old" boundaries of your own life. Wisdom will set you free.


The World of Love & The World of Hate

When you're in a miserable mood you're probably living in the world of Hate

& when you're in a good mood you're probably living in the world of Love


When you categorize everything and everyone in your life - into one of two worlds - the [1] "Invisible World of Love" and [2] "the Invisible World of Hate" - you can see clearly - based on everyone and everything in your life - are you living MORE in the "Invisible World of Love" or living MORE in "the Invisible World of Hate"? You can't live in BOTH worlds - each moment of your day is defined by either LOVE or HATE. If you feel neither LOVE nor HATE - then you're actually "asleep" and "dead".



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם